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EP34 Chicken Scratch Nov 04, 2003

EP34 Chicken Scratch Nov 04, 2003

7.9| 0h30m| TV-G| en

Dexter's Laboratory is an American comic science fiction animated children's television series created by Genndy Tartakovsky for Cartoon Network. The series follows Dexter, a boy-genius with a secret laboratory filled with his collection of inventions. He constantly battles his sister Dee Dee, who always gains access despite his best efforts to keep her out, as well as his arch-rival and neighbor, Mandark. The series' first two seasons contain additional segments: Dial M for Monkey, which focuses on Dexter's pet lab monkey-turned-superhero, and The Justice Friends, about a trio of superheroes who share an apartment. Tartakovsky first pitched the series to Hanna-Barbera's animated shorts showcase World Premiere Toons, basing it on student films he produced while attending the California Institute of the Arts. Four shorts were created and broadcast on Cartoon Network in 1995 and 1996 before viewer approval ratings convinced the network to order a 13-episode first season, which premiered on April 28, 1996. By 1999, 52 episodes and a television movie had been produced, and Tartakovsky then left the series to begin work on his other projects, Samurai Jack and Star Wars: Clone Wars. In 2001, the network revived the series under a different production team at Cartoon Network Studios, and after 26 more episodes, the series ended on November 20, 2003.


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Cathardincu Surprisingly incoherent and boring
Curapedi I cannot think of one single thing that I would change about this film. The acting is incomparable, the directing deft, and the writing poignantly brilliant.
Aneesa Wardle The story, direction, characters, and writing/dialogue is akin to taking a tranquilizer shot to the neck, but everything else was so well done.
Mandeep Tyson The acting in this movie is really good.
jasenjarvesze Why did Cartoon Network cancel this and replaced it with Johnny crappy Test? This show was awesome, and when this first came out, as a kid, this show kept me entertained for hours. It defined the word "Cartoon" and it is one of the best shows I've watched. This show is GOLD and there is nothing wrong with it in any way. It actually is a show and it's not the underrated crap Johnny Test has to offer. It has a great story line and it has an actual main plot. I hope Cartoon Network reincarnates this show, because Johnny Test is bombing. This show is one great show, and it lives on at Boomerang now, which is good that the show actually still plays.
tday When I first tuned in to watch Dexter's Laboratory many years ago, I was expecting the typical, low-rate cartoon that was rampant during the 1990s. Quite the contrary; the show was far more reminiscent of the early days of Hanna Barbera, and at the level of Ren & Stimpy, a top-rated cartoon series at that time. Needless to say, I was very pleasantly surprised.The show's format is the old Hanna Barbera "3 cartoons per half hour" format; two episodes of the show's main characters sandwiched around a shorter episode of a different character, which changes from show to show. This was also the Rocky & Bullwinkle and Bugs Bunny Show format. I suppose it was a natural one back in the 1950s, as cartoons were frequently 6-8 minutes long and easily fit into a 30 minute time slot (leaving plenty of time for commercials).The first episode I saw was "Jurassic Pooch" and I laughed out loud at several points. It's quite clever in a old-fashioned cartoon way, but it's also contemporary, so there is something there for kids of all ages. Simply put, it's downright funny, well-written and can appeal to everyone ... a simple theme with a lot of creative and well-timed slapstick humor.The story centers around never-ending sibling rivalry between an older sister whose goal in life is to annoy her kid brother, Dexter ... a super genius who has an amazing laboratory in the basement of their parents' home filled with the most fantastical things he created and built. His older sister, DeeDee, is just a normal kid, and while he masterminds incredible inventions and conducts intricate experiments (sometimes to do away with DeeDee, or at least, foil her plans or stop her from annoying him), he winds up, more often than not, being outwitted by his average-brained sister.The Russian accent was a little off-putting in the beginning, mostly because you don't understand why he has one, but you get used to it. I rationalized it might be a throwback to Boris Badinoff, but I found out later on that Genndy Tartakovsky, who is the creator, was born in Russia, and it is based on his experiences as a child with his older brother. When you know this, it's surely understandable. He must have been a huge fan of mid-20th century cartoons because he has many obvious and purposeful visual references to them in almost every show.Note: Don't miss "Topped Off," about the two siblings' first experience with drinking coffee ... it's the "laugh so hard you cry" kind of funny. (I know the Seth McFarland character, Stewie, from Family Guy, is based on Dexter ... he's a genius child with equipment like a time machine, and is the only one in his family who has a British accent.)I would've given it a 9, but the show waned in the later years ... so goes the life expectancy of the average TV series of any kind, but the first 2 seasons are highly recommended.
wwe7961 This one of Cartoon Network's oldest shows and it still holds up today. The characters are good, the premise is original, and the jokes are great. The show is about a boy who has a secret lab that he tries to keep secret from his parents. He does many crazy experiments, and his sister often destroys what he is working on. That is a great premise. It is very original. Voice acting from everyone is good. The best though is the voice of Dexter. The characters are also good, and just like voice acting Dexter is my favorite. This was the show that really started Cartoon Network as a channel with original shows. Without this there most likely wouldn't have been an Ed, Edd, n Eddy, Courage, or many others. Dexter's Lab is an original, funny, and well made show that is one of Cartoon Networks best.
TheLittleSongbird Dexter's Laboratory is so creative and fun, and is just a must watch for any animation fan. If I had a complaint, the older episodes are better than the newer ones; the newer ones seem to have lost the quality in terms of animation and wit that made the older episodes such a delight. That aside this is a great show, with a brilliant vocal performance in the title role by Christine Cavanaugh. The animation in general was sophisticated and colourful, I loved how the laboratory itself was animated the theme tune was outstanding, the story lines were original and the spoofs of Star Wars, Charlie's Angels, GI Joe all but to name a few are hilarious. The show certainly has a fantastic concept, and maintains that standard throughout. I know there were a few people who complained about DeeDee being annoying, fair enough, but I don't mind her that much. Seriously why have Cartoon Network stopped airing it?All in all, great show and a must watch. 10/10(despite the minor discrepancies in relation to the later episodes) Bethany Cox