The White Queen


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7.8| 0h30m| TV-MA| en

Set against the backdrop of the Wars of the Roses, the series is the story of the women caught up in the protracted conflict for the throne of England.


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Solemplex To me, this movie is perfection.
Raetsonwe Redundant and unnecessary.
Onlinewsma Absolutely Brilliant!
Dirtylogy It's funny, it's tense, it features two great performances from two actors and the director expertly creates a web of odd tension where you actually don't know what is happening for the majority of the run time.
knightmartin The first episode was very weak may have caused some do not follow it any longer and dropped off. But if you stuck it out for the second and third episode it went into high gear and kept you riveted throughout.
eyal-41193 A very interesting series of history England story stretching thx much !! Great Players !!
s3276169 The White Queen like so many, many drama's with an historical bent is good entertainment but little else. As someone with a background in history I often smile at this kind of drama which, in my opinion, has more in common with Cinderella than historical fact. The bones of history are present but the overlay is pure 21st century. The nobles and the locals are all well scrubbed, healthy types, who live in spick and span, charming rustic dwellings and walk down more or less immaculate streets. The reality was not so romantic. Disease was rife not helped by human waste and garbage dumped in streets, rats were endemic and houses were unsafe, dirty places with layers of rotten straw on floors and dodgy fireplaces that often burnt the dwellings down. Not surprisingly the people of this world riven with diseases and nutritional issues that extended to the largely carnivorous, nobility.Suffice to say it was a stinky, less than glamorous world. Casting these considerations aside, The White Queen, whilst occasionally high brow and a bit corny, is mostly quite watchable. It does in its own chocolate box way follow the historical script and its well acted with a good cast. An enjoyable romp. Seven out of ten from me.
GeoPierpont OK so my historical background of this war is rather limited. I found the "War of the Roses" to be about as convoluted as this inception and was prepared to expect less from the get go.I did not find the sex scenes gratuitous, but the harrowing birthing scenes ad nauseum, pahleeze! I imagine this POV was to exhibit the empowerment of women but I never really appreciated this in dialogue, presence and plot. All I perceived was fear, suspicions, witchcraft, voodoo, and plain ol sissy stuff. Everyone was polluted with a power trip and was a predictable plot element. Lady Margaret's facial expressions were painful vs sympathetic and found her role annoying and discomforting. Her ultimate reward for her patience and strong beliefs were powerful but diluted with her poor acting.I had no concept of how intricate the plot thickens as the series progresses and was ill prepared for the complexities as I did a power play and watched the entire season in 2 sittings. What did viewers do after an entire week of not recalling names, faces, goals, and devious deeds. This timeframe represents an incredible history lesson and the producers needed to slow down to allow us fledglings to comprehend the full repercussions of family ties.High recommend for dysfunctional family sympathy and a hint of how crazy royal life was for a spell. I do not think the peasants were as much affected as their lives were already horrific. Dark material with few breathers.