Survivor's Remorse


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Cam Calloway is about to find out the price he'll pay for stardom, love and loyalty. A basketball star in his early 20s, Calloway's life changes after he signs a multimillion-dollar contract with a team in Atlanta. He arrives in Georgia bright-eyed and eager to begin his career, joined by cousin and confidant Reggie Vaughn, who tries to keep Cam focused and free from distractions caused by Cam's blunt-but-loyal sister M-Chuck and opportunistic mom Cassie. Feeling a responsibility to support needy family and friends, Cam wrestles with the rewards and pitfalls of sudden wealth and fame.


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KnotMissPriceless Why so much hype?
SnoReptilePlenty Memorable, crazy movie
Pacionsbo Absolutely Fantastic
Rosie Searle It's the kind of movie you'll want to see a second time with someone who hasn't seen it yet, to remember what it was like to watch it for the first time.
mts-78680 Definitely a Keeper! Almost wanted to subscribe to cable channel just to ensure I did my part to keep on cable listing. I viewed Season 1 & 2 on DVD and seriously debating on whether to sign up for Starz for just this one show.Will confess it's not for everyone and definitely NOT a family show. If you like Ballers than it's on par. If you like Power than it's on par. If you like shows like Cheers/etc, stay away or watch with open-mind....
mrskv78 The show has a terrible name. It would of had a much better appeal with a more suitable name that represents the actual show. It sounds like a Titanic remake if you have never seen the actual show...its about a basketball star who became rich and famous. With that they show how a poor family adjusts to being rich etc. Lots of racist quotes (I think they thought it was funny somehow), lots of stereotyping etc. I watched all of season 1 and I enjoyed it however Season 2 has been painful and I have stopped watching it considering there is so many other better options on TV this time of the year. I am a huge fan of Starz shows and they usually do great shows so I am kind of baffled at how fast this show is going downhill. Perhaps later in season 2 it does get better but I cant be bothered to find out.
ballsOfMeat what can i say? this show is so laid back, i just enjoyed it. there's some laugh out moments, i just find myself smiling watching this show. there's some insanely great one liners. the one liners on here land on the mark. some moments leave me very furious at how situations work out. like being forced to issue a public apology etc.i hope this show lasts for at least 5 seasons. yeah, i hope we get to see a bit more of basketball in this show as well. more nudity ;-) the characters are like slowly getting fleshed out, we discover stuff about them...ay i just love this show. just check for it!what makes me furious is the amount of obligations Cam has. that's the part that makes me mad, as much as it makes these characters mad. when the characters grit their teeth at these obligation, i am seething in fury at the bullshit as well.
troyerruss no doubt in my mind that this show is an entourage clone. The similarities are abundant e.g. Main character is newly super rich here a basketball star, entourage was a movie star. The second main character is the best friend/cousin who has grown up and been there through rough times for one another. Then you have a needy family member or two for comic relief stuff. They stuck to this formula and for the most part I enjoyed the first two episodes. It wont be for everyone, just like Entourage the target audience for this show is going to be 18-35 and most likely male. I don't enjoy too many sitcoms but if im going to watch a comedy its usually something like this that has a little depth but doesn't take itself too serious. The second episode deals with the issue of "wooping" your kids, which I thought was a pretty remarkable coincidence with all the adrian peterson stuff in the news. Hope this gains some viewers.