The Lost World


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Early 20th-century adventurers find themselves fighting for survival after their hot-air balloon crashes into a remote part of the Amazon, stranding them on a prehistoric plateau.


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Alicia I love this movie so much
Solemplex To me, this movie is perfection.
Stometer Save your money for something good and enjoyable
Sexyloutak Absolutely the worst movie.
pooh-24 More television junk food for those who enjoy such trash one must submit to you,The Lost World,also known as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle,The Lost World.The show has not all that much to do with the original adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's book and it shows to the regret of all that see it.The television series is a politically correct piece of nonsense that uses dinosaurs in the very beginning of the show,but as the series goes on the dinosaurs are seen less and less frequently.How "lost" is this civilization one cannot fully say.All kinds of strange races,tribes,creatures,and characters show up here.The Lost World,really,is sort of like Gilligan's Island with dinosaurs.The focus groups used to create the show have made this "Lost World" fit for today's audience.The female characters lead the way,first with Rachel Blakely,playing the annoying and selfish character named Marguerite Krux.Krux wasn't not a character in the first "Lost World" movie in 1925 or the 1960 remake but she is here in the current day TV series as pushy opinionated heiress who usually gets her way.Then there is Veronica,played by Jennifer O'Dell.O'Dell is sexy and a delight in her native girl outfit showing off her legs and tush and going around in her undies pretty much all throughout the series.But they make Veronica,like Krux,far too aggressive than she should be.She winds up beating up and besting men twice her size and she always wins the hand to hand combat battles with every man she faces.The male characters,meanwhile,are pretty much pushovers and do not resemble the male characters of earlier Lost World adaptations.Will Snow and his Lord John Roxton is all too wimpy as is David Orth's Ned Malone.What they did to Challenger here is pretty sad.They make him out to be a dottering old fool.The same could be said for Arthur Summerlee,who would be killed off at the end of the first season by the show's focus group.The show's male characters,if they are the show's protagonists,or this week's villains are easily pushed around and hardly seem threatening when you right down to it.The show,because of this,seems so gay.As the show was on its' last legs,it brought on another aggressive female character,Finn from the future,destroying whatever creditibility the show may have had,if it had any to begin with.This,"Lost World",gives us a lot of what we have seen before from shows like Gilligan's Island,Batman,and The Land Of The Lost.Cheesy junk food for the mind masquerading as an adventure and a drama,of which it is neither.The Lost World TV series is more like a parody.A proper and well done adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle's Lost World,fit for the small screen and for the general viewing public,shall have to come in the future.
Mistertee420 The Lost World is a very underestimated tv show, but it is highly imaginative. The Lost world has a good feel to it, when you watch it you go on an adventure. Where i live it comes on at 12:30 when nothing else really comes on exept paid programs. The thing is even if there were other shows on i wouldn't want to watch them because Lost World is awesome. I just have one question, does anyone know when a new season will start?
Danielle_G Wonderful show that should of lasted more then three seasons the show was canceled. The Lost World show had wonderful characters, story lines and plots that could keep anyone watching and wanting more, I really hope that one day the people that make the show put them on DVD because it's a real keeper.
bluekarin I have been following this show since Season 1, and I have been a faithful fan ever since. The Lost World has all that I want in a show, a great concept, fantastic actors, a story line that is always interesting, surprising, and phantasy. There is adventure, science fiction, lovely dinosaurs, romance and lots to be learnt about different societies. To make my happiness complete, I need a Season 4 and 5 and 6 and so on. May The Lost World never be lost to its devoted fans and go on forever!