Wild Roomies

2004 "Some Things Never Change..."
4.1| 1h28m| R| en

After his last girlfriend slept with his last roommate, Reno Rizzolla moves to L.A. with his new girlfriend... and chaos ensues when the debt on the house forces him to get roommates.


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Plantiana Yawn. Poorly Filmed Snooze Fest.
Lightdeossk Captivating movie !
CrawlerChunky In truth, there is barely enough story here to make a film.
Nayan Gough A great movie, one of the best of this year. There was a bit of confusion at one point in the plot, but nothing serious.
Claudio Carvalho In Texas, the insecure Reno Rizolla (A.J. Buckley) has been living with his girlfriend Holly (Holly Fields) for six months. Reno is jealous but does not want to get married now with Holly that promises to give him a bj only after their marriage. Reno does not accept to have roommates since his last girlfriend betrayed him with his roomie. Reno is unsuccessfully trying to sell a boxing bag that he has invented. Out of the blue, Reno is fired from his job and evicted from his home. However his Uncle Charlie (Shelly Kurtz) unexpectedly dies in Los Angeles and Reno and Holly travel to the City of Angels. Reno learns that have inherited a mansion and the Mercedes Benz from his uncle, but no money since Charlie had spent his fortune with a stripper. Further, the manor still have five years mortgage loan to be paid. Without any other option, they decide to rent two rooms to pay the debts. The handsome Chad (David Wheir) and the sexy Nicole (Jennifer Lyons) rent the rooms and Reno and Holly become jealous of them. Reno has not patented his boxing bag and soon he discovers that his project has been stolen. He decides to get married with Holly but he needs to travel to Texas to bring their furniture and possessions to LA. But while he is traveling, Chad and Nicole give a party that will change their lives."Wild Roomies" is a combination of comedy, romance and drama that has a reasonable beginning, tiresome development and an amoral conclusion that could have saved the story. The marketing and DVD cover seem to be based on "American Pie", but the plot is totally different. Reno is a good character but totally insecure, losing Holly because his insecurity. Even being infatuated by Chad, Holly's attitude is totally unexpected and inconsistent with her character since she is angry with her house trashed by Chad and Nicole's friends and ends in a threesome with them and doing the oral sex she had always refused to Reno. The problem is not relative to a moral or amoral ending, but coherence with the character. Mt vote is five.Title (Brazil): "Se Essa Casa Falasse" ("If This House Could Speak")
imdb-100-bwacher The biggest problem with this film was that it was marketed as a teen movie, fun-type film when in fact the movie had few comedic scenes and was more interesting from a human sexuality/emotional point of view. Great movie to watch with your partner but definitely not a feel-good film.Following is why I believe that the ending is the best part.******SPOILER FOLLOWS. DO NOT READ PAST HERE IF YOU INTEND TO WATCH THIS MOVIE ****** The reason that many people didn't like the ending was because it was so realistic and depicted the most likely ending given a similar situation in real life that it makes them too uncomfortable.Holly was indeed upset when she walked into the party, a complete wreck needing consolation. She walked in on her roommates having sex. Not only did they not stop having sex when she walked in but they then proceeded to console her and actively tried to seduce her at the same time. Given the fact that she was human, it would have been nearly impossible for Holly to not accept their advances. She was clearly infatuated with Chad from the beginning of the movie and the fact that Nicole (the other roomie) was also pursuing her boyfriend would have made the situation even more sexually appealing.While I wouldn't place any moral judgments on Reno (the cheated boyfriend) for breaking up with Holly after he finds out about the incident, I do think that the ending made it seem as if Reno was somehow morally superior because he was the person who was cheated on. In fact, Reno himself was seduced by the beautiful Nicole earlier in the movie and the only reason that they did not engage in oral sex was because they were inadvertently interrupted by Holly (even though she didn't catch them).The lesson I got from the film is that love is not sufficient to maintain a monogamous relationship. Perhaps Holly really did love Reno but she lusted Chad more than she lusted or even loved Reno. She engaged in oral sex with Chad even though she refused to do so with Reno even after his many playful pleadings.Holly and Reno clearly put themselves in a situation where they knew that their relationship would fail. Perhaps they got the ending that they both wanted.
masschaos I had high hopes for this one after reading the back of the DVD, "In the spirit of American Pie and Animal House..." After suffering through this I realized I just blew $2.50 to rent it. This movie started out slow and just got slower... brief and fleeting moments of levity proved that it was in the spirit of American Pie if you mean "spirit" as a dead thing. not very entertaining or fun! Don't be fooled like i was and expect anything barely watchable because this movie will depress you more than entertain you. "Need to fill up three more lines for this stupid movie that doesn't deserve the effort... what a stupid piece of ignorant crud. This movie wreaked, even the brief nudity sucked!
seagullbastard This is a typical college comedy and its very average. The story is OK but not very entertaining. Its about a unlucky guy named Reno who looses his job, gets his car ripped off and then his uncle dies in a stripbar. His got a girlfriend though (a nice one btw. :-). Anyway this uncle gives him his mansion in LA and mercedes as heritage and soon Reno and his girlfriend moves to LA to this new house. The problem is that they would need some roommates in order to pay the high rent for this house and so the film unfolds... The movie starts OK and has a few funny jokes here and there, but the suddenly the movie takes a turn straight down to hell... The ending is BAD. Really BAD. It destroys everything about the movie. You will know what I'm talking about when you see the movie...2/10