Psych: The Movie

7.5| 1h20m| PG| en

The ambitious friends come together during the holidays after a mystery assailant targets one of their own. A comedic thrill-ride follows, as the wild and unpredictable Psych team pursues the bad guys, justice … and, of course, food!


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Diagonaldi Very well executed
Listonixio Fresh and Exciting
GazerRise Fantastic!
Bereamic Awesome Movie
cam-28892 It was a fun movie. Anyone who hasn't watched psych religiously most likely wouldn't rate it as high. But man, I loved watching the chemistry between Shawn and Gus again! It was a great "sequel" to the series finale. The main cast knocks it out of the park. For the psych fans, in the first episode Shawn helps the police get a guy who busted a tail light because fragments were in his shoe. That same guy is then interrogated in the movie by the people chasing Shawn. Great cameo for us psych fans.
droptoprt First off, I have to say I loved Psych the series. I was excited to see this movie when I heard about it. That was, until I actually watched it. I have started this movie countless times, I'd say at least 15-20 and cannot get through it to the end. To me, it was an insult to the viewer's intelligence. It felt like the cast was just going through the motions. I tried to watch it again last night. Little did I know, my hubby who I thought was asleep was also watching with me. When it cut to the commercial, he announced, "this is awful." I said "I know!" LOL
chrichtonsworld Psych was a very creative and funny spin on the crime genre that was built on the great chemistry between James Roday and Dulé Hill. The two together made the show what it was. But like a lot of successful shows they lost their way and forgot about that and made other elements more prominent. So when the show ended I wasn't particularly sad to see it go like I normally am when shows finish. Still the idea of Psych coming back as a TV movie made me happy because that could become a regular thing especially if it would bring the magic that once was. Unfortunately this isn't the case. The whole movie was disappointing. It was fun to see most characters from the show return. And the banter between Shawn and Gus easily was the best the movie had to offer. But other than that it wasn't that good. In the later seasons of the show they made the mystery element more important which sometimes really worked well since it added genuine thrills and suspense next to the comedy. However more than I would like to it detracted from the comedy. I didn't mind the more dramatic episodes since they only made you love the characters more. What I did find annoying was the fact that it got in the way of how Shawn and Gus interacted. The focus was on the mystery and the dynamics between Shawn and Gus seemed like an afterthought. Actually a lot of the interactions between Shawn, Gus and other characters was what gave the show it's edge. In this movie these interactions are only present for the sake of nostalgia without giving us the wit and clever jokes that usually were part of these interactions. This becomes apparent in the way Shawn's father is treated. In the early seasons Shawn and his father (Corbin Bernsen) also had some interesting dynamics. They emphasized Shawn's unique crime solving skills compared to that of a veteran cop. Plus I liked the relationship they had. The father always acted like Shawn was a pain while in truth he was very proud. Now you didn't get anything that came close to it. All you got was how the father had mellowed out and that he is not the same guy we knew. I don't know it just felt that the writers couldn't be bothered to give us the characters we learned to love. But then the mystery itself was hardly compelling or one that you could take seriously. Psych always was a comedy but it did have moments where things could get real. In this movie this never happens. Almost like you are never supposed to like it's one big joke. I never watched Psych for the mysteries. For me it was about Shawn and Gus and how they solved those crimes. So any time when you shift away the focus from that you shoot yourself in the foot. I like it that through these TV movies these beloved characters can live on but then they should go back to what made the show great in the first place.
Eric266 I was really psyched (no pun intended) to see this. The banter between Shawn and Gus was the highlight of the series IMO. All the pop culture references were fun too. The supporting cast was always top-notch and the guests stars AND the references to those stars' other acting jobs were a hoot.The movie was a let down for me. It was awesome seeing all the cast come back (with the exception of Woody, who I thought was a bad choice to bring back), but it seemed like they were filming a spoof of the TV show rather than a continuation of it. The characters acted as if they knew they were characters in a movie.So many plots were shoehorned in just to give a reason to show former cast mates and guest stars that it made the plot feel bloated and convoluted. The Chief's daughter is a perfect example. The daughter's subplot was totally pointless other than to show that the Chief was now a mother. Another bad decision was Juliet's crises of conscience over her previous actions in the Santa Barbara PD. It was so out of character and so contrived it felt like fan fiction. Despite these flaws, the banter between Gus and Shawn was great. Dule Hill and James Roday have a nice, easy chemistry between them and I wish that would have been more of the focus. The inclusion of Zachary Levi as a villain was a nice new twist, but I could have done without (spoiler alert) Mena Suvari as the ultimate villain. That just felt tacked on.I hope they make a couple more of these over the next couple of years. I could do with more focus on Shawn and Gus, and less on the supporting cast. They are supporting characters for a reason.