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Space. The Final Frontier. The U.S.S. Enterprise embarks on a five year mission to explore the galaxy. The Enterprise is under the command of Captain James T. Kirk with First Officer Mr. Spock, from the planet Vulcan. With a determined crew, the Enterprise encounters Klingons, Romulans, time paradoxes, tribbles and genetic supermen lead by Khan Noonian Singh. Their mission is to explore strange new worlds, to seek new life and new civilizations, and to boldly go where no man has gone before.


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Lawbolisted Powerful
Smartorhypo Highly Overrated But Still Good
Konterr Brilliant and touching
Deanna There are moments in this movie where the great movie it could've been peek out... They're fleeting, here, but they're worth savoring, and they happen often enough to make it worth your while.
merelyaninnuendo Star TrekA cultural hub and by far one of the most loved and respected tale, Star Trek is created by Gene Roddenberry who wrote this brilliant concept, ahead of its time and is probably why it still doesn't fail to entertain us after these many years. It was written "for the future" in many aspects as it even though is smarter, wiser and powerful it still seeks for emotion and the force that binds it all. The relation between Spock and Kirk; despite of its premise, is the most human thing in this majestic tale where the adventures are endless. Encountering this original series, at this stage makes the execution look petty and a bit loose (the small technical aspects can be negotiated) but the writing is smart, gripping and hence it completely overpowers it. The series doesn't seem to mature as it should have but definitely has improved on terms of implementing smarter approach, parallel plot lines and thought provoking concept. There isn't much awareness on terms of structure of the script and the format to create an arc for the characters and offer it appropriate gravitas; in here the punch line is prior than the methodology. William Shatner is good on his role and is supported decently by DeForest Kelly as his side kick, but the real treat is Leonard Nimoy as a complex creature that is always soothing and satisfying on his portrayal of Spock. Star Trek is a game changer to its genre as it defines the true ambiguity of the nature at its wild.
jacobjohntaylor1 This a great show. It has great story lines. It also has great acting. Star trek the motion picture is better. Star Trek II the wrath of Kane is also better Star trek III sreach spook is better. Star Trek IV the vogye home is better. Star Trek V the final frontier is better. Star Trek VI the undiscoverd counrty is also better. Star Trek generations is also better. Stat Trek the next genearation is also better. Star Trek insurrection is also better. Star Trek first contact is better. Star Trek Nemisis is also better. Star Trek XI is also better. Star Trek into darkness is also better. Star Trek beyond is also better. Still this a great show see it.
alexanderdavies-99382 50 years after "Star Trek The Original Series" first hit the airwaves, this highly influential and original television show is still being enjoyed and imitated. It was a new thing back in the 1960s to have a regular cast of characters that included an alien, an African- American and a Japanese- American character amongst others. That was truly a case of creating something new and ground- breaking. I know that out of all the various "Star Trek" shows, it is the original and the "Next Generation" ones that the fans enjoy the most. I would agree upon that. However, for me, "The Original Series" is THE definitive one of all. The writing and the acting are its chief assets. For sheer storytelling, the series that ran from 1966 til 1969 for three seasons is in a league of class of its own. With regards to the main cast, there will never be anyone else who can play those seven different characters. I don't care how many other people are cast in those awful recent films, I can not imagine anyone but William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and DeForest Kelly as Captain James Kirk, Science Officer Spock and Medical Doctor Leonard McCoy respectively. The on-screen chemistry that the three of them have is difficult to describe in words but it is undeniably there. Those actors were born to play those characters and they made them their own. The same applies equally to the rest of the regular cast. What I really enjoy about the characters in particular, is that they are depicted as being rather vulnerable, subject to making mistakes which can be costly or subject to landing themselves in perils of various kinds. They aren't "He-Man" types at all. This makes them all the more believable. It is a credit to the writers that they made their scripts as descriptive as they were, owing to the fact that due to limited time and money, the sets were rather modest. Even so, the sets served their purpose very well. The first two seasons contain the very best that "Star Trek The Original Series" has to offer. I would almost defy anyone to name any other American Science Fiction or Fantasy television series that includes episodes that are consistently great. The only exception I can recall, would be "Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone." The final season has some episodes which aren't so good admittedly but still there are moments of television gold. The recent DVD releases have included some basic CGI moments, mainly for the shots of the Enterprise vessel and for the shots that depict Alien worlds. I am usually against the use of CGI but happily, it doesn't interfere with how the series looks and adds to it. The pilot episode from 1964, "The Cage," isn't terrible by any means but it is a rather talky,overlong and dull bit of television. The only links between that episode and the regular series, are Leonard Nimoy as Spock and the Enterprise. As the first on-screen Enterprise Captain, Jeffrey Hunter makes for a rather boorish, cantankerous, aloof and decidedly unsympathetic character. His rather sexist remarks toward his own helmsman and yeoman are not greeted as harmless camaraderie. Indeed,the reaction of the former is rather telling! As a result of all this, I personally didn't really care about Captain Pike (Hunter) once his life was in danger. After all, if television viewers are to be rooting for the leading man/lady in a regular series, then that character has to come across as being fairly likable. Otherwise, the viewers won't care what happens. Jeffrey Hunter ended up as being the Enterprise Captain who never was. The pilot was deemed a disaster by the television networks - albeit an expensive one. The final budget came in at $700,000, which was a lot to spend on one episode in those days. Thank goodness that "Star Trek" was granted a second chance. The second pilot, titled "Where No Man Has Gone Before," is MUCH better. There is intrigue, action, the characters are more interesting and it's more imaginative. "Star Trek The Original Series" is one of those shows that hasn't really dated at all, as a lot of it is quite relevant in today's world. I shall never stop enjoying it.
TxMike I recently came across this old 1960s Star Trek series on Netflix streaming movies. I did what any reasonable person would do, I watched the "pilot" first, a 63-minute episode. I enjoyed it, it brought back good memories of a time long ago.But afterwards I found out a strange fact, this pilot, with a 1964 copyright, had never actually been aired. And that might also explain why it had no captain Kirk, instead it has a captain Pike played by Jeffrey Hunter. But it had other major characters, like Spock.I found out later, Jeffrey Hunter decided to drop out of possible future Star Trek work and that is why captain Pike was replaced by captain Kirk when the series actually began. Who knows, William Shatner might never have become so famous if Hunter had stuck with the series.The pilot is interesting, the crew of the Enterprise get a signal that a strange planet, with 0.9 the gravity of Earth, plus an atmosphere with oxygen and nitrogen, has signs of survivors of an old spaceship crash. So they decide to be beamed down for a rescue mission. What they find are an alien race with small, weak bodies and very large, bald heads and the ability of mind control. There had been only one survivor of that crash, a woman, and they were trying to find a male to mate with her and continue that race. Then most of that unaired pilot was incorporated into episodes 12 and 13 of the first season, with a new Captain Pike story.Over 50 years ago the special effects were nothing like what has been developed since then, and the sets looked like sets built on a sound stage, and not very authentic. But none of that matters, it was a groundbreaking TV series at a time when the viewing audience were hungry for space-exploration stories. I now need to watch a few of the regular episodes that were actually aired and with captain Kirk.