Beauty and the Beast

2017 "Be our guest."
7.1| 2h9m| PG| en

A live-action adaptation of Disney's version of the classic tale of a cursed prince and a beautiful young woman who helps him break the spell.


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UnowPriceless hyped garbage
Chirphymium It's entirely possible that sending the audience out feeling lousy was intentional
Suman Roberson It's a movie as timely as it is provocative and amazingly, for much of its running time, it is weirdly funny.
Arianna Moses Let me be very fair here, this is not the best movie in my opinion. But, this movie is fun, it has purpose and is very enjoyable to watch.
d_alyagout It is one of my favorite movies, I am a Disney fan and this movie is unique. The story and the actors were amazing, love the Beast story and Belle as well, it really amazing.
MovieManChuck 1.5/4I thoroughly enjoyed Cinderella (2015) and was expecting Beauty and the Beast to do its respective predecessor justice. I'm going to just tell you my personal opinion: It didn't come close. Stick with the cartoon from 1991.To start off on a positive note, the visuals are absolutely stunning. The cinematography is lush and the set is total perfection. It truly is some of the best eye-candy I've ever seen in a movie (and I've seen a lot of movies ladies and gentlemen). Direction screenplay, and plot all seem to take a backseat to production. My answer to that? Go tour a real castle.Emma Watson makes for a great Belle, and she's a great misfit bookworm princess. Also, she fits in to the Parisian born theme of the character perfectly, as she is Parisian in real life. However, everyone else is completely miscast, especially Luke Evans as Gaston. The overly cocky and somewhat fun character is simply overly cocky in this movie. How much fun can you have with one mood? Anyone? C'mon, Luke, you aren't even acting like you're interested in Belle at all. Josh Gad is no good as the gay LeFou. With all of the hype and controversy Disney made of LeFou, you'd think they'd do a homosexual character right? Wrong. They never let you forget about his sexual orientation, and they remind you even at times when it's totally unimportant to the story. Gad's character could never develop beyond Gaston's inferior/cronie/admirer.At the end of the day, this movie felt too true to the original. When you try to mimic and old glory, it never comes out just how you'd want it. Aside from the opening number (the song about how odd Belle is) none of the other songs have a lasting impact. "Be My Guest" was good, but the CGI was ridiculous to me, as they didn't even animate the atmosphere of most of the song. Some songs (like Evermore) have about 15 seconds of screen time, and others (like Gaston) were completely out of wack due to Luke Evan's eye-rolling preformance.Is this a bad movie? No. Is this a good movie? No. Did it live up to my expectations? No. Is the cartoon better? Yes. Would I ever watch this live-action version again? Probably not.
robbenn69 There are so many bad reviews for this film that I'm wondering if I saw the same film. I read all of the negative reviews and all I can say is, this is not the 1991 animated Disney version, GET OVER IT! I enjoyed this film and isn't that the point to get enjoyment? I think some of not all of these negative reviewers are just haters who before even seeing the film had their minds made up to trash it and then found ways to do it. Fiactorrstly, yes, I agree that Emma Watson was miscast. Her singing isn't horrible but it isn't up to par to be the heroine of a musical. Ewan MacGregor is a very good singer (see Moulin Rouge) but his version of Be Our Guest is a little flat compared to Jerry Orbach. In his defense, Jerry Orbach started out as a Broadway musical actor, MacGregor did not. That's a big pair of shoes to fill. His accent was not too bad which is one of the biggest complaints I saw. He sounded authentically French which is to not do a parody of Maurice Chevalier. This is what most actors do including what Jerry Orbach did. I thought Dan Stevens was good as the beast but the CGI make-up was a mistake, it would have been better to use traditional prosthetics. Josh Gad was very funny and stole most of the scenes he was in. The change in Gaston from conceited fool to conceited villain was also not a good change. Unlike most of the reviewers, I thought the CGI effects were good and really enjoyed what they did during Be Our Guest. Could the film have been better, perhaps, but it was not deserving of the horrible things people had to say about it. It certainly deserved better than 1 or 2 stars. If you don't believe me, look at the Metascore which is based on professional film critics. It is green and a fairly high score.
Neil Welch Small town girl Belle gives up her liberty to free her father from a Beast. She does not know that the captor is a selfish, loveless Prince. He was enchanted to remain a Beast until he discovers how to love. If he fails he will remain a Beast forever, together with his enchanted servants (tough on them, but there you go). Will Belle be the one to unlock the love within him before the last petal falls from the enchanted rose, and free them all? Or will vain Gaston, determined to marry an unwilling Belle, mess things up?You already know the answer if you saw the hand-drawn animated version from 26 years ago. That was the first animated film to be nominated for the Best Film Oscar. So how does the remake compare, and does it stand on its own?It is a handsome film. That's because the basic design - sets, locations, characters - is strongly based on the original. There is much more texture, of course. And Beast's castle is far more extensive. I liked the way that every time a petal falls, part of the castle crumbles: this explains why much of it is in ruins. And the characters, whether human or castle objects are very obviously based on their drawn counterparts.I thought there were times when a location could have been used rather than a set, particularly in the woods, but this is a minor point.The casting is very good. Each cast member fits their part. Most sing well, too - Emma Watson is good, but maybe lacks a little in technique and vocal strength. There has been comment on Josh Gad's gay-leaning LeFou. Well, OK, but it's very understated. There is also a crossdressing gag which is funny, but it's over before you realise it. Incidentally, Luke Evans' Gaston is NOT the size of a barge.The film is inevitably loaded with CGI. As far as the household objects are concerned, this is superb. Lumiere, Cogsworth and co. are all animated superbly, look completely convincing, and integrate perfectly with sets and actors. The fight at the end is stunning.I had no problems with the Beast, but I know there are some who find his CGI face unconvincing. I think young viewers will have no problem.The story is familiar. Essentially unchanged from the animated version, it has some additional backstory. One of the reasons for seeing a remake is to discover the changes, so I will say no more about that. I thought the additions were worthwhile.This is, first and foremost, a musical film. I am delighted to report that the wonderful songs and expected production numbers are all present. Alan Menken's glorious melodies include several new songs and also the soundtrack score. Tim Rice adds words for the new songs. The wonderful original lyrics by the late, and much-missed, Howard Ashman are augmented by some which were cut from the original film. My only criticism is that some of the lyrics of "Gaston" got lost in the mix of a rather raucous production.There are some good 3D moments, but I wouldn't bother making an effort to see it in 3D.There is much to enjoy here. Maybe it doesn't come up to the standard of its animated predecessor, but taken on its own I think it should find great success.