Sinister 2

2015 "Some Things You Can't Unsee."
5.3| 1h37m| R| en

A young mother and her twin sons move into a rural house that's marked for death.


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Cortechba Overrated
Rpgcatech Disapointment
Teringer An Exercise In Nonsense
Cooktopi The acting in this movie is really good.
Luiz Filipe N F Never saw one big disparity between two sequel movies like these... The Sinister 2 looks like a very amateur movie... Very disappointing...
gamemasterz-04050 Way better than first one, i don't like the fact that they know about that cult but they don't talk about that daemon, creature that they saw every time. I also wanted to see ending where all that kids are saved somehow, and i wanted to see Deputy guy making his own documentary about all, and show that documentary to whole world...
view_and_review This movie was absolute rubbish. I'd be generous if I were to call it a scary movie because it was far from that. It was a drama with some scary parts--if that much.Buguul is after new prey and he's found them. A mother has ran away from her extremely abusive ex-husband and she has her two sons in tow. One of these two sons is chosen for the deed of offing his family. The majority of the movie is exposition about the mom, her ex, and the one ex machina character that is trying to prevent the next massacre. It is so bogged down with drama and visible ghosts that you wonder if they're even trying for horror. I contend that they were not. I think they figured they wouldn't be able to make a good horror sequel anyway so why try. Let's just use the same title, the same antagonist and somewhat of the same plot, throw in a couple of very unlikeable characters and then people will lap it up. This movie was lazy, over the top and just plain hard to watch. If everyone was killed in this drivel I would have been more inclined to applaud. There was no mystery to uncover, there were no characters that were beloved and there was nothing scary about this movie. It was sinister what they did to the viewers.
Darren Michaels The point of a horror sequel is to answer the questions that the first film left hanging or to expand on the story - this did neither. All questions of who and why the murders took place were all answered in the first film so in this film we know who the murderers would be and why and, considering we could see the ghost guiding them from the very beginning, this removed all suspense from the film - at every point in the film we knew what was going to happen next and how it was going to end. watching the "snuff" films in the first film were, naturally, disturbing - in this film they were just dumb and STILL didn't explain how a young child could tie up every other member of their family before killing them. About as "sinister" as the Teletubbies and just as predictable.