Under the Rainbow

5.8| 1h52m| en

Laura is still waiting for Prince Charming at the age of 24. So when Sandro appears at a party, exactly like her Prince would in her dreams, she thinks she's found the right one. But then again, when she meets Maxime, Laura starts to wonder if some Princes could be more charming than others? Of course Sandro has problems of his own : his father, Pierre, just bumped into Madam Irma at his father's funeral and this reminded him of the date of his own death which Madame Irma had predicted ages ago. Now Pierre is unable to make any plans, not with his new partner Eleonore, nor with Sandro. And Maxime has his own problems, and so does Eleonore, Marianne, Jacqueline and many others. But don't worry, in the end, they'll all live happily ever after.


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ManiakJiggy This is How Movies Should Be Made
ReaderKenka Let's be realistic.
GurlyIamBeach Instant Favorite.
Forumrxes Yo, there's no way for me to review this film without saying, take your *insert ethnicity + "ass" here* to see this film,like now. You have to see it in order to know what you're really messing with.
writers_reign Although both have worked successfully independent of each other Agnes Jaoui and Jean-Pierre Bacri also work exceptionally well as both writing and acting collaborators. Under The Rainbow is the eighth screenplay they have written together and they also acted together in seven - the exception being their screenplay Smoking, No Smoking, for director Alain Resnais; there were only two actors required and Resnais opted for his wife, Sabine Azema, and a regular from his acting company Pierre Arditti. They were also long-time partners in real life until an amicable split in 2012 which has certainly not affected their ability to write and act together. Under the Rainbow marks the fourth of their screenplays that Jaoui has also directed and her touch is as sure as ever in this homage-cum-satire of Charles Perrault, the brothers Grimm and others of the same ilk. The writers are by far the biggest 'names' in the cast but it would be churlish to single out and/or omit anyone from a tight-knit ensemble group. Magical.
MartinHafer Jean-Pierre Bacri and his real-life wife, Agnès Jaoui starred in this film, co-wrote it and Jaoui directed it! This is a huge accomplishment--it's just too bad I didn't particularly enjoy the film. This is because it's supposed to be a romance but there isn't that much in it that truly is romantic. In fact, most all the folks in the film have had repeated marriages and failed relationships--and the film seems to say this is the new normal. To me, this is rather sad---and is the antithesis of romance--especially as some folks in the film have SERIOUS intimacy issues. This does not mean I hated the film--just many of the characters. One of the only ones I really did enjoy watching was Bacri's. Initially, he was a nasty, selfish jerk and seeing him slowly evolve into a human being as well as why this occurred was very satisfying. But for the rest--they just seemed like a lot of seriously screwed up people who I never would like to meet or get to know better. NOT a film to see with someone you love nor did I see it as a comedy--though IMDb lists it as one.
caleon99 "Au bout du conte" is another enchanting, funny, intelligent, gem among those written, acted, and in case of Jaoui, also directed, by the fantastic duo Agnes Jaoui/Jean-Pierre Bacri who also prove once again to be some of the best comedy dialogue writers in the world. Using the modern fairytale canon, and filling the storyline with references to classic fairy tales elements, the movie travels through the illusions, fears, hopes we can't live without, from waiting for a Prince charming to big and little forms of superstitions. All the cast is very good, but especially the scenes with Jaoui & Bacri together (those driving lessons are really unique) are extremely entertaining, touching and nuanced.