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EP10 The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show Feb 17, 2015

8.6| 0h30m| TV-14| en

Hilarious ensemble comedy that follows Leslie Knope, a mid-level bureaucrat in the Parks and Recreation Department of Pawnee, Indiana, and her tireless efforts to make her quintessentially American town just a little bit more fun.


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NekoHomey Purely Joyful Movie!
FuzzyTagz If the ambition is to provide two hours of instantly forgettable, popcorn-munching escapism, it succeeds.
Tobias Burrows It's easily one of the freshest, sharpest and most enjoyable films of this year.
Deanna There are moments in this movie where the great movie it could've been peek out... They're fleeting, here, but they're worth savoring, and they happen often enough to make it worth your while.
Joey Parks and Recreation is a TV show about a group of people at a job trying to get work done.There is nothing wrong about this show. The actors awesome sauce! This is Chris Pratt's most memorable role. Nick Offerman provides a funny character. Amy Poehler is a great character. Jed Lowrie is funny that he is soooooo caring. The time put into it to make it seem like it is real life is outstanding.Parks and Recreation is one of my favorite TV shows. It is one of the best of all time too.
sdsande I just completed watching the series finale and I cried. This show made me feel good during bad times, it made me laugh even when I was low and forget my problems. It's the best show to just make you feel good and happy. Almost every character is very likeable (except in my opinion, April Ludgate. The humour is quite delightful. Not slapstick and over done. The story line is strong and stays unpredictable and interesting till the end. Unlike many other shows it didn't deteriorate as the seasons progressed but in fact got better. Every character was given importance and even the ones you may find annoying initially, turn out to be quite lovable. As I mentioned earlier the only imperfection and source of irritation to me on this show was the character April Ludgate. In real life rude, self centred, hateful weirdos with a grotesque sense of humour would be completely side lined and dislikes by everyone, not loved and portrayed as ''cool '' and ''brilliant '' . That's my only gripe. Leslie Knope is forceful, crazy and hyperactive but more than makes up for it by being a lovely person. Ben is sweet and adorable, as is Andie. Tom grows on you. But Ron really steals the show. I laughed, I cried and I loved. This was a beautiful, funny and sensible show with many important issues dealt with in a humorous way. I am sad to not have any more parks and recreation to watch. Guess I should watch the office again! Please and thank you
GilbertoDePiento First few seasons had decent original comedy, but then the show just got hateful and sexual. Not worth watching.
JaikrishnaVS I was probably very late to the party when I had started watching Parks and Recreation . A failed attempt at 'The Office' and 'Arrested Development' meant that I had almost lost faith on there being another binge-worthy sitcom among the modern day contenders. It was without much of an expectation that I started watching Parks and Rec and the low expectations probably went a long way in me ending up liking the series.Parks and Rec is centered around the very ambitious Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) who is a Deputy Director at The Parks and Recreation in a small town, Pawnee, Indiana and her colleagues. The series stars at a very slow pace with the introduction to characters taking its own sweet time. Leslie, is a hard-working, passionate, self-driven lady who wants to help everyone around her. Nick Offerman plays the government hating, privacy loving, steak loving, 'hard-working' head of the Parks and Rec department , Ron Swanson who also happens to be the boss off Leslie. He carries his contempt for human company and modernism throughout the series and that makes him a special character. Aubrey Plaza plays April Ludgate who is a socially awkward, brilliant, yet lazy intern and Chris Pratt (the reason I started watching the series in the first place) plays Andy Dwyer the lovable, dumb, fun loving wannabe rockstar of the 'Mouserat' band - some of the scenes involving him made me literally fall on the floor laughing. Aziz Ansari plays the tech-savvy, 'stylish' and hip Tom Haverford who feels and knows he is meant for big things but would never work for it. The epitome of coolness Donna Meagle played by Retta and Jerry Gergich (Jim O'Heir) the simpleton and the guy on whom the rest of his office picks on all the time for very little fault of his forms the rest of the Parks and Rec department. The wonderful and beautiful Rashida Jones who plays Ann Perkins the best friend of Leslie and probably the lynchpin surrounding whom the whole series waltz around forms a wonderful partnership with Amy her troops. Adam Scott and Rob Lowe comes in at a later stage to add more fun to the whole series.There is this massive list of guest super-stars including Paul Rudd, JK Simmons, Sam Elliot, Senator John McCain, Heidi Klum, John Ham, Michelle Obama, Ginuwine, Andy Samberg, Chris Bosh, Kristen Bell and my favorite Joe Biden, if the previous para did not intrigue you enough. It's on the cuteness and fun scale that the show scores over many of its challengers. When 'The Office' borderlines awkward, Parks and Rec scores due to its genuineness. Its all about how Leslie is hell bent on bringing happiness for the people in her life, even if it means that at times she takes the decisions for them or she quashes their decisions for them. Every character is a sea apart for one another in the way they view life and go about with their life but then they all gel so well together as one cohesive unit that makes the Parks and Rec a jamboree of happiness and fun. There are some filler episodes in between that can be expected even in the best of the sit-coms (except Friends of course!) but I thoroughly enjoyed binge watching the fun team of Parks and Recreation and would definitely recommend it to everyone (especially since its now available in Netflix) who wants to just sit back and relax after a tough day at work.