2017 "Control yourself"
6| 1h36m| PG-13| en

Olivia and Matthew Grey, 18-year-old twins born into a world of privilege and high expectations. There are almost no boundaries between them - even their dreams are connected.


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Cubussoli Very very predictable, including the post credit scene !!!
Console best movie i've ever seen.
Dotbankey A lot of fun.
Jonah Abbott There's no way I can possibly love it entirely but I just think its ridiculously bad, but enjoyable at the same time.
adonis98-743-186503 Olivia and Matthew Grey are 18-year-old twins born into a world of privilege and high expectations. There are almost no boundaries between them; even their dreams are connected. To be honest i'm not the biggest Tom Felton fan but this film throws his talent completely out of the window pretty early on in the movie. The leading girl Olivia (Troian Bellisario) starts having all those weird visions of him and after a while she eventually starts having eating disorder and the film in general goes from one thing to another without explaining everything. The romance between Olivia and Ben Winchell who was also in the Max Steel reboot from last year felt so forced and went nowhere after a while, the visions weren't as dramatic as they might have hoped and the 2 leading stars don't look like 18 to me no offense. I was expecting an indie drama with great performances but what i got was a boring, slow burn film with a bunch of bad performances, a forced romance and actors that don't even look like eighteen. (0/10)
leestein I really enjoyed this movie. I felt the acting and writing were both very well done - the story really took you with her into her world and descent into what manifested as her eating disorder (which is why I think the falling metaphor is used throughout) and the struggle to try and climb back up. I felt the relationship with her twin brother and the use of his character to illustrate her fall was well executed. I did have a bit of a struggle with their relationship at times. There were glimpses of something more, almost incest, but you know that is just from her mind so was there something to that potential story line? He seemed very angry with her at the party when he saw her with her boyfriend - more so than I would think would come from a 'protective brother' anger and I was left with that question, unanswered by the movie. Was he that angry because there were feelings of closeness that went beyond 'normal' between siblings or was it something else? I also was left with a few questions about Casey's character - similar to those another reviewer already mentioned. Still, I enjoyed the movie very much. I thought the ending was well done and true to struggles with ED or and other mental disorders, such as depression/anxiety. There's no quick fix or "cure" - there is always a struggle of some form.
Liz "Feed" is a movie I went into with high expectations because I have immense respect for Troian's story and her, as a person. She's real, authentic, warm, funny, and intelligent, and her story carries such gravity from a mental health, physical, emotional, and spiritual standpoint, but this was just terrible. Maybe my first mistake was going in with high expectations because in doing that I was sure to be let down and let down I was. It was gimmicky and tried too hard to be clever, which led the whole story to feel contrived and me to not care about any of the characters and what happened to them. Not to mention that it had too many themes and didn't truly focus on anorexia, and fully flesh that out and all of what that means, expect for random pans to uneaten plates of food and Liv's gradual dissent into this world she has built for herself, but even that whole journey gets caught up in pretentious, muddled melodrama. I understand the idea of an evil, relentlessly controlling voice, and Troian trying to portray that, personify it even, but it just didn't work because I didn't find it believable in the slightest. It felt again like trying too hard and forcing something that wasn't working. Like it was nothing but a plot device. I wish there had been more focus on honest feelings, conversations, grieving, love, and coming to grips with recovery. None of it felt honest or sincere and that's where this movie lost me the most. There were also parts that were confusing and hard to follow, notably the ambivalent character of Casey, as well as, we can't forget this, the weird incest hinted at between Liv and Matt. That was truly a sight to behold, the cupping of the chin, oh the cupping of the chin. Heart be still. Also, what was with all the slow motion falling scenes, as if it was constantly trying to be something more dramatic then it needed to be. It was all just too much, to be honest, too saturated with something that vaguely resembled tries at thoughtful meditations on life and death, which failed because each try was heavy- handed. That fits this movie to a T: heavy-handed. Call me terrible for saying this because she took eight years to write this, and respect, serious respect, but the dialogue wasn't that strong, it just fell flat and didn't do the subject matter justice. And the music was horrible. Music is supposed to subtly accentuate moments and emotions, but this music just seemed unfitting and unnecessarily dark like I'd stumbled into a cheesy horror movie, complete with performances that weren't strong enough to offset or anchor all of the movie's other problems. Especially the parents...what was their problem?! You may love this, so I won't stop you from digging in because meals aren't one size fits all, we all have different palates after all, but I think I'll feed myself elsewhere. Perhaps a restaurant with well done meals that have more heart and substance, instead of forgettable, showy portions.
hongkong-26377 This movie claimed every emotion I had, it is great! It absolutely wrung me out. The acting by the 3 leads, Troian, Tom and Ben is excellent. The photography with the slow motion scenes are incredible. The director brought this all together in an amazing and emotional way. People will be talking about this movie.