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Dawson's Creek is an American teen drama that portrays the fictional lives of a close-knit group of teenagers through high school and college.


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Cortechba Overrated
Platicsco Good story, Not enough for a whole film
Frances Chung Through painfully honest and emotional moments, the movie becomes irresistibly relatable
Billy Ollie Through painfully honest and emotional moments, the movie becomes irresistibly relatable
alv790 I kind of like the concept of a teen series where the characters talk in an unrealistically sophisticated way. However, the story is too much like soap opera for me, and the characters kind of annoying, difficult to believe in. And speaking of that, the fact that the actors are supposed to play 15-year-olds when they look much older really takes away from the experience, particularly because the age is important for the plot. For example, we have one of them flirting with his teacher, which is quite creepy given the ages of the characters. However the actor looks like a college graduate, so it's difficult to feel like this is a 15 year old we are talking about.
Miss Wingfield This show is surprisingly good for what it is (a drama for teenage viewers).It is nothing special and it does go to the melodrama well a bit much but isn't as close to being a soap opera as other shows from the same time like 90210 or Melrose. The audience is less mature as it is about high school kids.The actors are all pretty good for their age. This is the show that made Katie Holmes a star although the other actors in it have not done much since, other than Michelle Williams who comes into the show later on.Joshua Jackson is a good actor who pops up in movies once in a while and is still decent. James Vanderbeek who I guess was the "star" of the show probably suffers the most as he is identified as Dawson, and has not done much since, and what he has done to be honest wasn't that great.Good adults in the cast as well. The early seasons of this show are great but it goes a bit down the tubes in later years. I also think they relied too much on the romantic triangles between the core cast members, it gets old after a few years.
kgoncalves123 I think that Dawson's Creek was an amazing show. Even though the storyline was a little exaggerated for how much the average teen goes through, it shows how teens could react to situations like these in a very sophisticated way. The series revolves around four friends and how they deal with adolescence and with all the things that come along with growing up. Dawson and Joey's relationship shows how hard it is for them to grow up because they are stuck in the past where they are comfortable. To them it's always been Dawson and Joey and growing up causes changes to that scene making adjusting difficult. I think that by tying in Dawson's perception of reality gives the show a lot more dimension. He sees the world as it is in movies so he is much more vulnerable to situations thus, more sensitive. Along with the main conflict of learning to deal with maturing and growing up many other separate dramas happen within the show. For example, throughout season's 3-6 Joey deals with having to choose between Dawson and Pacy. In between she's sees other men but always goes back to the same issue. Does she pick Dawson, her soul mate, the one who truly knows her as a person? Or does she choose Pacy, the boy who balances her out completely without any problems. In the end, she does wind up choosing Pacy. Personally, I would of rather had her pick Dawson, but honestly Pacy is a better choice because Joey and Dawson always found a way to hurt each other even though they loved each other. They will always have a special bond that could never be broken and their childhood connects them in a way that is so special. Adding the character of Jen Lindley also brings the show to life. She is the character that is troubled. She came from New York and her parents sent her away to live with her Grandmother. She had a troubled past and throughout the show she becomes such a great person. She was the one thing that made Joey realize her true feelings for Dawson in season 1. This show has many twists and turns and it's very entertaining. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. A pleasure to watch!
mayer-fan When i first came across Dawson's creek i was 16 and immediately loved the show. As a teen myself i found myself being wrapped up in the story lines as a lot of this stuff could appeal to me, which is why i think it done so great in the first place. I mean how many times has it been copied because there is such a demand for these romantic dramatic and slightly humorous shows in a teen audience respectLoved the entanglement that Joey, Dawson and Pacey always found themselves in throughout the entire show. This topped off with the countless other side stories of love made this a great show for a teen audience and now I'm 18 and i still love it even though i know how corny and cheesy the whole thing is it always has a place on my TV schedule. I cant seem to stopwatching the DVD's over and over. To me its a relic and i will always love it