Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles


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7.6| 0h30m| TV-14| en

The series picks up four years after the events of Terminator 2: Judgment Day with John and Sarah Connor trying to stay under-the-radar from the government, as they plot to destroy the computer network, Skynet, in hopes of preventing Armageddon.


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Scanialara You won't be disappointed!
VividSimon Simply Perfect
BoardChiri Bad Acting and worse Bad Screenplay
Teringer An Exercise In Nonsense
Smoreni Zmaj I accidentally bumped into this series, I did not even know existed, and I watched the first episode with no special expectations. Seven episodes later I admit that I am hooked. The series ignores "T3" and continues on "Terminator 2", although it takes some elements from "T3". "The Sarah Connor Chronicles" can be seen as the new third part of the franchise, which is there to push and replace rather unsuccessful "T3".In the first season, the series does not bring anything new, but is a worthy successor of cult films that precede it, and in all aspects it is more than solid. Initially, I was not overly intrigued, because I had the impression that I was once again watching "Terminator 2", just stretched on the series season, but I continued to watch because in the role of a cyborg that protects John was Summer Glau, which, you must admit, is much more pleasant for the eye than Arnold. It seems that Summer is a family friend of the house of Lannister, because just yesterday I saw her sharing the screen with Tyrion in "Knights of Badassdom", and in this series two leading female roles belong to Summer and Cersei. When you connect name Sarah Connor with the face of Linda Hamilton for more than two decades, it's very strange to see Lena Headey in that role, so the initial impression was very bad. But after just a few episodes Lena will suppress Linda from your head, if not forever, then at least till this series is over. Thomas Dekker is not Edward Furlong, but he is a good actor and this change didn't bother me at all. All supporting roles are well-cast, and there are also some familiar faces from the past, like David from "Beverly Hills 90210" who plays one of the biggest supporting roles.I can not wait to see what the second season brings, which, according to the reviews, is much better than the first.8/10The story in the series is far more complex than the story in the movies and, I dare to say, even better. Deeper characterization is implied because a series leaves much more space for that than a movie. And finally, Summer Glau is not only enchanting, but she's incomparably better and more convincing Terminator than Arnold. My current rank list is:1. The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2. Terminator 2 3. The Terminator 4. T3 (it would be better if it wasn't made at all)
cadavier81 I watch this series maybe once in a year and every time i must stay up late because i cant stop, I very much like Josh's writing, it is professional and same time creative, and the way how it continue from movies T1 & 2 time-line, this i really appreciate. And the actors..oh gosh, its perfect Kyle look alike from T1 , BAG's role as cold soldier its very plausible acting , even Shirley Manson does good job!And don't even have to mention Thomas, Summer and Lena..! great cast no doubt. I don't know if i am upset that it didn't continue to Season 3 , of course i got the feeling at the end of S2 that Friedman knew that it will end, dunno for sure but, got a feeling also that i want see something more but still it ended very epic.Kinda hard to say. But this series is one of the best and beats so many Sci-fi movies like 10-0.. Even if you don't like Sci- fi or not so fan of a terminator i am pretty sure you will watch this to the end and have chills still, and if you are terminator fan..yeah you think maybe same things with me. Afterall i am very impressed that when a smart , creative and genius mind put his passion on work, it will produce very awesome material, and i am happy that this piece of art was made.Okay To put review in a nutshell:Good-Friedman and his team made this series instant classic. -the cast was hit to the bull eye ,very good! -Action was close as good as in movies T1 and T2.Bad-Ended too soon?!?
fcabanski This series felt like different writers wrote episodes without anyone overseeing the general direction of the show. The main narrative was disjointed, with seemingly important threads suddenly dropped or changed - a stone cold, evil Terminator suddenly becoming part of some kind of alternate Skynet, good machine group, for example.Glaue, who played the teen girl Terminator, was surely perfect for the part. As shown in Firefly, she's unable to act with any real human emotion, so she was perfect as an emotionless Terminator. She just played it exactly like she played her Firefly character, which is the way she plays every character thanks to her limited acting ability.SC in this has been morphed into a semi-hardened soccer mom who doesn't have any kids playing soccer.This series crapped on much of the Terminator established canon - including having a liquid metal Terminator wipe out a T800 (or some kind of solid Terminator) so easily there shouldn't have been a Terminator 2.As bad as this was, little did I know it would pave the way for such television litter as the superhero series without superheroes like Agents of BORE (SHIELD) and Gotham.A moment typical of this series was the supposed cliffhanger of the female, teen terminator blown up in a car. By that time, we had seen terminators survive much worse, so there was no doubt she survived. But the show played it as "OMG, she's deeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddd!"
Open_Ended_Trouser_Hanger This is pretty good after the first five episodes.Unfortunately, before the show even started, writer / producer Josh Friedman said, "Okay,I've given it a lot of thought and I have a perfect idea for a Terminator TV show: Okay, John Connor is having a normal teen existence with Sarah Connor in suburban America and it will be like all the other teen shows out there. And along comes a hot teen girl Terminator who goes back in time to when John's a teen and Sarah's still alive and brings them into modern times so that we don't have to make it a "period piece." So there should also be a bad Terminator who chases them into the future, but only its skinless head goes through time. Sure, all this would contradict the rules laid down in the first Terminator movie, but I'm sure no one will notice, and it's about time travel, so no one is interested in reality, right? What's the old rule: The more outrageous the premise, the LESS grounded in reality the story should be?" So when the other creative forces were done fixing Joshy's mess, most of the audience had bailed, which is unfortunate because it got really good for the rest of its run. Unfortunately, after that it was good but still far from perfect, and perfection would be the only thing that would save it after the first five episodes.