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Sophia is a rebellious, broke anarchist who refuses to grow up. She stumbles upon her passion of selling vintage clothes online and becomes an unlikely businesswoman. As she builds her retail fashion empire, she realizes the value and the difficulty of being the boss of her own life.


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Also starring Ellie Reed


InformationRap This is one of the few movies I've ever seen where the whole audience broke into spontaneous, loud applause a third of the way in.
Arianna Moses Let me be very fair here, this is not the best movie in my opinion. But, this movie is fun, it has purpose and is very enjoyable to watch.
Jonah Abbott There's no way I can possibly love it entirely but I just think its ridiculously bad, but enjoyable at the same time.
Fatma Suarez The movie's neither hopeful in contrived ways, nor hopeless in different contrived ways. Somehow it manages to be wonderful
royalvex My philosophy is if a show that makes you really laugh and cry, then its a great show. The acting by the actress playing Sophie is done so well that its a binge-worthy show. Just chill on your couch and watch for a good laugh. It is a typical show but that's what makes it a fun to watch just to relax. If you like shows where there is a strong female protagonist that grows as the show progresses, then this show is for you. Someone in the other reviews said Sophia is not a real girl. Well she must be real if there's a Sophia who found nasty gal and she had a show based off of her. Please...ppl....hahaa. Anyways ENJOY the show!
nathaliegershwin Sorry, I've tried several times to watch this show but I can't.I think I'm too old for this kind of stuff. I feel like the lady on the bench.I really try to understand what could be interesting in this kind of material but all I see is emptiness.And it's not even funny.Once again, I think it's a problem of generation because young people seem to enjoy this show very much.I only hope they enjoy other TV shows like the Handmaid's tale - true masterpiece.
margaretray-94583 Admittedly, my expectations for this show were on the lower end of the scale. I came across the title during an attempt to ease a severe case of boredom and decided to 'give it a go'. And I was honestly pleasantly surprised by the fact that I actually enjoyed it. Let's start with our Protagonist, Sophia (Britt Robertson). I was definitely not a fan of Sophia at the beginning of the series. From the get-go, we're made aware that her character is childish and a narcissist. However, as the series progressed, I found myself admiring her character and at some points found her attitude charming. Although far- fetched in some instances, Sophia's day-to-day struggles are all too real. I found myself appreciating her stance as a strong young woman fighting to be taken seriously in a world ruled by men in charge. There are moments, however, when this tough exterior is cracked and we get a glimpse of Sophia's undertones and the vulnerabilities caused my life lessons that have shaped her person.Annie is the 'goofy' best friend who brings about the kind of funny, light-hearted humour that wonderfully compliments our irritable central protagonist. Sophia and Annie are like Yin and Yang or Patrick and SpongeBob, if you will. They're completely different people, but together they balance one another out perfectly. Their friendship adds another layer to the show that is interesting to watch, and grants a relationship to "root for" aside from the one between Sophia and her romantic interest, Shane.This series is all for Girl Power and as a young woman, I did find Sophia's story inspirational and hopeful. Her character grows from the angst ridden, self-absorbed young girl in the first episode, to the less angry, less self-absorbed, independent young woman seen at the end of the season. Overall, I think Girl Boss is a fun series that is incredibly easy to watch and I'm actually wondering when the next season will be available.
picklesandcarlos I watched this show all within a day and enjoyed it.In reading reviews I saw some critics described it as 'fraud feminism' because the main character was selfish. I disagree with this as I see the Grilboss as showing how a female created a business out of nothing, I see a strong, determined female character. I don't understand how a flawed character (who yes, was irrational and childish at many times) taints the feminist message? Feminism is inclusive of all women? Not only the perfect, altruistic characters. Frankly there is no perfect female. Personally I disagree with this 'fraud feminism'.Sad to see the show is cancelled. Definitely would have continued to watch it, and will recommend it to my friends.