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A re-imagining of the 1980's miniseries about the world's first encounter with an alien race in which the aliens call themselves The Visitors, and have a seemingly friendly agenda that may or may not be a cover for something more malevolent.


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WasAnnon Slow pace in the most part of the movie.
AnhartLinkin This story has more twists and turns than a second-rate soap opera.
Taha Avalos The best films of this genre always show a path and provide a takeaway for being a better person.
Caryl It is a whirlwind of delight --- attractive actors, stunning couture, spectacular sets and outrageous parties. It's a feast for the eyes. But what really makes this dramedy work is the acting.
aaron-70658 So after deciding I'd had enough of the "reality TV" garbage on offer I was going through a friends DVD collection to see what he had worth watching and found this Yes OK it wasn't as good as the original but it beat what was on offer otherwise by season 2 I was getting into it and had gotten to ep10 yay cliffhanger just as well I had the DVD's and din't need to wait But NO to surprise that was it WTF where the hell is season 3 completely peeved off now was looking forward to a big battle and humans finally overcoming the V I SO FRICKEN HATE when they can a show and leave us hanging thanks for nothing and F U
saracogluozge Any show can contain some plot holes, esp sci-fi series are a bit more susceptible. But I have never watched anything that contains so much plot holes, illogical approach and sloppy editing. If you have an average IQ you will feel that producers are mocking with you. the worst part is the 5th Column. They are "good aliens" whom want to eliminate alien queen Anna (Anna is the antagonist who has a secret agenda, show herself as a very helpful alien but makes plans to occupy earth ). They are shown to sacrifice themselves in order to keep the identity of the members etc. But whole 2 seasons no member thinks to go to press and say "Hey I am alien too, this is our secret agenda, and these are the proofs" moreover no one tries to assassinate Anna. Btw Anna always wonders alone without any security etc
benosler WARNING: This review DOES contain spoilers.I've just finished watching the last episode of the series and I feel utterly and completely let down.I'm a fan of the original but approached this re-imagining with an open mind and was pleasantly surprised. Gone is the camp 1980s vibe, the cheesy Visitor Willy, the big hair and the unbelievable over-acting of Diana.The new Visitor's leader Anna is believably evil and the central plot has been updated to be more believable also; the Visitors do not want us as a source of food - which one would have thought could be cooked up by any hi-tech alien culture in a laboratory, instead they want to cream off the best parts of our DNA.In fact all of it was enjoyable watching with good strong characters developed over time until, that is, I came to the last episode which ends the series so abruptly and inappropriately.I feel robbed! Why did I waste my time on this? It's like you are reading a really good Agatha Christie novel and you finally get to the bit where all the guests are assembled in the library, you turn the page and you see "The End".This is a show that was abruptly cancelled it's true but not wanting to spoil it I didn't read about it's cancellation and watched it on DVD believing there'd be some kind of a satisfactory outcome. The DVD case should have been marketed with a great big red sticker over the front of it reading "Warning: This is an unfinished work!".
jotaemesg I've just watched the first season of V (2009/11) on DVD and I have to say I am quite disappointed. I remember the big and attractive publicity not so long ago, although I failed to spot the show when it was broadcast. I can realize now I didn't miss that much. Critical reviews (notably the insightful one by AlefVeld from London) on IMDb have made strong points as regards plot holes, miscast players and illogic scenarios and development. I think what people who dislike this remake of V regret is just the lack of what made it a likable show in the eighties: I remember the national shock and thrill when it was aired in Spain in 1985. Now, in the 2009 version flaws are apparent after 30 minutes watching into the first episode, and your fears are totally fulfilled later. Key questions are never answered; for one thing, what's their wicked "plan"?, the resistance seems to be more deadly and unethical than the aliens. I particularly resent this: highlights are weak, scarce and scattered, thereby taking out all the promised fun. And the worse comes to the worst: there is no sense of humor at all, you can only hear one witty wisecrack on account of the weird situation in the whole of the 12 episodes. Miss Baccarin's performance was the only thing that really kept me watching; her line "skin them!" is priceless. The other characters are so dull and the development is so low-intensity that you nearly want the aliens to stop fooling around and start wreaking havoc on earth, which sadly never happens. Millions of light-years far from it. To sum up, the stingily doled out good stuff doesn't make up for the lack of story and action. What a pity.