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Vanishing Son is a short-lived syndicated action television series that was part of Universal Television's Action Pack. Starting as a series of four made for television movies in 1994, the series debuted on January 16, 1995. Vanishing Son I, Vanishing Son II, Vanishing Son III, and Vanishing Son IV, were aired on February 28, July 18, July 25, and October 10, 1994, respectively. The series was ground-breaking for the casting of an Asian male in an attractive leading-man role.


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ThiefHott Too much of everything
Baseshment I like movies that are aware of what they are selling... without [any] greater aspirations than to make people laugh and that's it.
Voxitype Good films always raise compelling questions, whether the format is fiction or documentary fact.
Tayyab Torres Strong acting helps the film overcome an uncertain premise and create characters that hold our attention absolutely.
peter-cyprian I loved the show, it was like a modern day "Kung-Fu" but different. Russell Wong's character was well written, his cause clear and his story made sense. The episodes were precluded by half a story narrated by Russell Wong (I believe it started with someone else narrating them, then Wong took over that part too)and closed with the second half. The one I remember and use often was: Two monks are walking along a path, an old monk and a young monk. The trail takes them to a river where it is shallow enough for them to wade across. Standing by the river is a young woman crying. When the old monk asks her why she is crying, she tells him that she needs to cross the river but is afraid to because she doesn't know how to swim. The old monk tells the woman to get on his back and carries her across. Once he's on the other side, he lets her down and the monks continue on their way. The young monk appears to be distressed and after about an hour of this, the old monk turns to the young monk and asks what is troubling him. The young monk asks the old monk why he carried the woman across the river. The old monk looks at the young monk and says "I left the woman at the river, how is it that you are still carrying her?".
SipteaHighTea I love the show immensely; however, I hate it when it was canceled. The same company that produce the Xena TV show starring Lucy Lawless and the Hercules TV show starring Kevin Sorbo did not put the same kind of financial and political will into the Vanishing Son series.That show could have been the biggest breakout career for Russell Wong and could have him gotten more TV roles and even appearing in the movies. The last time I saw Mr. Wong was on some short live TV show where was a guess star where he play a reporter on one show, and another show where he play a prosecutor. Another one show I saw him was on CSI where he was a Los Vegas Lieutenant working at the jail.
Rienna Vanishing Son is a show I actually miss. It had its downfalls, like the fact the plot was the usual 'being chased by the police' story, but I thought the actors did a good job. Sadly, it was cancelled some years back. I wish I had thought to tape it before it was gone. It had original moments despite the cliche.