2017 "Love is a four-legged word."
6.4| 1h36m| en

When a cosmic event turns Emma's dog and cat into two perfect guys, Emma reconsiders her outlook on dating, hilariously works out her trust issues, and ultimately learns to love herself.


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Moustroll Good movie but grossly overrated
Doomtomylo a film so unique, intoxicating and bizarre that it not only demands another viewing, but is also forgivable as a satirical comedy where the jokes eventually take the back seat.
FirstWitch A movie that not only functions as a solid scarefest but a razor-sharp satire.
Kimball Exactly the movie you think it is, but not the movie you want it to be.
Anrachman I watched Unleashed on cable channel, I din't really hope much at the beginning but later I found it surprisingly good. This type of story (animals turned human) is usually made for kids movie, but this one is for adult audience, you'll find Unleashed a unique movie, different from the usual romantic-comedy movies. The story is simple, but very funny, sweet, and give you good feelling. The actors performances are really good, and the soundtrack is nice too, I love when they played All My Little Words song twice.
jfelger I happened to stumble upon this on Netflix and gave it a try since I love the cast...and animals ;) So cute and refreshing, no baggage, just light fun with amazing performances from Steve and Justin (Shameless guys). Kate sings a little, always a treat. Sean is typical Sean (RIP Bob), and then animal aspect/portrayal is not perfect but sweet. All over good streaming flick.
amanda-79574 "Unleashed" is extremely cheery - great soundtrack, super funny and an excellent cast rounded it out. I liked the way the cast worked together, and thought the cat and dog jokes were really well done. Also beautiful shots of the SF Bay Area. Writer Finn Taylor is a masterful storyteller. Overall, uplifting and very sweet film.
wtmaxwel My wife and saw Unleashed at the recent Napa Valley Film Festival. It was a delight to watch. The humor was extremely witty and unique. The plot was a surprise as the description was a little vague but we were hungry for a comedy after all the serious themes of the other films. This was the relief we needed! The plot was clever, the pet characters were hysterical. The movie moved quickly and the plot was not predictable. I think this will be a surprise hit when it is broadly distributed. All pet owners will enjoy the great takes the "animals" bring to their human form. Justin Chatwin and Steve Howley were stand outs! Justin brought a funny seriousness to his role while Steve emerged as a young Will Ferrell. Kate Micucci delivers a great quirky character with a good heart that's been deeply hurt. Her wish for a great "man" is sincere and arrives with big twists and turns. The director poked great fun at our cultish celebrity culture. This is a great date or family movie. Truly fun for all ages.