Girl Walks Into a Bar

2011 "One night, ten bars, lots of mayhem."
5.6| 1h20m| R| en

A sharp-witted comedy that follows a group of apparent strangers in interlocking stories taking place in ten different bars during the course of one evening throughout Los Angeles.


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Stometer Save your money for something good and enjoyable
UnowPriceless hyped garbage
WillSushyMedia This movie was so-so. It had it's moments, but wasn't the greatest.
BeSummers Funny, strange, confrontational and subversive, this is one of the most interesting experiences you'll have at the cinema this year.
Ed-Shullivan I was really looking forward to watching this movie as the cast was in my opinion just filled with many of those near "A" star type actors that just really never get the credit that they so long deserve. One of my favourite under rated actors is Robert Forster and he did not disappoint me in his role as a guy named Dodge. Dodge first appears half way in to the film and he is the father of a son and a daughter. His son is a grifter named Henry played by Aaron Tveit, and his daughter is a stripper named Teresa played by Emmanuelle Chriqui. It would appear that Henry has learned his trade as a Grifter, from his dad Dodge, and his sister Teresa is not too fond of how their daddy has earned his living.Carla Gugino is the main star of the film and the only constant character throughout the film. She plays a private eye named Francine Driver who is working undercover as a purported hit lady who is hired by a dentist named Nick played by Zachary Quinto to kill his wife. Unfortunately for Francine after successfully capturing on tape a clear confession by Nick the dentist to kill his wife, Francine runs in to the handsome young grifter named Henry played by Aaron Tveit who picks her purse. Henry steals Francine's wallet and the video recording of the dentist's confession that he wants his wife murdered and is willing to pay $20K for the (phony) hit lady to complete the job.So the story line does sound interesting doesn't it? Unfortunately as Francine is seen travelling from bar to bar in search of the grifter Henry who stole her tape recording we are subjected to far too much irrelevant rhetoric from a cast of characters that just went on about nothing. This is where I felt the movie had lost me, and although adding bona fide actors like Rosario Dawson and Gil Bellows should have made the film more intriguing, I felt the film went flat.I was hoping for more of an entertaining story as the entire film takes place in a series of bars with characters that somehow intertwine. When you have stars such as Danny DeVito, Josh Hartnett, Xander Berkeley, Zachary Quinto, Carla Gugino, Gil Bellows, and Rosario Dawson, a viewer just expects more from the movie. As an example, I cannot say enough about the fine film Dinner Rush which starred Danny Aiello, and also took place entirely in a restaurant bar. Now Dinner Rush was just an awesome film which I am sure to watch again. As for A Girl Walks In To A Bar, the title is a misnomer, since the girl in question Francine Driver, walks in to a number of bars and I walked out of the film being very much short changed. I gave it a 4 out of 10 rating and that is based on two strong performances by Robert Forster and Carla Gugino, otherwise my rating would have been lower.
napierslogs "Girl Walks Into a Bar" is, at once, both better and worse than it was marketed as: A witty comedy with a cast of strangers in inter-locking stories. It's the inter-locking stories part that gets disconcerting. That generally means we get too many loosely-related stories with too many characters that we barely get to know with meaningless plot lines that don't go anywhere. This movie isn't that, it's mostly better.There are only two story lines, born from each other, with arguably two or three main characters. And the beginning totally gets us invested in them. Nick (Zachary Quinto) is sitting nervously at a bar and doesn't want anyone to join him because he's waiting for someone. Francine (Carla Gugino) is that someone; he just doesn't know that. Minutes later we suddenly have no one left to sympathize with when it is revealed that Nick is about to commit an unforgivable crime and Francine gives no concern to the lies she just said.Henry (Aaron Tveit) walks into a bar and steals our attention back. He flirts with Francine and just for the fun of it, and steals her wallet. Our two story lines involve Nick on his mission of crime and the law enforcement on his tail while Francine is on the tail of Henry. Their night of adventure involves checking into a number of bars each with another person to meet. The cast list is quite the collection of talented, mostly recognizable names, but they have nothing to do. Sometimes they say things that are supposed to be clever but are not.That's where the film is worse. The dialogue is not witty nor funny, and it should not be classified as a comedy. There were quite a few scenes which had actors saying crap that none of their characters should have said and which added no meaning or value to the film.Then the movie ended with some kind of choreographed musical and dance number which didn't conclude anything. Almost unbeknownst to me, Nick's storyline was wrapped up in a previous scene (Josh Hartnett's only scene) but with one short, stupid phone call. Quinto can act, as can Hartnett, and a well written scene with confrontation was desperately needed. After the first two scenes, there was very little confrontation, and indeed revealed that you weren't watching much at all. "Girl Walks Into a Bar" seems visually interesting, with compelling lead characters, good acting and clever story lines but then doesn't really go anywhere.
thebrenman Usually, movies with just script and little action can be quite plain. But "Girl Walks Into A Bar" changes that by creating a brilliant script for an amazing cast of actors Most notable in my opinion is Joshua Daniel Hartnett(40 Days and 40 Nights), Danny DeVito(The Lorax), and Carla Gugino(Night at the Museum). With an amazing cast and a script with brilliant quotes, Girl Walks Into A Bar is an amazing solid movie.Unfortunately, most of the major famous actors had very small minor rolls, so this movie cannot achieve 10 out of 10 stars. 9 out of 10 stars would fit this movie because of its content, great actors/actresses, and script.
Jimmy Collins So this movie is free, which is kinda strange, it's cool but I do hope that it doesn't become a common thing because I personally think a movie like this would be better enjoyed in a big screen. Anyway it is still a pretty decent movie, it boasts an amazing cast including the always awesome Rosario Dawson and the effortlessly cool Carla Gugino, the fact that this movie is free and it has such an amazing cast is very impressive.The storyline is fun and easy to watch, the intertwining story lines follow in from each other seamlessly and the dialogue is quite witty at times, (is it true that Mexican men love cunnilingus?). The only thing that let's this movie down is the lack of any type of soundtrack, music adds so much to a film and it would have been great to hear some cool indie tunes throughout this movie, but I suppose the budget has to be considered in cases like this.I think that the writer director could do something really great if given the right budget and, I'm sure in the future we will see some cool things from this guy. Lets just hope he is able to attract as excellent a cast as what he has in this movie. So yeah if you're looking for an easy watch with a few laughs, great characters and excellent dialogue then check this out.Kind of like 200 Cigarettes minus the 80's setting. Fun times. :)