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Duncan MacLeod cannot die -- he is a 400-year-old immortal, who has seen his share of humanity's history. Still, he risks his life in battle against other immortals and tries to save people from harm.


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Precisett This movie is magnificent!
WasAnnon Slow pace in the most part of the movie.
FeistyUpper If you don't like this, we can't be friends.
Glucedee It's hard to see any effort in the film. There's no comedy to speak of, no real drama and, worst of all.
bignastybastard I was always a fan of the Highlander films with Christopher Lambert and knew from the start I would feel the same about the series. I really liked how they expanded on the imortals and brought in the watchers, and different villains like the rogue watchers who saw imortals as an abomination to humanity and wanted to kill them.What annoyed me about the series is every episode seems the same, Mac reminisces about his past, meets an immortal from his past, they do battle, Mac wins and has learned a valuable lesson in life and has closure from an event in his past.Every episode seems to be about an Immortal which annoys me because if Imortals exist then surely this should open it up for all kinds of possibilities. I think the writers could have really expanded on the Highlander franchise if we saw other kinds of things in it, such as maybe Warlocks, witches and other kinds of supernatural elements.That been said I did like the Highlander series, Adrian Paul was great as Duncan MacLeod. There were some fantastic sword fighting scenes and some great stories based around past historical events. I like how we got some new characters too such as Amanda, Methos, Richie, and Joe A great series that would have been better if the writers were able to think outside the box.
wheelsstarr I'll admit the first season wasn't all that great, but it got better. And personally, I wasn't aware the movies were good. The first was alright, but they got worse after that. Christopher Lambert isn't a very good actor either, but he did alright in the first movie, but then did horribly in the premiere to the series. Adrian Paul might have worn bad clothes (especially in the first season) and the ponytail was ridiculous, but in my opinion, his performance as Duncan Macleod seemed genuine and well done. A lot of the actors who played other immortals, at least in the first, and the actress who played Tessa weren't so good. But as I said, things got much better starting with the second season.
manicmyk Season Four of Highlander is a great place for new viewers to start on this incredible series. The Characters are defined and the cast and crew are comfortable with each other in the concept they have created. Duncan MaCleod has gone through hell in the previous three seasons losing almost everything several times to both immortal and human villains. Unfortunately, for Duncan, the one enemy he hasn't faced yet is himself and the one thing he hasn't almost lost or given up is his mind. It is hard for a genre series to pull off the good guy gone bad concept but, highlander does it beautifully and the episodes are so well contained with in the one hour time frame in this season that new viewers wont be completely lost.
Morson ..would have to be the series. Most definitely eliminate the movies past the first one, as it's been said; they are really awful.This series was great, espessialy if you like the premise of massive sword fights and stories that span quite a few eras of time, as well as the occasional dark overtones of things not working out as you would suspect they should; the heros are never really safe, with the excetpion of the main star.OK, now the complaints, and there are many. While the background and concept are pretty facinating, as are some of the enemies at times, there's a number of details you should note before you wonder on the good stuff:A) The first season, first episode excluded (Who can resist the guy infamous for Night Court's Bull doing a Kurgan impression?), is very black and white, and very overly action oriented. You have the annoying kid, a love interest that can't act, a main character that not only can't act (I disagree he's a better actor than Lambert, though IMO they're both 2nd rate!), but is effectively potrayed as such an uber-badass he should be known as the Rambolander. Nearing the end of the first season, however, things really start to take route and stay there until aproximately the 5th, when they definitely run out of ideas and things go straight downhill.B) As mentinoed above, the main character can't act. The inital love interest can't act. I'm not talking "We're bad actors" but occasional "Oh my God, I'm cringing" bad. The support actors are usually of much higher caliber than the main actors however, and often supply really good, solid opponents-of-the-week (tm) - they often are the most interesting thing in an episode.C) Notably, the "kid" can't act, either, but I don't blame him too much; his role is incredibly stupid. However, once an event happens at the end of the first season, he turns into an angry badass, and is suddenly a cool character; he's no longer even a real good guy anymore, but a grey-type, that's overall thought as good but with a serious bad attitude on the side. He leaves the series right about the downfall, at this point.D) Last but not least, it seems every episode in the first season must introduce another cringe-inducing "Random person says something about living forever while the Immortal they're talking to knowingly looks on, the only one in on the joke" scene. The first season you feel like your watching something like Renegade, with swords. Trust me, it gets better.E) A non-negative point I must end on is Methos. Probably the most interesting character, and cool actor, in the series. 5,000 years old but not at all acting like you'd expect (Somehow I'd pictured them either pulling a 'great wisdom' thing or a 'Yoda wannabe'), Methos honestly could have supported what would have been a superior spin-off, though he's not technically a highlander (well, by any stretch of the word.) The fact he was no do-gooder, usually only doing good to either help himself or just tagging along with friends, made him cool in and of itsself. Unfortunatly, they gave the spin-off (VERY short lived) to 'Raven.' Leading to my FINAL point..F) Raven. She's the trying-too-hard-to-be-cute thief. She's completely retarded, and did not deserve a spin-off! Brief summery: She cheats in duals. She can't swordfight. She lost fights constantly in the series. She needs to be saved every five minutes. She always has a stupid idea that pans to be wrong. Did I mention she's also extremely annoying?