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EP8 Chasing Amy and Molly Jul 18, 2012

Oz and Cash work alongside Molly at the weekend to find a treasure that belongs to Hurley, to former night cleaning guy that worked at Contra and recently died. Meanwhile Cam is recruited by Veronica to go to the OCP leadership conference in San Diego. While Cash and Molly are getting closer with the "mission" Molly confesses that she likes Oz which makes Cash feel pretty upset so he gets out of Contra and goes to Fannanigan's. There, Oz meets Cash and asks what is happening and Cash tells that Molly likes Oz, instead of him. At that point Oz confesses that the whole thing is a plan to make Cash get closer with Molly. At the same time Cam discovers that the leadership conference it's a lie and that Veronica only recruited him to make him pretend to be her boyfriend because one of her "favourite ex-husbands" is going to be there with his new hot girlfriend that is 22 years-old. After seeing Veronica being humiliated by Marty he decides to help Veronica only to wake up in the next morning naked at Veronica's hotel room, Cameron panics after seeing the intimity pack open. When Veronica and Cameron return to Contra Oz tells Cam that nothing happen because he sent him a video message showing Cameron totally drunk and opening the pack to take a chocolate to eat. After that Cash, Oz and Molly discover that the treasure is a draw of a young Sean Hurley (the supposed son of Hugo Hurley, who actually is Oz's dentist) and his family. Oz gets mad and Molly says that family is the most important, Oz answers that he only cares about fortune and say to Cash and Molly clean the mess they made which leads to Molly question herself about her feelings for Oz. Cash is later seen with Molly watching the stars while Oz observes them saying: "we'll get there, buddy...".
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Released: 06 April 2011 Canceled
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Contra Security is a high tech security firm that specializes in breaking in as a way to test security measures. The team members comprise various skills, and even more various personalities.

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