2007 "When You Think The Worst Has Happened... Think Worse"
4.6| 1h36m| R| en

The sought-after images of top model Jennifer adorn magazine covers and billboards worldwide. When alone at a charity event, she is abducted and incarcerated in a cell with another prisoner. When their captor subjects the two to torture, they commit to escaping the chamber of horrors before they're killed.


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Colibel Terrible acting, screenplay and direction.
Stoutor It's not great by any means, but it's a pretty good movie that didn't leave me filled with regret for investing time in it.
Guillelmina The film's masterful storytelling did its job. The message was clear. No need to overdo.
Isbel A terrific literary drama and character piece that shows how the process of creating art can be seen differently by those doing it and those looking at it from the outside.
michaelarscott76 Captivity is the ultimate shocker film of last decade. It was shot and re-shot so poorly that there wasn't a single scene that didn't scream so loud from its own lack of quality and actual mental thought process. Realizing that the movie had to be re-shot for genre purposes, there isn't much excuse for a professional crew to come up with nonsense. The premise is clear, but when every scene looks like Elisha Cuthbert changed wardrobe, makeup, and hair styles about 3 times per, you start to wonder what chance they had to make this film successful.This movie is so incredibly unbearable that they even misspell Michael Harney's name in the end credits. Enough said?
Rodrigo Amaro Here's another absurd porn torture "Saw" look-a-like that neither has the intelligence or the tension that movie had and like most of the flicks on the line of the 2004 film it manages to stay on the entertainment level. Well, entertainment might not be the adequate word for something filled with sadism, blood and guts, let's put as on the watchable level, good to pass the time."Captivity" is about a pervert who tortures his victims to please himself and he does that by making strange games that the victim must try to find a way to understand it in order to survive. Elisha Cuthbert is the victim of the most gruesome physical and psychological torture without knowing why she was chosen to be part of this "game" which involves being forced to drink blood among other things. Gets a little better for her when she finds out she's not alone and that companion (Daniel Gilles) will try to help her in finding a way out of there.Fails a lot in its thrilling, shocking parts and if's quite easy to be distracted at those scenes no matter how violent they might be. However, when we get to the twist in the middle (and it's obvious) it gets somewhat interesting, and it's good to follow from here but until there we and the main character have to endure painful moments (more laughable to us in the audience who have to hear screaming each second). This was a new territory for director Roland Joffé (at one time the celebrated creator of "The Killing Fields" and "The Mission") and I wished he never direct this thing that didn't help his already damaged career. Not much his fault, it looks like more of those cases where you're in the Siberia of your career and you get the best of what's available. This wasn't the best but it certainly isn't the worst, it's just weak considering of this man has made almost 30 years ago. Certainly, it's his weakest film. I know fans of the genre will be positively disappointed with this film, better stick to the "Saw" films but there's good things here. Either way I don't see how can this be useful to someone except that it's just a gathering of thrills, screams, blood and a bunch of clichés altogether. Horror movies must be more than that to be spectacularly good. 5/10
sddavis63 The basic problem with "Captivity" is its lack of any really developed story or plot or purpose. For close to an hour and a half we simply watch as Jennifer Tree (a fashion model/actress played by Elisha Cuthbert) is held captive and sadistically tormented in a dungeon-like environment after being drugged and kidnapped at a charity event. Personally, I need more than that to make a film worthwhile. I need some sort of explanation as to why this is happening; some type of information about the kidnapper. There really wasn't very much about that. There's a twist partway through the movie about Gary - who's introduced as another captive being held in the dungeon with Jennifer - but the twist doesn't really come as a surprise. I was simply wondering how long it was going to be before the twist was revealed.To give credit where credit is due, Cuthbert did a very good job with the part. Dialogue was limited; what she had to do was act terrified, confused and desperate. That doesn't sound hard, but I've come across a lot of actors who need to portray the same sorts of emotions in similar situations and who haven't pulled it off anywhere near as well as Cuthbert did. So she manages to pull the experience of watching this up a couple of points. But while there's a lot of unpleasantness involved with this, in my opinion there wasn't very much substance to the movie. (4/10)
Vomitron_G It took a little effort and willingness from my end to like "Captivity", but about halfway through the movie I dropped everything I might have had against it, and flew with it. It's a "Saw"-clone for sure, but what the hell, it's an okay watch in the end. Lots of implausible things going on in this film. And a predictable twist in the middle part (which I somehow just knew was going to happen; I tried desperately to forget about it even, but I just couldn't). And the ending did almost ruin the viewing experience for me (that "six months later" epilogue!). But I'm willing to let all that slide, because after all it's not like I didn't have fun with most of the film. Good gross make-up effects, nice interior sets, decent cinematography (and a totally unnecessary sex-scene, haha!). It could have been worse. And after all, there have already been made much worse films in the torture horror genre. Expect more of the same, but done halfway decent this time.