2003 "The first female serial killer of America."
7.3| 1h50m| R| en

An emotionally scarred highway drifter shoots a sadistic trick who rapes her, and ultimately becomes America's first female serial killer.


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Pluskylang Great Film overall
CommentsXp Best movie ever!
Onlinewsma Absolutely Brilliant!
Celia A great movie, one of the best of this year. There was a bit of confusion at one point in the plot, but nothing serious.
monathakur29 I am too late on the scene to review this movie. Just watched and I am torn apart in the shades a person can have. There is no doubt that the performances by actors have been excellent. The most painful aspect of this movie is that the world pushed her towards being a monster. With no one to look out for her since she was a child, her transformation into this cold killer seemed so natural and heart wrenching. It was difficult to see when she really tried reaching out and got indifference from the world. Amazing portrayal by Charlize Theron with so many contrasting layers of emotions - vulnerability, helplessness, aggression, child-like happiness when with Shelby, cold-bloodedness!! Hats off to her!
Anthony El-megerhi The thing is Aileen underestimated herself by just dreaming and not working for her goals she just waited for people to discover her for nothing , this story is really inspiring if you understand it . she didn't know that life is harsh and it will hit her so bad and like that guy said: when the beach party is over you don't get to say you know what ! now i'd like to have what everybody worked their entire life for , it doesn't work that way . so don't quit and never give up but you have to work hard for your dream by taking the right path otherwise you'll end up like Alieen , this movie is powerful and full of lessons , Charlize Theron performance was really fantastic might be her best movie .
TheLittleSongbird In other hands, 'Monster' could easily have been overwrought, overly-sadistic, over-sentimental and too heavy on the melodrama, which would have done an interesting and more complex-than-one-would-think serial killer an injustice.'Monster' however turned out to be a near-flawless film, that has a real sense of the time, the brutality of the crimes and also the case's complexity. The story of Aileen Wuornos here is told here as more than just a serial killer film, it is instead a powerful film told with harrowing chills and tender humanity with Wuornos herself portrayed as more than just a monster without being glorified or over-humanised.An earth-shattering, career-best performance from Charlize Theron as Wuornos helps enormously, a performance that goes way beyond changing her appearance completely by gaining weight and using dental prosthetics to the point of being unrecognisable and is one of gentle compassion and frightening coldness. This may sound oxymoronic, but it isn't, it means that what could easily have been a one-dimensional portrait of Wuornos is given surprising complexity by Theron.She is superbly supported by an understated Christina Ricci, though one wishes that her character had a little more development and was more vividly drawn. The supporting cast all round are strong, if not burning in the memory as much or as long as Theron. 'Monster' is directed beautifully by Patty Jenkins, and the production values are similarly terrific especially in the gritty and classy cinematography that perfectly captures the dark subject matter. The music is used sparely but when used is very evocative of the period.Further advantages are an intelligent and beautifully-constructed screenplay, that balances Wuornos' character with aplomb and the different mood components with equal adeptness, and a continually gripping story that is frightfully rich in atmosphere and mood.Overall, truly excellent film especially for Theron, that avoids all the potential pitfalls it could easily have done in other hands. 9/10 Bethany Cox
Tina For some reason, this movie slipped off of my watch-list a decade ago when I should have watched it. Perhaps I thought it's yet another chick flick or something that I didn't want to be bothered with. Recently however I bumped into it again, and I must admit that I regret not having watched it before. I always liked Charlize Theron as an actress, but this movie proves many new things about her capabilities. Being all beautiful and awesome, she has always been casted to play the sexy or the bad-ass yet still sexy gal. But here, with all the make up and turns, this is just pure acting, and she somehow manages to do it to perfection. Hats off to her and to Patty Jenkins who both have been able to come up with such a strong character development, perfect story line and such a great performance.