Sandy Wexler

5.2| 2h10m| en

When a hapless but dedicated talent manager signs his first client who actually has talent, his career finally starts to take off.


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Stometer Save your money for something good and enjoyable
UnowPriceless hyped garbage
Donald Seymour This is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a very long time. You have to go and see this on the big screen.
Kaelan Mccaffrey Like the great film, it's made with a great deal of visible affection both in front of and behind the camera.
pathofthesword If there's anything this movie succeeded in the most, is it puts you in Sandy's shoes and make you fall madly in love with Courtney. Kudos to everyone that framed that so beautifully.
merelyaninnuendo Sandy WexlerThere are few laughs here and there which is actually in lower amount than usual Adam Sandler but what it surprisingly possesses is a great character development inherently written on the script before it even hits the screen. And after it does, Sandler's brilliant portrayal of this eerie character sets the bar and expectations higher which unfortunately feature never catches up. Steven Brill's world doesn't stay true to its tone resulting onto a loosely placed execution that may get better on some aspects but it still isn't saying a lot. The feature doesn't quite find its place between comic sequences and high pitched drama ones failing completely on walking the central line of it. Sandy Wexler might be a beautiful love letter by Adam Sandler on performance level but it needed a lot better editing, execution and plot line to make its way up there.
cmok-60048 I liked it. The premise is good, and it's quirky and, I stuck around just to see who would pop up in the next scene. It's packed with random famous people.
michaelfuentess This movie is a reflection on Adam Sandler's career. It's very boring and I think every one would find watching paint dry more entertaining. Sadly Adam has done great work in the past. However it seems all of his movies now are cheap fart joke b rated like Sharknado. Save your self the time and watch anything else.