A Goofy Movie

1995 "It's hard to be cool when your Dad is Goofy."
6.9| 1h18m| G| en

An endearing modern-day story about how the lovable Goof bonds with his teenage son Max on a hilarious cross-country road trip. En route to the ol' fishing hole, they find themselves up to their floppy ears in misadventure!

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TrueHello Fun premise, good actors, bad writing. This film seemed to have potential at the beginning but it quickly devolves into a trite action film. Ultimately it's very boring.
Voxitype Good films always raise compelling questions, whether the format is fiction or documentary fact.
BelSports This is a coming of age storyline that you've seen in one form or another for decades. It takes a truly unique voice to make yet another one worth watching.
Marva It is an exhilarating, distressing, funny and profound film, with one of the more memorable film scores in years,
srewolf-84037 He sounds like Michael J. Fox did in back to the future
datautisticgamer-74853 A Goofy Movie might not have the timeless impact of Toy Story (in fact, many in-film depictions are more evocative of just 1995 than of both then and today), but this doesn't mean that families will enjoy it. The story is moderately predictable with a few 90's movie clichés, but executes such clichés in a way that makes it feel both classic and dated simultaneously, which I did appreciate at some spots such as Max's reconciliations with Goofy and Roxanne. The animation is, like Oliver and Company, fit more for a well-done TV special than for a theatrically released animated feature. The backgrounds are passable and the character designs are fine, while some of the effects do show how limited the animation is on DisneyToon's budget. The characters are mixed between unidimensional 90's stereotypes and deep generation approved characters that, in this case, provide great heart and laughs. The songs have a 90s feel to them as well (besides the referential ones), but they do feel less dated than the stereotypes and some other references. I'd say that it's worth checking out, as the youngest of children and their grandparents, or anyone who had memories of growing up in 1995, will no doubt have the most fun watching this and recalling.
ironhorse_iv Having grown up watching it, it's one of my personal favorite kid movies of the 1990's. If you ever wanted to take a 90's nostalgia summer road trip, A Goofy Movie is a great place to start. The entire movie just screams 90's. When the animated series Goof Troop aired on television in 1992, it was very popular to the point that a sequel movie had to be made. In 1995, such a film was indeed made, titled 'A Goofy Movie'. Directed by Kevin Lima, the movie is about the father & son relationship between Goofy (Voice by Bill Farmer) and his son Max (Voice by Jason Marsden). Max got into trouble in school trying to impress the girl of his dreams, Roxanne (Voice by Kellie Martin), and now Goofy believes that Max is growing up too fast, and fears of losing him to a life of crime. While Max believes in his independence, and wanting no part with his father, Goofy. Goofy want to work on their tense relationship, by wanting a family cross country trip to Lake Destiny, Idaho for some father and son bonding while fishing. The only problem is that Max promised to Roxanne, the girl he has a crush on, that he'll be at the Powerline concert in L.A. This gives Max the problem of whether to tell the truth to Roxanne or screw up Goofy's fishing trip just to be at the concert. While the movie is a cartoon, and it has a lot of humor. I do find it's mature in some places. It focuses a lot of the chemistry between father and son. This was the first time, I even saw Goofy as a father figure. While on Goof Troop, Goofy was still a father to Max, but the character on the show never went into development. He was always a stupid adult of a person who can't do anything right. In the film version, we see how his dad's antics has alienated the boy to the point, that he fears being like him, due to people mocking them. Max is actually growing, and I can totally see him as a teen. Max is one of the most believable Disney character that I can related to. Max, much to his own dismay, takes after his father at times, whether it be mannerisms (including Goofy's trademark laugh) or occasionally being clumsy. He feels that he is much cooler than Goofy however, and is not as earnest and humble as his father, as he can be somewhat of a show-off at times when he excels at anything. Adolescents are very private about their interests and are especially reluctant about sharing them with their parents. While Goofy is still clumsy, he works hard to be a good father towards Max. Goofy wasn't one-dimensional in the film like he is in his earlier cartoons. Who knew, Goofy could show angry, pain, and love? It's one of the very first Disney movie seems to actually try and convey the generational conflict between parent and child; and portrays this relationship in a very real way, full of ups and downs. I can't think of another Disney movie before this, going to this level. I think the movie works so well because of that. I have a soft spot for this movie - simply because it mirrors a lot of people teenage years so much. The embarrassing parent, the awkward kid who just wants the world to know that they're more than just some curb stomp, and wanting to prove themselves. I have to admit, it was probably this movie that convinced me to come out of my shell and made the rest of my life more enjoyable and memorable. I have to say the humor works, physical slapstick, and jokes. Some of its jokes are pretty out there like odd breaking the fourth wall humor. I loved the Lester's possum park. I don't know if it was making fun of Disneyland or not, but it was funny. Always made me laugh. This always reminded me of Chuck E. Cheese. The big foot scene was hilarious as well. The supporting cast work even Pauley Shore as Max's friend, Bobby. I'm just glad, he had a small role. Good to see Jim Cummings voicing Pete. He is a voice actor legend. The animation was pretty OK, it wasn't catchy. It look like animation, you give a TV show, not a full length animation movie. The title also is kinda wrong. It's not a Goofy movie, but a movie about Max. Goofy only plays a supporting role in the film. Kinda like a second banana. I do have to say the movie have a musical like theme throughout the film. I love every song in the film. After Today is 'The Part of your world' emotional ballad for the Disney teenager male setting the table type song that mostly sang by Disney heroines. The Tevin Campbell songs 'Stand Out' and 'Eye and Eye' are catchy. "On the Open Road" and 'Nobody Else But You" are just too cheesy for me. I don't know, but I always thought Powerline was supposed to be Bobby Brown or Michael Jackson. A direct to video sequel was made in 2000 worth checking out. The second uses a much more cliché theme of old vs. new, and though it does work and is interesting, never goes the extra mile to address anything of true importance. So I like this movie, better. Overall: There is something for both parents and the children with this film. It just had the right mix of elements for me. It had an old concept, the buddy/father-son/coming-of-age adolescence film. But it did it in just a very fresh, very appealing way for me.
Cinder Entire When I picked this movie all I could think of all the great memories that came along with it. Starting off with the great music that was in it. The catchy lyrics from "After Today" and "I2I". I also still loved how maturity that could be found in this most simple parts. An example being with how Goofy reacts to finding out that Max, his son, lied to him. I love the way the worked in some light fourth wall jokes like having Donald Duck and Mickey join in on the song," All in All" while being lost in the middle of the highway to The little Mermaid light switch. I also enjoyed how the growth of relationship between Max and Goofy. Overall I loved this movie and hope it becomes a real Disney Classic. I also enjoyed the music video with Lou Bega doing the cleaned up verison of Mambo No. 5. In short,a great movie and wonderful DVD release to boot!