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Los Angeles. 1983. A storm is coming and its name is crack. Set against the infancy of the crack cocaine epidemic and its ultimate radical impact on the culture as we know it, the story follows numerous characters on a violent collision course.


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Also starring Carter Hudson


Vashirdfel Simply A Masterpiece
Stometer Save your money for something good and enjoyable
Smartorhypo Highly Overrated But Still Good
Rio Hayward All of these films share one commonality, that being a kind of emotional center that humanizes a cast of monsters.
ssim124 When a show hold my attention from the first episode, Snowfall did it.
cshaw40-1 I don't usually write reviews of television shows, but when I saw that a few idiots on here had given Snowfall bad reviews, I had to let you know what kinda folks wouldn't like this show. So, the person who said that the characters aren't interesting is probably a white male in his mid 30s with no black friends whatsoever. He doesn't understand life in the hood and how it would cause young black men to be exactly like ALL of the characters in Snowfall. The slow person who said that plot was too confusing is probably a weed head who has done some serious damage to their short term memory or just simply has an IQ of less than 100, in which case yeah, a show with several story lines would require more cognitive demands than capable for such a small brain. The "gritty" crime and drug show connoisseur (smh) who loved shows like Breaking Bad and Southland, but can't see the SAME qualities in Snowfall, is again a white male who cannot possibly connect in the same way to a show whose main characters in 3 out of the four story lines are, a Jew, a dark skinned black male teenager, and some Spanish speaking Colombians. Snowfall takes a look at the rise of crack cocaine and its connection to cocaine from a variety of perspectives, from the rich white Jewish man living in a big mansion on the other side of town at the top of the drug "food chain", to the Colombian drug smugglers and CIA agents who were bringing the product into the country, to the small time gang members and street dealers trying to come up easy by getting into the drug game. This show is great for those who understand the complexities and disparities of the drug trade. Snowfall is violent and honest. It gives off the same feel as the original Miami Vice when Crocket and Tubbs walked a fine line between the law and the dark side of the drug world. And while nothing is as good as Breaking Bad, Snowfall certainly gives Southland a run for its money.
swilliky FX steps deep into the drug game jumping back to the dawn of crack with a clever show that has its highlights but plods along with the pace and feels like a lesser version of similar shows. The show is ambitious though and the first season seems to plant a lot of seeds that could grow and pay off in future seasons to come if renewed. The story is broken up into three different stories that follow various aspects of the drug trade from the source to the transport to finally distribution. It only has a distant relationship to major historic events, at least so far, and the characters interact minimally in a few scenes of little consequence. There also aren't many stories of the dangers of the drug game as the effects of this new substance hardly have time to take effect since crack really isn't introduced until the last few episodes.The main story, and the most interesting one, is about Franklin Saint (Damson Idris), a young black entrepreneur who hopes to make enough money to solve all his problems. When a rich white friend asks him to ride along and then send him inside to buy coke from Avi Dexter (Alon Aboutboul), he learns that he can make more money from selling coke than weed. The coke turns a profit nicely but garners attention and Franklin is jumped for his cash. He seeks out help from Leon Simmons (Isaiah John) and others but the search for his money turns violent. Franklin quickly learns that there is more to the coke game than supply and demand. When he really works to turn a profit is when he heads up to Los Angeles to learn more about the mysterious recipe of mixing the cocaine with baking soda. This accelerates his business and leads to what will eventually be the crack epidemic. We only see the start of this change but already know the future. Check out more of this review and others at
luvleme1 I LOVE this series. At first, I was disinterested in watching until I overheard a radio personality say it was a must- watch. After watching, I totally agree. This series is one of the best out now. It's one of those that keep you excited to see the next episode. Let's hope the nay-sayers don't discourage the series from reairing for other seasons. I love it and encouraged others to watch. Keep up writers, directors, whomever thought to put the info out. Its the truth!!!