Fifty Shades Freed

2018 "Don't Miss the Climax"
4.5| 1h45m| R| en

Believing they have left behind shadowy figures from their past, newlyweds Christian and Ana fully embrace an inextricable connection and shared life of luxury. But just as she steps into her role as Mrs. Grey and he relaxes into an unfamiliar stability, new threats could jeopardize their happy ending before it even begins.


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Cubussoli Very very predictable, including the post credit scene !!!
Cortechba Overrated
MusicChat It's complicated... I really like the directing, acting and writing but, there are issues with the way it's shot that I just can't deny. As much as I love the storytelling and the fantastic performance but, there are also certain scenes that didn't need to exist.
Bob This is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a very long time. You have to go and see this on the big screen.
goudelock The climax of this love story was better than the second part, but nothing special at all. The bdsm character doesn't represented at all, neither in this part and the plot was not interesting. The positive in this film is the soundtrack placement and a few things works better than the other two parts, but for sure the franchise still reminds us how sexy is to be rich.
WILLYWU_200@HOTMAIL.COM This movie is so long in order to exaggerate life of being rich just like the 2 previous 50s. the filming, story line and the arrangement of every plot hold the movie strong so u don't want to leave. the actors draw major attention too. this 50 franchise keeps coming up yrs after, so we don't forget what happened and who plays who. it is worth seeing with your old date and married couple. not the right tone for the new date. the ending kind of a flash back our memory when they play back the song " love me like you do" by ellie goulding. don't forget the domination between them. if no domination, there will be no 50s series.
v-ley I thoroughly enjoyed the first movie and even kind of got the second one. But his third movie was simply a waste of time, money, energy and talent. Jamie D is a very good Actor, regardless of his choice in this script. His acting should not be based on this feature and it's sequels. Dakota, well, she is her Mother's daughter. Too bad she didn't get her Dad's talent. This one sequel that should never have seen the light of day, in any form. I was more embarrassed by the dialogue than anything else. So childish and amaturish. A total waste of time for anyone.
Mark Turner It's been 7 years since the controversial book FIFTY SHADES OF GREY arrived on the pop culture scene. The story of college student Anastasia Steele and young billionaire Christian Grey, their flirtations and their involvement in the BDSM scene took the country by storm. At first many wondered if the movie could make it to film with the sexual fetishes involved. Silly question. If money can be made then of course a movie will follow. The movie based on the first novel came out to huge success spurred on by the controversy that surrounded it. That was followed by a second film since the book was part of a trilogy and a third later. That third movie, FIFTY SHADES FREED, arrives in disc this week. Not having read the books I have to assume it remains faithful to its source, unsure if that's a good or bad thing.If you've never seen the other films but plan to, realize there are spoilers in this review. The film opens with the wedding of Ana (Dakota Johnson) and Christian (Jamie Dornan) followed by their immediate departure to Paris for their honeymoon. This is interrupted when a call alerts them that his office building has been broken into, files stolen and a minor fire started. They rush home and in checking CCTV footage discover the person responsible is Jack Hyde (Eric Johnson), Ana's former boss who was fired for sexual assault on Ana.Christian has a security team assigned to Ana for her protection as the search for Jack begins. Determined to keep her life as normal as possible Ana continues to work for the publisher she always has, though she's been promoted to the position Jack once had. A call from her best friend Kate (Eloise Mumford) has them meet for a drink after work even though she promised Christian she'd go straight home. When she does arrive home she's threatened by Jack who is taken out by the security team.This sets in motion the pattern of the relationship in the film for the pair as Christian becomes angry at Ana for not following his instructions alternating with their numerous sexual proclivities. This time their adventure into the "red room" where they enjoy their BDSM moments takes a nasty turn and Ana stops him, telling him this time it's about revenge rather than love. She then tells him that she needs to be able to have time with her friends. To show he loves her Christian then plans a weekend away in Aspen for Ana with himself, Kate, his brother Elliot who is dating Kate and his sister Mia and her boyfriend Jose. After returning home Ana discovers she is pregnant, something they had discussed and planned for later in life. Christian, rather than be happy about the situation, is enraged and the two fight. Seeking advice he gets drunk and turns to his ex-lover, angering Ana in return. A kidnapping involving Mia by Jack, who's been released on bail, and an attempt to save her by Ana brings the final portion of the film around.So is the film any good? Well there are several things that one needs to know going in. If you haven't seen the first two films and want to see this one, find the others first. Or you can look online and find out what happened in those two before watching. If you fail to do so nothing will make sense to you here, it depends on your knowing the story and can't be watched as a stand-alone film. The film is gorgeous to look at. The cinematography by John Schwartzman is stunning. His list of credits is impressive and he makes what could have been a standard movie look amazing. He captures the beauty of the various locations of the film as well as the intimate moments between the characters equally well. Director James Foley, known for a number of hit films, turns in a solid job as well but with the source material to control much of what happens it leaves him little leeway to put his own mark on the movie.The acting by the leads is solid but the story provides them little more than caricatures to play. The range of emotions bounces from one extreme to the other with little nuance between the two. And in a world of #metoo Hollywood continues to push the standard they've set forth providing plenty of bare skin for Johnson who seems fond of doing her nude scenes here and perhaps one posterior shot of Dornan. Criticisms of the novels the film is based on discussed the poor quality of storytelling and that becomes obvious here. It is by far the biggest problem with the film. Plotlines that should be major issues are wrapped up with quick asides and the lack of depth in the characters is apparent. Were it not for the wealth of Christian odds are the sensuality that some find in the series wouldn't seem erotic and be more abusive, a controversy that has surrounded the series in both book and film formats. In the end I found myself not quite entertained but not completely offended either. The movie was just...there. It won't be remembered like the classic love stories and romantic films of the past. Instead it becomes a novelty, a movie wrapped in salacious controversy that isn't likely to garner praise or repeat viewings. If you're a fan you'll want to see it, if curious you'll probably check it out and if not the odds are you'll pass it by.