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8.4| 0h30m| TV-14| en

When they were boys, Sam and Dean Winchester lost their mother to a mysterious and demonic supernatural force. Subsequently, their father raised them to be soldiers. He taught them about the paranormal evil that lives in the dark corners and on the back roads of America ... and he taught them how to kill it. Now, the Winchester brothers crisscross the country in their '67 Chevy Impala, battling every kind of supernatural threat they encounter along the way.


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Steineded How sad is this?
GazerRise Fantastic!
Pacionsbo Absolutely Fantastic
Intcatinfo A Masterpiece!
danilla_sys One of my all time favourite shows. Cannot recommend this enough!!! Do it and join the SPN Family. Team free will!
VA_El I've been watching first episode since it aired. Never missed a who and re watched it so many times. Strong and hilarious chemistry between the trio. After the last season with the British men of letters I thought this show was at its end. didn't really think much of it and though they had truly run out of ideas. It isn't as comedic as the some of the other seasons. But season 13 was AWESEOME! The best ever so far!!!. I can't wait and I hope it never ends. The new kid Jack fits in perfectly.
mantalist-me The first two seasons were not that bad after season two the series start to get stupid and very bad, it's just bad. take my advise and don't watch it.
blackmagpie-62368 Seasons 1-5 are a definite 10 stars, a roller coaster of episodes, no two alike the show provides a perfect mix of drama, horror, humor, suspense, thriller, comedy, silly, believable and more. A mix of all the good tv shows in one. I love the brother duo, it is a refreshing change and provides really good dynamics. Beautiful troubled Sam always wrestling with himself and beautiful, self sacrificing, badass, lovable, selfless, resilient Dean, two amazing characters that evolve develop and change over time. Dean Winchester is definitely on my list of the top 5 fictional characters (TV and movie) ever. A great underlying story that provides a great climax at the end of season 5 with smaller stories dotted along the way. The show is not without its shortcomings and plot holes but as long as you do not take it too seriously, overall it is well worth watching. Season 6,7 and 8 reduce to 9 stars ( 7 for the angels), some good story lines and some bad story lines with some really strong drama and a change of pace and style in season 7 that was very different but pretty good. They have started to introduce more and more of the angels that provide a really boring story and bring the tone of supernatural down.Season 9 and 10 get 9 stars for the mark of Cain story line (although I expected so much more from this) and 4 stars for the angel story. Beginning to feel like more attention being paid to fan conventions rather than the viewers. Not happy with the long long overdrawn angel saga that has taken these majestic and all powerful beings to a really low level. In order to keep Castiel in the story they have introduced him and the angel story independently to the Winchester brothers and it really does not work for me. It ruins the pace and the tone and has a weak and boring story. If I wanted angels I would have watched lucifer or angel or so many other shows. Season 11 is very different to the others, a very different Dean and it gets quite weird. Jury still out on this one.Season 12 gets a score of 1 star for the angels/castiel/demon and 6 for the rest (Sam and Dean save a bit of this season). Season 13 no stars- horrific. The show has really lost its way on these seasons, difficult to watch, tedious, boring and turning into quite a comedy with all the resurrections and bringing back all the middle aged (or younger) oldies. No strong story lines, no new monsters, no new characters, the brothers are spending too much time saving each other rather than the world or people, too much time cleaning up each others messes or Castiel's who by the way is the worst monster of all. And what is it with American writers and their mothers? Oedipus complex??? The Greeks invented and the American writers perfected? The best way to kill brother chemistry and man power....bring back mum, dear old mum. Oh dear. Skipped through most of the episodes in season 13 to tell the truth they were so boring. Too many people, too much talking no action, no substance, no monsters, no hunts. Episodes that remind me of a long running soap opera rather than a supernatural show. What a pity. I am leaving my overall rating of the show at 9 only to do justice to everyone that contributed to the production of seasons 1-5 and the team that put it together!!!!