Bog Creatures

2003 "After 1200 Years... They're Back!"
2.3| 1h25m| en

Five young adults venture into a bog to excavate some bodies. After a while they find that bodies that have been buried in the bog have risen from the dead and seek to pick them off one by one.


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Kaydan Christian A terrific literary drama and character piece that shows how the process of creating art can be seen differently by those doing it and those looking at it from the outside.
wolf_rahm I saw this movie yesterday on a public service channel. They had advertised it as an awful movie, and so I was drawn to see it, and I was not let down.A group of 18-19 year old go to an excavation site at an old viking castle in Denmark, to try to uncover the myth of the Berserker vikings. Strange things happens: something is in the forest, and people start disappearing.The main thing about this movie that really bothers me, is that the story is supposed to take place in Denmark, where I happen to live. There were so many places in the movie where the Hollywood-style overlapped danish reality. It really made the acting and drama look ridiculous in my eyes.You never see the characters interact with any of their surroundings. Its feels like a mini-Hollywood in Denmark, and it takes away the credibility of the movie. When at one point you hear someone speak "old danish", it sounds exactly like modern day Swedish. Really bad research, considering the director is from Denmark.The characters in the movie used GPS and maps, and that's really funny, since Denmark is about the size of your backyard. Nomatter where you are, there is never more than 50 km to the sea, and 500 meters to civilization. And if you are at a castle, there are going to be tourists everywhere. We see a lot of overviews of forests in the movie, and sometimes, we see what appears to be North American vegetation(?) The story did not exactly appeal to me, maybe because the acting was so bad. When the characters see the bog creatures for the first time, they are not even scared. I guess their acting skills were insufficient to display realistic emotions. At the end, there is an unexpected twist, but it didn't impress me, since I didn't really care.The bog creatures are cheap, but they had the potential to be scary. Unfortunately, they fail, since we get a good look at them standing in the forest when the characters arrive at the castle. Also, there are no really scary scenes, since the Bog Creatures are mostly just standing around.Anyway, conclusion: Disregarding the facts, the movie is your typical B-horror flick. I guess people from other countries can enjoy it more. As long as you are unaware of reality, it doesn't matter. Just like I think of USA as one big action movie set, everyone else can think of Denmark as a forest with a castle.. and some living-dead people in a bog..
willywants A crew of young archaeology students embark on a journey to a mystical swamp in order to dig for the remains of the Bog People, an army of evil mutants. The swamp, whose waters hold supernatural powers, also harbors creatures who have been buried for hundreds of years, lying in wait to take over the world in an evil coup. One after the other, the students fall victim to to the horrid rituals of the mutants, leaving those who are left to fend for themselves against ancient warriors who plan to enslave the earth. Ignore every negative review you've seen bellow, this film is a great old-fashioned film in the vein of 'Zombie" and the old Hammer films. Granted, there was some so-so acting, some rather chintzy make-up effects and it was obviously shot-on-video, but it has many good things going for it as well, like an original premise, a surprise cameos by Debbie ronchon, a cool twist to the end and good writing (Considering the script was written in 5 days, according to the DVD). Don't let the stupid box cover fool you, this is one original and enjoyable horror outing. My rating for "Bog creatures": 8/10.About the DVD: MTI Home Video has released a great DVD for us. Picture, considering the film was shot on video, is really pretty good--there is some expected grain and fuzzy colors, but skin tones are good and the print is bright. The audio is pretty poor though--I had to fool with the sound throughout the whole film to get adequate sound. We also get an excellent behind the scenes documentary, running about 30 minutes, which extensively covers the entire production. It's a great little documentary for young film makers, too. We also get 4 additional trailers for other MTI films. My rating for the DVD: 9/10.
mlevans They don't make them like THIS anymore! No, wait! This is a 2003 film, not one from 1953! Well, maybe they DO still make ‘em like this!I was looking for a horror movie that wouldn't tax my brain too badly on a Saturday night and therefore wasn't particularly disappointed with Bog Creatures. The setting is semi-eerie and the acting is okay. Basically, this wasn't a bad horror flick; it just isn't anything that hasn't been seen before. In fact, it really hearkens back to the horror films of the 1950s which we laugh at today. The only differences are slightly better costumes/effects, more foul language, etc. SPOILERS AHEADThis may actually become a campy movie at some point. The most bizarre scene is the doofy guy sneaking into one of the girl's tents and sniffing her panties. She returns and catches him, but is standing behind him and can't see what he's doing. So, like any normal rational guy, he SWALLOWS the panties, trying to act nonchalant. We have a rather bizarre scenario in itself, with specially-recruited `troubled' drop-out archaeology students being brought together. Somehow the tough guy with the tattoo just doesn't strike me as a college archaeology student-having known a number of them. It also seems strange that this U.K. professor has to find his `special' archaeology kids in America.At least the troweling scene where the first Viking berserker is unearthed--first the helmet then the realization that there is a body IN the helmet--is good. This gives a brief feeling of reality or at least texture to the film. So does the autopsy scene. Other than that, though, it's basically a bunch of typical college losers in the woods, being semi-stalked by somewhat non-aggressive mummified corpses. (If you want to see this basic plot in a well-animated, more lively manner, watch Scooby Doo On Zombie Island!) To put it another way, it's about as scary as Ghost Breakers (with Bob Hope), but much less funny.The cast is fairly solid, although after just one viewing (all I desire!), I'm not able to keep the five students straight. There are two decent-looking girls we barely get to know, plus a tough guy, a nerd and a weird intellectual who doesn't seem to give a rip. Lara Theodos is certainly hot as Dr. Feneman's brilliant kid sister. The ending, by the way, is interesting-and certainly in keeping with the campy 1950s feel of the movie. Overall, the movie is like the Bog Creatures themselves: kind of creepy, but not much bite.
jstoddard97 Well, to spoil it all for you... the only nudity is in the first 15 seconds or so. And you see exactly what the bog "creatures" look like about 5 minutes later. There was no suspense, and I think it would be way out of line to call this a "horror" flick. Some good points... the acting was decent, and some parts were quite humorous. My favorite part was the ending... Get through all of it, and you'll know what I mean. Bottom line? Not completely terrible, but not really too watchable, either. 5/10 from me...