Mercenary for Justice

4| 1h36m| R| en

Mercenary John Seeger is one of the best in the business. John and his crew battle some soldiers on Galmoral Island in Southern Africa as they're trying to rescue the French Ambassador -- there's a coup going on. Some of John's soldiers unload their machine guns into the Ambassador and his family, blowing the mission and getting his best friend Radio Jones killed. He heads back to the US and visits Radio's wife Shondra to tells her the news, and then promises that he'll take care of her and her son Eddie. But shortly after he makes that vow, Shondra and Eddie get kidnapped.


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Also starring Jacqueline Lord


CheerupSilver Very Cool!!!
Abbigail Bush what a terribly boring film. I'm sorry but this is absolutely not deserving of best picture and will be forgotten quickly. Entertaining and engaging cinema? No. Nothing performances with flat faces and mistaking silence for subtlety.
Guillelmina The film's masterful storytelling did its job. The message was clear. No need to overdo.
Billy Ollie Through painfully honest and emotional moments, the movie becomes irresistibly relatable
adritheogmes My dad bought a DVD of this. As I read your comments, YOU ARE ALL RIGHT. It's not the Seagal movie what I expected to be. The opening sequence is too plain. Compared to Hollywood blockbusters, who had very striking opening sequences with too much graphics. I felt pity for for the French ambassadors family who was blown away in a truck just like that. & WORSE, at end part was like, "THAT'S IT??" What I only like is the character of the villain Anthony Chapel. His personality & the way he talk is pretty annoying. But it suits better for the movie. Steven Seagal was my favorite martial arts superstar. But it shows in 2006, he already grown old & gone bloated. Now that Sylvester Stallone called to join "Expendable 3", I hope he lose some weight for his next movie.
kai ringler Wow.. what a great movie,, the best Seagal DVD in years,, even better than the new Pistol Whipped, this one has everything,, an opening Army battle scene,, everything blowing up,, good fight scenes for Seagal that we haven't really seen in years, a decent plot line,, also lacking for many of those DVD's of his in recent years, and this one even has a sexy as heck girl for Seagal to be with,, i liked the many different characters in this one,, Chappel for one was pretty good,, i don't touch guns... that's you're job,,, moron.. what a line. all in all this was a very good movie, it had all the action that you could possibly want from a Seagal movie, so therefore i give it a perfect 10.
Tonci Pivac Steven Seagal might be getting old and he also might not have the same shape he had 20 years ago but he certainly still can make a movie great just by being in it.Actually, this movie itself is pretty good. A lot of money has been spent on making it realistic and entertaining. Reminds you of the good old days when Van Damme and Seagal were backed by big budgets.Mercenary for Justice is a colorful film filled with explosive action scenes, great dialogues and one-liners, fight scenes in which Seagal actually takes part. It had been a while since I really saw him perform anything close to his Aikido moves. The balance between realism and utter irrealism is just perfect.You got to remind yourself that action movies are a genre in themselves. Lots of folks try to bring them down for various reasons...they just don't get the point. Just like romantic comedies and politic thrillers all follow some basic rules, action movies are also lead by a set of pre-requisites that you just expect to be there. Villains you can hate, a hero you can love, a beautiful girl, guns roaring...The production is good. Direction sometimes reminded me of "24 esquire" hand held camera. Little part of scenes are sometime fast-forwarded to get a feeling of speed. Well... this still is a direct to video release, I guess they have to include some cheesy stuff.The only downside to this picture is the story. It's pretty hard to follow but it does keep the characters on the move.
Macgyver19882000 In Mercenary For Justice Steven Seagal is turning away from his recent Direct-To-DVD releases and opening with a great 'war' scene one that comes close to "Saving Private Ryan". Steven also his hearing his fan base and decided to do his own fights scenes, also at the end he gets back to his 'movie' roots when he goes after the man who set him up in the beginning. The way does it reminds me of his movies "Hard to Kill" and "Out For Justice". Steven is making an honest effort to improve and the way he acts in his movies. If he continues he will reach the stardom he had in the early 1990's and maybe in the future he will go beyond in his stardom we just have to keep him informed so that he may continue to improve.