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O Tempo Não Para
  • O Tempo Não Para (2018)
  • Drama, Comedy, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Soap,
  • The Sabino Machado family, their slaves and entourage spend years frozen in the ocean after a shipwreck in 1886. They wake up gradually, one by one, and must learn to deal with the technology and the human idiosyncrasies of the present times. Among cultural and temporal shocks, "the frozen ones" encounter improbable friendships, romances and greedy people, while fighting prejudices that not even time was able to eradicate.
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O Tempo Não Para 2018
  • นักสู้สะท้านฟ้าเกิร์ล (2018)
  • Soap,
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นักสู้สะท้านฟ้าเกิร์ล 2018
Şahin Tepesi
Şahin Tepesi 2018
Like, la Leyenda
  • Like, la Leyenda (2018)
  • Drama, Soap,
  • The experiences of a group of young people interned at the Life Institute of Knowledge and Evolution (LIKE), a prestigious and cosmopolitan educational institution, with a supposedly modern and open educational system, but in reality it is deeply traditional and schematic.
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Like, la Leyenda 2018
Laws of love
  • Laws of love (2018)
  • Drama, Soap,
  • The story of two lawyers specializing in family law, Ricardo and Alejandra, that despite coming from two disappointments and being in a world where it seems that love loses strength, before so much divorce, they still have faith in finding true love.
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Laws of love 2018
O Sétimo Guardião
  • O Sétimo Guardião (2018)
  • Drama, Comedy, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Soap,
  • At first glance, Serro Azul may seem like just another typical inland town, quiet and surrounded by mountains, where technological advances such as internet and cell phones have not yet arrived. A place where anyone who passes does not pay much attention, not knowing what is missing, after all, a city that is near Greenville and Tubiacanga could not fail to have its peculiarities. The main one is a source with curative and rejuvenating properties, which is the outermost part of a gigantic aquifer, a huge reservoir of what is becoming the most precious possession of the Earth: water. This source is protected by seven guardians whose mission is to ensure that this wealth does not reach the wrong hands.
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O Sétimo Guardião 2018
Pink Sin
Pink Sin 2018
Glass Mask
Glass Mask 2018
Likit Ruk - The Crown Princess
Likit Ruk - The Crown Princess 2018
Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat
  • Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat (2018)
  • Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Soap,
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Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat 2018
Through the Waves
  • Through the Waves (2018)
  • Drama, Family, Soap,
  • Due to the Korean war, Oh Bok-Sil’s family becomes separated lose everything. Not to be defeated, they live with strength as they suffer great hardships.
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Through the Waves 2018
Deus Salve o Rei
  • Deus Salve o Rei (2018)
  • Drama, Soap,
  • An heir to a throne in love with a commoner. An inconsequential prince, who thinks only of taking advantage of royal patronage. An ambitious princess, capable of everything to get what she wants.
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Deus Salve o Rei 2018
Vidas Opostas
  • Vidas Opostas (2018)
  • Drama, Soap,
  • Eva Lemos lives a stable and seemingly happy life, until Marco, her husband, disappears suddenly after knowing that she is pregnant. Marco steals all her money, leaving her homeless and without a job, while Eva learns that Marco was only with her out of interest and lives a double life with Maria. Hatred and revolt take Eva into a journey that transforms her deeply... and not for the better.
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Vidas Opostas 2018
Tonio & Julia
Tonio & Julia 2018
Segundo Sol
  • Segundo Sol (2018)
  • Drama, Soap,
  • Set in the coast of Bahia, "Segundo Sol" is the story of an axé singer who has already made great success but is now in full decay. He is said to be dead, the rumor goes viral on the internet and the sales of his albums and videos explode as well as at the height of his career. The singer then decides to remain dead and takes refuge on the island of Boiporã, where he begins a new life with another name.
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Segundo Sol 2018
Onde Está Elisa?
  • Onde Está Elisa? (2018)
  • Drama, Mystery, Soap,
  • The life of the Menezes family changes radically after the disappearance of Elisa, the eldest daughter of Rui and Francisca Menezes. With the tragedy, the obscure secrets of every family member, every friend, every person around Elisa, are unraveled.
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Onde Está Elisa? 2018