2009 "The choice is theirs."
5.7| 1h41m| NR| en

Every choice has a consequence. But what if the flip of a coin could trigger two separate but parallel destinies? Bobby and Kate are a young New York couple at a crossroads whose lives are about to take very different directions. A seemingly ordinary July 4th is cleaved in two by the flip of a coin. One path leads them to gentle discoveries about family, loss and each other on a visit to Brooklyn, and the other plunges them into an urban nightmare of pursuit, suspense and murder in Manhattan.


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Lovesusti The Worst Film Ever
Wordiezett So much average
Steineded How sad is this?
Spoonatects Am i the only one who thinks........Average?
hershog This movie had such potential, but it turned out to be just another bore hole. I will never understand where directors and producers think moving forward and backward through time is a good idea. The acting was sub par, the story line was much worse. The movie felt hurried and left the audience with more questions than answers. All in all, I see why the movie grossed 37,000.00There were bad guys and worse guys in the movie, but we learned nothing from them. All we know is that someone wanted a phone returned but the true reason is never revealed. Why the director thought this was a good idea will forever baffle this movie buff.
gridoon2018 This is the kind of movie that stands or falls on its ending - and the ending of "Uncertainty" makes the whole thing rather pointless. You expect the two "realities" to merge, or collide, or something, but nothing happens. The writers-directors get some tension going in the Manhattan section at least, but the Brooklyn part is incredibly mundane (intentionally, I know, but still....). The film is also too long, but good chemistry between the two leads and nice New York location footage keep it from being a total waste of time. If you take out one violent shooting, it could almost be classified as a high-concept "chick flick". ** out of 4.
leplatypus For one time, there is a American movie who just wants to tell stories about an ordinary young couple and offers a new angle to shoot it: parallel lives. So there's a sure freshness coming from the movie and I encourage those choices. In addition, it's shot almost continuously on locations in NYC, in summer so it has energy, punch and coolness. The cast revolves around two sympathetic and promising new faces that are now all alone on the poster, Lynn and the smiling "Robin". There's a good chemistry between them and I was on their side.Unfortunately, the hopes don't make a good movie. The opening is awful: long still shots, with cryptic sentences and cut by black screen is a sure way to destroy any coherence. The couple then divides, running opposite on the bridge and then, we have the two stories, yellow and green, for Independence Day. If the yellow part about the found phone is a thriller, the other part is a dull soap in a family reunion. But, coherence, believability are left on the way as Lynn's family is totally Latino (why?) with dumb characters (Diego, the disappeared brother) and the chase is unrealistic (they are left by police when they report a murder, the criminal knows exactly in what building they have run...). And frankly, the parallel lives concept isn't very used: there's one event that happens in the two time-lines (the friend's party) but except that, you really think it's rather two couples played by the same cast as facts are really attached to one choice, either green (pregnancy, family) or yellow (job, home).So, finally, it's a movie that walks outside the usual paths, that is well played and directed but that's very poorly scripted.
jotix100 Kate and Bobby meet on top of the Brooklyn bridge during a Fourth of July. They have to make an important decision. It is a time for celebration. After all, it is summertime in New York, so what could be pressing on this couple when Bobby decides to toss up a coin probably to see what route to take to solve their problem. After they look at the result of the toss, both run in opposite directions.What is really going on here, one wonders. We are given two stories that run parallel to each other, in two narratives that serve to make it difficult on the viewer not paying attention to what appears on the screen. On the "green" theme, we see Bobby and Kate in what seems to be the present time, working through problems in their lives. Bobby, a Canadian musician, needs a green card if he wants to stay in the United States. Kate, on the other hand, must face the final scrutiny when she faces her family for a barbecue at their Queens home because she is pregnant, but has not told anyone about her condition.Running into the other story, we see Bobby and Kate dressed in yellow, riding on a taxi, as they go to a Chinese dim sum place on East Broadway. Bobby notices something he is sitting on, and he discovers a cell phone. Kate's instinct is to turn it to the driver, but Bobby wants to do the honest thing in notifying the owner about his loss. What neither one expects is the reaction they get from the man that lost the phone when he tells him he will come to meet him dressed in a red jacket. Bobby and Kate witness as the man walking toward them is shot almost in front of them. They are in for the adventure of their lives, to say the least."Uncertainty" a film written and directed by Scott McGehee and David Siegel, works in two different levels in a surprising way. The creators take their viewers for a dizzying ride through downtown Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, with a story that shows a realistic situation that may well be happening because it is not too far fetched, or does not ring true. The filmmakers got an inspired Rain Li to photographed New York from a perspective one does not often see. The downtown area, the new Brooklyn parks along the East River, and even Queens, get the amazing treatment of the excellent Ms Li.Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Lynn Collins are seen as Bobby and Kate. Both give nuanced performances of the characters they are supposed to represent. Lovely Ms. Collins keeps getting better all the time. Mr. Gordon-Levitt has been dazzling audiences for a while now. Others in supporting roles include Spanish actress Assumpta Serna playing Kate's mother. Olivia Thirlby, is on hand to play Kate's sister Sophie.