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The trials and triumphs of one of the wealthiest and unhappiest families of the United States, the Gettys. Told over multiple seasons and spanning the twentieth century, the series begins in 1973 with the kidnapping of John Paul Getty III, an heir to the Getty oil fortune, by the Italian mafia in Rome.


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SpuffyWeb Sadly Over-hyped
Dotsthavesp I wanted to but couldn't!
Listonixio Fresh and Exciting
Francene Odetta It's simply great fun, a winsome film and an occasionally over-the-top luxury fantasy that never flags.
aprilmike-51991 Mr Sutherland is in exceptional form as is Brendan Fraser.Just love his head of security role he plays, and no mindless screaming in site! That do's not mean the rest of the cast are not as they are also a pleasure to watch. The split screen for me didn't work in the 70's and is no better here, how ever it gives the whole show that 70's feel and works well. Haven't seen it all yet but will wait with keen anticipation for the next episode.
dplolissima Donald Sutherland delivers a wonderful characterization. Like it more than the movies
Portobella Im very torn on this series. On one hand I really enjoy the scenes with Donald Sutherland and Brendan Fraser but all the scenes involving the kidnappers in Italy are so cliché and the build up to the molestation of young Getty is SO londwinded and not thrilling. I feel they should have cut a lot of these scenes out and depicted the italian characters in a more nuanced fashion instead of painting a picture of all italians being potential mafiosi.
kathykaz I was interested in what happened to grandson. Each episode is so SLOW moving a turtle is faster. It is so slow moving that I will look up outcome on internet. Stretching this till next season - their nuts. A complete waste of time.