Falling for Grace

2006 "Her dream came true when she became someone else."
5.8| 1h45m| PG-13| en

Grace is a Chinese American who longs to be a part of New York's high society. At a socialite event, she is mistaken for a Hong Kong heiress and meets her Prince Charming. Nothing is as it seems absorbing drama. What will happen to this Cinderella when the clock strikes midnight?


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Also starring Fay Ann Lee


Wordiezett So much average
Lumsdal Good , But It Is Overrated By Some
Usamah Harvey The film's masterful storytelling did its job. The message was clear. No need to overdo.
Arianna Moses Let me be very fair here, this is not the best movie in my opinion. But, this movie is fun, it has purpose and is very enjoyable to watch.
Yvonne Reid This film really hits all the right spots for me. Fay directs it perfectly and stars in it perfectly (with Gale Harold) I think you should watch this film with your girlfriends and a big bucket of popcorn. Grace is mistaken for a Hong Kong heiress and meets her Prince Charming, Andrew Barrington Jr (Gale Harold). Then there is a beautiful romance, but...no, just watch it and find out for yourself. I promise you'll love it! No fan of romance movies should miss this, the best flick ever. The scenery is stunning too and I thought the film had many laughs too. I don't think anyone could say there was a dull moment in this film. Janie (Margaret Cho) was excellent too in her performance, I just wanted to mention that also. Do give this movie a go, you won't regret it I promise.
romcombuff I stumbled upon this indie film and was prepared to hate it, but boy was I wrong. Falling for Grace is surprisingly intelligent, funny, warm and thought provoking and weaves in an interesting plot line that deals with unions in New York Chinatown. At first glance, one might think this is the typical white man saves minority woman movie, but it's actually quite the opposite. You fall in love with the Asian family and in fact, Grace is the one who "saves" Andrew. I love romantic comedies and this is one of the very few of late that gave me something to think about. Cast is superb, by the way, particularly the Asian American leads, Fay Ann Lee (Grace) and Ken Leung (her brother). Margaret Cho is the funny best friend who is probably under utilized. Christine Baranski may have the funniest line in the film and Gale Harold (Andrew) of Queer as Folk fame is tender and still very hot as the romantic lead. I hope other rom com fans start to discover this little gem of a film.
henry der Kudos to Fay Ann Lee and her excellent cast for an enjoyable film experience! With a much smaller budget, "Falling for Grace" stands right up there with "Maid in Manhattan," "Wedding Planner," and others that have a strong female lead without succumbing to stereotypes of others. Very well-directed with the right touch of humor, the entire film cast gave authenticity to personal yearnings and conflicts and cultural differences, within the context of everyday New York City life and a Chinese family. Best wishes for a successful distribution of your film because it deserves to be seen by many, including those who may need a comedic break as they work through their personal situations and challenges.
Ruby Liang (ruby_fff) Visit the official website "fallingforgrace.com" and check out the trailer to see for yourself - you will want to go see this movie.'Falling for Grace' is very much as New York City as Woody Allen's cinematic world. The sound of the metro and the CANAL Street Pictures - the very first image on screen already gives one the New York and Chinatown feeling. If you've been to New York and its Chinatown, there are plenty of NYC locale hints you may recognize - but not a prerequisite. The film's original title is "East Broadway" for the Tribeca Film Festival 2006 entry, hence it's definitely New York, New York. The opening credit roll simply fascinates me: the thoughts behind it having each actor's name with Chinese character translations briskly displaying (equal opportunity whether Asian or not) and the Chinese film title playfully appearing like 'falling' for grace: "Sub Mein Ling Lone" - meaning "in every way refined." Refined being cultivated, polished, elegant, well-conceived. This film with its story, dialog, production details and effort behind it all, is very much 'every way refined.'You might say the script is ambitious - written by director-producer Fay Ann Lee, who's also in the lead role of Grace Tang - so it is, yet it all comes together unobtrusively as you watch and follow the story unfolds, bringing smiles, chuckles, laughter and tears along the way. The dialog, including the Cantonese portions with easy-read subtitles, are well thought out and timely. Yes, coming out from Margaret Cho (the elegant side we get to see), the word "Jesus" can very well be the most endearingly delivered sound you'd ever heard. So a romantic comedy it is, with hints of political viewpoint on 'sweat shop' vs. big business intertwined, and family values, Chinese traditions rolled into one entertaining movie. A tall order and Fay Ann Lee and team delivered: with Gale Harold as Andrew, and wonderful supporting roles by Clem Cheung as Ba and Elizabeth Sung as Ma - the parents, Ken Leung as Ming the brother, even brief ones like Christine Baranski's 'emotional' line to son Andrew, and Ato Essandoh's Jamal quote so casually uttered at Central Park, "It's better to be disliked for what you are, than to be loved for something that you are not" - it's delightful.Had waited a year for the film to debut in San Francisco. It was exciting when I first saw the theatrical trailer on screen at Sundance Kabuki two weeks before July 20 - I love it. The trailer is available for repeated 'play again' on Myspacetv.com ("www.myspace.com/fallingforgracemovie"). The catchy song "wonderful crazy" from Katelyn Tarver sure captures the spirit of this film, and it can be heard on both the official site of "East Broadway" ("www.eastbroadwaythemovie.com") and "Falling for Grace" ("www.fallingforgrace.com"): "it's so wonderful crazy, it's so beautiful out of control, kinda scary amazing …cos my life's so wonderful, crazy, crazy, crazy." The official site includes info on the team's trip to China, visit to Tsinghua University in Beijing and the original "Shanghai Tang" in Hong Kong.It's been worth the wait. "Falling For Grace" is essentially a heartwarming and satisfying romantic comedy, cliché to some or not, it is a bold debut feature effort which can pass for a polished 'Hollywood' movie, and that's not bad at all. But being an independent film without big budget promotions, it definitely needs steady support and word of mouth to keep it circulating for wide distribution and successful following. May this be so. Kudos to the filmmakers of "Falling for Grace."