Secrets at the Hotel


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EP1 Episode 1 Jan 25, 2016

6.7| 0h30m| en

The story of Secrets at the Hotel begins in 1908. Julio Olmedo and Isabel Alarcón travel on the same train to the Gran Hotel, property of the Alarcón family. Both of them ignore that their lives will take a new twist in that place, produced by love, treason, and the secrets hidden there.


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ChikPapa Very disappointed :(
Platicsco Good story, Not enough for a whole film
Catangro After playing with our expectations, this turns out to be a very different sort of film.
Caryl It is a whirlwind of delight --- attractive actors, stunning couture, spectacular sets and outrageous parties. It's a feast for the eyes. But what really makes this dramedy work is the acting.
ivanalexander I disagree with the previous review that this novela need more gore and romance. Im honestly tired of the romance in the telenovelas. It's so overdone it becomes cheesy and corny, so much that I end up pushing the mute button. This novela doesn't have much of that and I'm glad. The aesthetics are beautiful. Beautiful actors and the decorations. I absolutely love Diana Bracho and Daniela Romo. They are divine! Bracho has been one of my favorite villains for decades and Romo, I love her music. I grew up listening to her songs on the radio on my way to school in Mexico. I really do recommend this novela. I know its not an original but Im glad Latin America paints stories that are not centered in ideal romances. It paints a picture of how the caste systems were so strict back in the day in colonial Mexico and how people couldn't help and mix themselves in. The history of Mexico is so rich and this novela gives us a glimpse of imagination to how things must have been in those times. I think that makes it worthwhile to watch.
Carol Gavi This remake was to be a period piece where two people from different classes "Julio" and "Isabel" fall in love. The two actors who portrayed these roles tried to adhere to the original roles and did a good job. On the other hand, the alterations done to adhere to today's audience lacked taste, originality and respect to not only the Latin audience but the Mexican people(whom should be very upset as to the way the writers not only perceive them but want them to perceive themselves). Burdel,prostitutes,child abuse,and the wealthy affluent characters were portrayed without class, hysterical & strifeful. For example"Sofia was a murderer in the original but at all times a lady with good manners knowing her class position; yet in this remake,she is a schizophrenic without control. Then you have Ayala,who was a gentlemen and at his age attractive(LOL) but in the remake an old detective without any manners and any physical attraction whatsoever & ends up with a young high society lady doctor, really??? in this period, impossible to believe unless he was rich. What was the message behind this remake, all the lower class so-called ignorants inherit & get everything & are elated while the rich lose everything.Hmmm! Something to think about.The poor were the good guys and the rich were the wicked.Even the burdel got bigger & successful. LOL and they all lived happily ever after.LOL LOL LOL
jtaveras64 The production is implacable and stunning. Beautiful locations and cinematography make this worth the watch. It is visually and atmospheritcaly nearly perfect. Unfortunately,... a story needs more than that. The story has a good mystery and a great plot, and I love that Daniela Romo who is amazing is in it, its also good to see an expensive period piece done by a Latin TV production company. But in order for this show to achieve the true perfection it seems to aim for it had to take a different direction. Its too over acted, border lining on melodramatic and corny (yes i get it its a telenovela its supposes to be that way ) but at times its so dramatic it looks like a comedy lol. The scenes don't look genuine or organic, they don't flow as if the viewer is watching something that could be real, every shot reminds you that is a filmed work of art and that's the main problem. It needs to be more raw, more believable, and while this is aimed for the entire family i guess, a dark mystery like this should not be holding back on violence, blood, sex and passion .. and it lacks all of that. So the scenes that want to play that out don't do so well. The romance is decent, and the variety of characters is great too... but in the end this looks like a story that could have been perfect and isn't because its main focus is on aesthetic value. When watching this i have one though in mind.. what if this had been done by TELEMUNDO? and it reminds me why they are a superior network with better stories told with more authenticity, rawness and realness. That does not mean promote ugliness and violence, but it does mean portray things as they are, if we are to believe what we are watching the story ought to break out of the plastic pastel image it has. Basically, El Hotel De Los Secretos is selling something I'm not fully convinced i want to buy. For this alone i suppose the story fails, not to mention its a replica of a Spaniard show, but its only the beginning and it might achieve greatness.All in all this story is addictive and captivating and i need to know how it ends! So it has my attention ... for now. So far, Final Grade:B+