Sabrina's Secret Life

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Sabrina's Secret Life is an American animated television series based on the Archie Comics character Sabrina, the Teenage Witch produced by DIC Entertainment and Les Studios Tex. It originally aired in syndication in 2003 as a sequel series to Sabrina: The Animated Series. The plots for each episode feature educational elements to meet the FCC's federal E/I requirements. In the series, Sabrina is a fourteen-year-old teenager attending Greendale High School. Chloe has moved away, and Gem Stone attends a private school far away from Greendale. Sabrina's new best friend is a girl named Maritza; additionally, Sabrina still has a crush on her friend Harvey. The show also aired on CBS as part of KOL Secret Slumber Party on CBS, from September 16, 2006 - September 8, 2007, then as part of KEWLopolis, from September 15, 2007, and sees through September 12, 2009. The show was returned to new block called Cookie Jar TV, from September 18, 2010 - January 29, 2011, when it was replaced by Trollz and Horseland. However, all DIC references in these broadcasts have been replaced by Cookie Jar references.


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Mjeteconer Just perfect...
GrimPrecise I'll tell you why so serious
Pacionsbo Absolutely Fantastic
Kinley This movie feels like it was made purely to piss off people who want good shows
TheLittleSongbird The original 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch' is still a witty, charming and magical show. Its animated prequel show 'Sabrina: The Animated Series' is very much inferior but for a show that gets a lot of dislike to me it wasn't that bad while with room for it to be much better.Continuing on from 'Sabrina: The Animated Series', this time set a year later with Sabrina now a fully fledged witch leading a secret double life, 'Sabrina's Secret Life' has the higher rating but to me for all its faults the less obscure (even though more hated) 'Sabrina: The Animated Series' was the stronger show. Don't get me wrong, 'Sabrina's Secret Life' is watchable and you can find a million times worse shows, and we are including ones that have lasted much longer and are still going inexplicably, but can kind of understand why it didn't last long (only 27 episodes).'Sabrina's Secret Life' has good things. The animation is bright and colourful with nicely detailed backgrounds, and the drawing is smoother and somewhat more refined than 'Sabrina: The Animated Series'. The music is dynamic rather than discordant and while not unforgettable it's likable enough.A few of the characters are well done. Sabrina is a flawed but easy to endear to titular character that serves as a healthy and positive role model for the primary target audience. Cassandra is vastly improved over Gem, the same kind of character with the same snobbishness and arrogance but these are nowhere near as overdone as before and she is not a brat and actually more interesting and antagonistic. The contentious relationship between Sabrina and Cassandra is the best realised of the character relationships, providing some believable conflicts without losing either character's appeal. Maritza is a decent replacement for Chloe.Really liked the morals, issues and life lessons. Are they original? No. Regardless, they are universal, important relevant and it's hard for anybody not to identify with and they are dealt with in a way that's tactful and fun, not in a way that's unsubtle, sugar-coated or grating. Like 'Sabrina: The Animated Series', 'Sabrina's Secret Life' is a positive show on the whole, really trying to teach good values (which it does well), have stereotypes but mostly positive ones (also achieved with some characters) and not be mean-spirited (successful here).It is let down once again by the lack of originality and feeling a bit bland. The stories have very little new to them, they have too much of a rehashed feel and are too basic and safe. The writing was in need of more wit and more consistent humour, some effective funny moments were there but there weren't anywhere enough of them.Primarily because the characters that provide the humour were underwhelming in how they were written. Aunts Hilda and Zelda aren't as funny or as cool, they are a bit bland in personality and don't have enough to do. More disappointing was Salem, he is my favourite 'Sabrina' character and seemed stripped of what made him so good as a character, he doesn't have as much funny and he isn't anywhere near as interesting or as wonderfully sarcastic.Harvey is not just as wet as a drip here but he also manages to be even more of an idiot than in 'Sabrina: The Animated Series'. Didn't give a toss for the more romantic angles, which were neither cute, romantic or charming, instead being bland and sappy. The voice acting is vastly inferior, the voice actors don't sound as enthusiastic and then there is a little over-compensating in others. Salem was one of the more disappointing examples.To conclude, could have been much better but not a complete waste. 5/10 Bethany Cox
Ginger87 "Sabrina's Secret Life" is a good continuation of "Sabrina, the Animated Series". In this series Sabrina is in high school and is dealing with more mature problems. Salem is still hysterical as usual and Aunt Hilda and Zelda are still there helping Sabrina. A new witch rival named Cassandra now attends Sabrina's school.I haven't seen every episode but from the ones I saw my favorite was "I'm a Slave for Who?". That episode was really funny and was about Harvey, who is cute for a cartoon character. I also like the episode "Midsummer's Nightmare". That is a clever title.Overall this show is cute and if you're a fan of the other two Sabrina series you should watch this one. I give this show 9/10 stars.
tracey_bunnyp Sabrina's Secret Life is okay, I really like the music, but it doesn't make any sense. First, when you're in high school, it's either you're sixteen, or twelve, in my country. But anyway, this series, it doesn't pick up from the movie. Where's Nicole? And how about the characters' looks? Salem's eyes are black, not yellow, and Sabrina's not wearing that clip in her right part of her hair. And lastly, Cassandra, she looks exactly like Portia, only with a different wardrobe. Oh, let's not forget Hilda and Zelda. I like them too, especially with their new hairdos and wardrobes. At least, now they're in charge of the house. But as for the story, it's really great, if you ask me, it's the character looks that makes the series much of a drag. And Sabrina still has a crush on Harvey, a small romantic feature of the series!
CaitlinOne In a decade where most cartoons feature filth,toilet humor,or overdone "japanese" style animation,we get this little gem from the guys at DIC.They are responsible for many of the past and some current cartoons.Some you may know such as Inspector Gadget,Beverly Hills Teens,MASK,and the recent Archie's Weird Mysteries.Now this show picks up a little bit after the "Sabrina's Animated Series" left off.The kids are older now and the new rival is a witch named Cassandra.They're generally out to foil each other,but they pretty much always have to work things out together in the end.And by doing so,prove that morals still exist amid a lot of the other filthy unmoralistic cartoons.This (along with the cartoon Braceface) is definitely highly recommended for kids.Great show by the team at DIC.