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Ralph Lamb wants to be left in peace to run his ranch, but Las Vegas is now swelling with outsiders and corruption which are intruding on his simple life. Recalling Lamb's command as a military police officer during World War II, the Mayor appeals to his sense of duty to look into a murder of a casino worker – and so begins Lamb’s clash with Vincent Savino, a ruthless Chicago gangster who plans to make Vegas his own.


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BelSports This is a coming of age storyline that you've seen in one form or another for decades. It takes a truly unique voice to make yet another one worth watching.
Rio Hayward All of these films share one commonality, that being a kind of emotional center that humanizes a cast of monsters.
Arianna Moses Let me be very fair here, this is not the best movie in my opinion. But, this movie is fun, it has purpose and is very enjoyable to watch.
Kinley This movie feels like it was made purely to piss off people who want good shows
fwanderer I found Vegas only after it came out on DVD. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I wish there had been a second season, as I felt that it was wrong leaving the ADA in hospital in a coma without knowing what happened to her( did she come out of the coma?, did they catch the one responsible? etc.) or if she and Ralph might have gotten together!! I also would have liked to see Jack and Mia get back together, and seen more of Dixon and Yvonne. so many loose ends. maybe a 2hr movie special to tie them up?
revdfm After growing up in 1960s Las Vegas, the goofs in the show make it distractingly hard to watch. If Ralph Lamb is a consultant he must have a bad memory, or many creative liberties have been taken. Just a few comments: Vegas in the 60's was not the wild west where casinos are plopped down in the middle of nowhere. Even in the 60's Vegas was a sophisticated city, growing in leaps and bounds, with a normal life. It was not all casino's and hotels. There were churches, shopping, hospitals, supermarkets, community pools, schools, and all the other things that make a city a good place to live. Specifically, the airport is pictured as an airstrip in the middle of nowhere--get real; McCarren Airport was a busy place, even then. Perhaps they were trying to portray the North Las Vegas airfield. The Nevada Test Site was VERY high security--a nuclear test facility. It is doubtful Sheriff Lamb pulled his car over and just walked into the desert and onto the site to check out a crime scene. Some of the test site is a different county, so Lamb might not even be involved at a crime scene. And the hotels on the strip are far away from those of Casino Center. You would not see the Stardust and Binion's Horseshoe in adjoining blocks. Even with all the problems, Dennis Quaid's performance makes for tolerable viewing. I hope this show doesn't ruin his career.
ozfan-1 I am very impressed with this show. From the opening moments in the pilot there was action and drama. The characters are based on real people who ran Las Vegas in the 60's when the town was emerging from the desert to become the mecca it is today. I enjoy Quaid's portrayal of Sheriff Lamb. I sure wouldn't want to tick him off. I like the balance that Jack Lamb (brother to Ralph) brings to the sheriff's department. There is minor sexual tension between Ralph/Katherine and Jack/Mia. One of my favorite vacation spots is Vegas (the other is Disney World), I am fascinated by the way this amazing town started. It isn't a surprise with the mafia connections but me being 47, Vegas was just getting started when I was born so all I know of that town is the colossal casino/resorts and attraction/shows. I am really enjoying this portrayal of how it started and am especially happy that the writers are using real life people on which to base the story. I highly recommend this show to my readers.Check out my blog at talesoftelevision
joed1667 I really wanted to like this show because Dennis Quaid, Jason O'Mara and Michael Chiklis are in it but it's a little too far fetched. A ranger is plucked from his ranch and becomes instant sheriff? I can picture the ACLU and Justice Department being all over someone like this if they existed in real life, the way he walks around with his unlawful use of force, entering property without a warrant etc. I can also imagine what seeing 3 cowboys with rifles entering a casino will do for the tourism.Then you have the brother and son walking around, asking suspects questions etc., what experience and authority do they have? Has anyone ever heard of the U.S. Constitution that even existed in 1960? It's like I'm watching Walking Tall meets Walker-Texas Ranger. I would say the only difference between these characters and the thugs is that these characters have a badge but I don't even remember seeing any of them wearing one. Maybe it would've worked better had the series been set in 1860 instead when the west was lawless in many of the territories, no ACLU to worry about.There's just too many Hollywood clichés. I had expected far better from Dennis Quaid. I told the wife I would give it one more episode but I don't expect any improvements nor this show to last.