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Dr. Michaela Quinn journeys to Colorado Springs to be the town's physician after her father's death in 1868.


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Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS)


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SoTrumpBelieve Must See Movie...
Sexyloutak Absolutely the worst movie.
AutCuddly Great movie! If you want to be entertained and have a few good laughs, see this movie. The music is also very good,
Invaderbank The film creates a perfect balance between action and depth of basic needs, in the midst of an infertile atmosphere.
tabipha I watched this show the first time around when it was on a major television network and I do NOT recall it being SO poorly acted!! The actor who plays Preston is the absolute worst in terms of actually being able to act, and I don't understand why they didn't get a better actor. Admittedly, the majority of people on the show were NOT great actors, but at least most of them were tolerable to watch, but I cringed every time Preston was in a scene. I'm part way thru Season 5 now and the show is getting harder to keep watching because the acting seems to be getting progressively worse!! And A lot of the cases that Dr. Quinn treated should have died given her primitive surroundings and equipment. And things like when Matthew got shot during the bank robbery and then he went after them hours later, was SO NOT reality since there would have been NO way he could have even saddled his horse and then riding out to find and then fight the bad guys would have torn his wound open and he should have bled to death!! Yes, I know it is just a TV show, but there were SO many unrealistic things when this was supposed to be a show based in historical facts!!!!!!! I also can't even count the times that Sully did things where he was "undetected" by the soldiers when there is NO WAY that he wouldn't have been seen or caught doing things the way he did!! The only episode that involved a patient that I think was an ACTUAL reality as to what would have really happened was when the baby died from the rancid milk from the poorly designed bottle tho now that I think about it, I doubt that the baby would have died that fast and he should have been vomiting a lot, not just diarrhea. BUT the whole way the "court" treated that and not investigating when the mother admitted to giving the baby milk AFTER Dr. Quinn told her not to, and not testing things before trying to revoke her license, and her accepting the dad's half-ass apology when he almost ruined her life was just ridiculous!! There is so much crap on TV now and this show doesn't have swearing, sex, dirty jokes, violence, gore, shock value, scandals, huge action sequences, etc that SO many shows rely for on for ratings these days but it could have been done SO much better, and I honestly just put it on now to fall asleep to because I know there won't be loud explosions or lots of loud things going on that will wake me up, and its boring and slow enough that you don't miss much when u fall asleep halfway thru. They should do a reboot with some good actors and more accurate outcomes for the medical cases, and put more reality into what would actually happen after the surgeries and natural disasters instead of acting like she was some kind of miracle worker in the late 1800's where she could ALWAYS bring back people on the brink of death to full recovery with NO lingering issues. This show was made in the 90's so it SHOULD have been SO much better WITHOUT the cheesiness it has that you would find in shows that came out in the 60's and 70's!! It definitely got worse the longer it was on and the more poor actors they added to the main cast. They must have been desperate for actors too using the one Indian actor for numerous roles and bringing back the actor for Andrew just a few episodes after he was the con man and ripped everyone off with his refrigerator scam!!
