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In the first year of uni, childhood best friends Holly and Georgia find themselves drawn to an elite clique. When Holly begins to suspect darkness lurks beneath the glamour, she will do anything to save her soulmate.


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Micitype Pretty Good
ReaderKenka Let's be realistic.
Lucybespro It is a performances centric movie
Odelecol Pretty good movie overall. First half was nothing special but it got better as it went along.
gridoon2018 Or, in terms of ratings out of 10, I would say 6-6-6-6-8-7. The first four episodes are slickly made but uncreative and predictable; the people you expect to be good are good and the people you expect to be bad are bad. Things get more interesting in the last two episodes, when the heroine doesn't know who she can trust anymore, and the focus switches to Rachel Hurd-Wood, who emerges as the real star of the show (she outacts, as well as outlooks, the rest of the cast). On the whole, the story could have been told in a two-hour movie - there wasn't really a need for six 45-minute episodes. A "take it or leave it" kind of show - no harm done either way.
itstimetorecover Clique set in and around Edinburgh University. I was a post grad there in the dark ages. The series is compelling pseudo art house that's let down by its crude stereotyping and senseless facile characters. Everyone in the series is drinking and eating themselves into an early grave. Yet, none of them are overweight. All the men and women are perfect shapes which is shockingly inaccurate. That's fine in a fantasy series but Clique series perports to be realistic and yet none of the characters are realistic they are all stereotypes that only exist in TV and film. There's a compete absence of any disabled people in clique. Once again this doesn't easily fit in with a series begging to be taken seriously. None of the characters are likeable. Quite the opposite. And yet behind all of this there's a decent, compelling storyline. It's almost lost in the bland and pretentious people in the series. My problem with clique that it's written by the type of arty people who decry stereotyping in society. However, they've made a series that does the very thing they'd decry in other series. There's not a single character in the series that is real or remotely likeable. To conclude. I'm very ambivalent about clique. On the one hand it's full of vile characters whom the writers try and pass off as being real. Whilst on the other hand there's a compelling series begging to be taken seriously. Maybe I've missed the point of clique. Or maybe the point is that clique is just a sea of stereotypes where it's characters are all physically perfect who can eat and drink as much as they want. They can take as many drugs as they want and there's sex in every closet. They can do all of these things with impunity. Life isn't like that. Clique is trying to present itself as a reflection of life today. It wants to be taken seriously It's impossible to take it seriously. And yet I watch it.
ovuncozbey The series open up into a venture of passage to adulthood. Two childhood friends reinvent their desires and are challenged by their past. Some figures -posing as role models and such- intrigue these two friends. And, in a few episodes, we witness the development of a not so basic but more complex story line, with a thread of problems to be solved. All the while, the show encourages the viewer to reflect on themselves via its story line and most importantly does not lose its simplistic beauty. Youth, drama, crime can rarely be subtly and properly synthesized like this.
vriddheeg The show starts slow but soon especially at the end of the pilot picks my interest.Sometimes, I found the actors' accents too strong.The whole team looks really glamorous, the outfits and the looks created for each character are great. Hats off to the style team.The production of the show is realistic.