Seasons & Episodes

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EP2 Day of Judgment Jan 18, 2021

EP3 Angel of Murder Jan 24, 2021

EP4 Inheritor of Courage Feb 01, 2021

EP5 Red-Hot Daydream! Feb 08, 2021

EP6 EX-ARM Auction Feb 15, 2021

EP7 Banquet of Fire Feb 22, 2021

EP8 Episode 8 Mar 01, 2021

EP9 Episode 9 Mar 08, 2021

EP10 Episode 10 Mar 15, 2021

EP11 Episode 11 Mar 22, 2021

5.5| 0h30m| TV-14| en

2014: Akira Natsume seems to almost have a phobia of electrical devices while also being very good at diagnosing them. He resolves to change himself for the better and get a girlfriend like his older brother did. ...But then Akira suddenly dies in an accident. 16 years later a special policewoman and her android partner retrieve and activate a highly advanced AI and superweapon called EX-ARM and put it into full control of their ship as a last resort. Turns out the AI is actually just Akira's brain!


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TrueJoshNight Truly Dreadful Film
Micitype Pretty Good
Ploydsge just watch it!
Glucedee It's hard to see any effort in the film. There's no comedy to speak of, no real drama and, worst of all.