oprlvr33 Where do I begin with this incredible show. Bravo to to CBS and Beth Sullivan for realizing America was more than ready for another hit Western series, long after GUNSMOKE ended. What genius ability went into this production. In fact, that's an understatement. From its fascinating 3-hr premiere; not only were modern viewers captivated by a new television western, but that it starred mini-series queen herself, Jane Seymour, in the title role.Though most of the pilot characters were recast; kicking off the first season; it was all in good standing. The best replacement was Henry Sanders (ROBERT E). He brought so much more fire and personality to that role. And the introduction of 'Grace', whom he would later marry, was most endearing. Then, Sullivan needed a much younger, attractive 'Jake'; understood. How quaint, her own spouse, actor Jim Knobeloch, deemed perfect! 'Sully' would become Joe Lando's signature role. No actor could have replaced him. He will always be regarded as Byron Sully. William Shockley was unforgettable as 'Hank'. How could you honestly hate the guy? Yes he could be seriously temperamental at times, but he was always honest, and those gorgeous baby blues; he sure gave Sully a run for the ladies! This show brought the frontier life to a whole new perspective. It was kept real. Here you had a Bostonian raised, refined woman physician; trained under the masterful eye of her own physician father, endearing chance by taking a huge risk to move far away from home, to a wilderness she knew nothing about. Naturally upon her arrival, townsfolk would not take to her so keenly. A woman doctor was historically and realistically unheard of, in 1850. Obviously, a few colleges provided medical training to female physician's. However, like our 19th and 21st Amendments; they also were not taken seriously; still treated abhorrently as 'Assistant's, rather than certified doctors.And the Native American's. Their story was vividly portrayed, not just in the Washita incident, but also during the many trials with the Federal and Union Armys. This wasn't a typical shoot-em-up-cowboys-and-indians drama. It was history - brought to life. That is also what captivated audiences. Jessica Bowman taking over 'Colleen': Yes fans were disappointed. However, I felt Bowman brought a newer, fresh approach to the role, and adapted quite well. She eventually came through and made it her own. Besides, I seriously doubt any actual screen chemistry between (Ericka) Flores and the future 'Andrew'(Brandon) Douglass. Larry Sellers.....was legendary as 'Cloud Dancing'. What more can one say? I know I totally fell in love with him! Ingenious idea; matching him with 'Dorothy', during S5. Their screen chemistry was undeniable. I grew even more captivated witnessing the love blossom between them.And lest not forget, the addition of Daniel Simon; Legendary hunk - former 'Duke boy', John Schneider. Had producers decided Sully get killed off, Daniel would have been the only suitable mate choice for Mike.Shame to CBS for prematurely canceling it. There were several areas of blame; none of which were true. And most sadly, there has never been another series quite like this, today. The writers were exceptional, the directors brought scenes to life, and Sullivan made us fall in love with ALL her characters.Hats off to you, Ms. Sullivan, for the finest of the American frontier.
Shiryu05 Dr. Quinn is one of those shows where you can enjoy yourself regardless of age. The show teaches values that are important regardless of your race, religion or gender ^_* My favorite characters are Sully and Hank. Sully for always standing up for what's right and Hank, well because Hank is a scarred soul where glimpses of goodness can be found if you look hard enough - i do hate the fact that Hank is horrible to his animals and on more than one occasion has abused his horse...not forgetting he makes me laugh because he's so damn cheeky.I would have to say the person I like the least, guest characters included would be Dorothy who just seems insincere to me. Dorothy is always quick to jump on the rumour wagon despite the fact that she's supposed to hunt for the truth and cast aside personal prejudices; and when she has to finally accept the truth, her apologies (or whatever) seem to stick in my throat - i would have kept Loren's sister Olive on the show instead of bringing someone like Dorothy in, who for the most part is insignificant in the larger scheme of things. I thought changing Colleen was a bad choice. Erika Flores' Colleen 'fit' the Cooper family, Jessica Bowman is a cute kid but i thought she didn't suit the part at all. Christianity plays a large part in this show but if we're looking at a western in that particular time in history, it fits.A really enjoyable show, hopefully the viewers who saw this on TV ages ago will relive good memories and the new viewers will see the huge difference between quality back then and how most of it is now
edwagreen Outstanding television show where young Dr. Quinn gets her medical degree and gives up a life of luxury in New England and ventures forth to the wild west.The scenery and the stories were absolutely captivating.As the wonderful doctor, Jane Seymour etched an unforgettable character. Soon taking on a family when their mother is killed in an Indian attack, Dr. Quinn shows that she is a lovable person as well as a humanitarian.As Sully, the Indian guide, Joe Lando was terrific in this part. At first brooding because of the death of Abigail, his wife, he learns to love the good doctor and they soon wed as he takes on the responsibility of a family.With a terrific supporting cast led by Orson Bean and others, the show had different weekly stories. One was better than the other.A show depicting warm family values. Our current presidential candidates could easily learn from this show.