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Dave's World is an American sitcom that aired on CBS from 1993 to 1997. The series is based on the writing of Miami Herald columnist Dave Barry.


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AniInterview Sorry, this movie sucks
VividSimon Simply Perfect
Moustroll Good movie but grossly overrated
Gary The movie's not perfect, but it sticks the landing of its message. It was engaging - thrilling at times - and I personally thought it was a great time.
Sebastian (sts-26) I am surprised by some of the other comments regarding Dave's World. I think the series was generally pretty good. It was an old-fashioned comedy, one with laughs and character observations, and NO social commentary or Emmy-targeted sob-story episodes.I was a fan of Dave Barry in the early 90s - and forgive me any Barry fans - but I did not think that his columns were so remarkable that the TV show was an insult to his work. Barry generally seemed to write from an urban "aw, shucks!" hapless male perspective, and Dave's World reflected this.And, apart from Seinfeld, and a few other comedies, I do not think there were all that many shows from that period that were better than Dave's World. The show did not get the recognition it deserved, primarily because it was not trendy. It did not showcase a bunch of 30-something actors playing 20-somethings, did not have a "cool" city or neighborhood as its setting (back then Florida was Golden Girls territory), and did not feature 90s lifestyle hot keys (grungy youth, coffee drinking, the IT world, emerging celebrity culture) in its plots.When I get a chance, I shall pick up the DVDs and sit down to a good, healthy, ingenuous laugh.
clemato Okay, so this is not The Dick Van Dyke Show, but it is a decent sitcom. And that's what I loved most, this was a real sitcom. No drama or social commentary in any of the Dave's World episodes. They were just funny and stupid. This is far overdue for DVD.... As for the Dave Barry comparison. Dave's an excellent writer, I have all of his books. But, that doesn't mean his story on film would be very entertaining. Harry Anderson and Patrick Warburton gave standout performances - enough so that I remember them in roles other than Night Court and Seinfeld, respectively. Harry captured Dave probably better than anyone else could. I was very disappointed when this was canceled.
Therod With some good guffaws tossed in here and there, "Dave's World" just doesn't hold a candle to real-life Barry's words of wisdom. Harry Anderson does the best with what he's got, but even that couldn't save this sinking ship.Worth a view or two, but I'd rather read Dave Barry's real columns.Grade: C
kris-124 "Dave's World" didn't have much to do with its source material, the work of Pulitzer-winning columnist Dave Barry, whose columns, unlike the series, rarely contain so much sap that people have to blow their noses with a pancake. The poker-table banter between Shel, Kenny and Dave and Patrick Warburton's occasional appearances usually provided a chuckle. Generally speaking, this show strained to stay within its family-fare pretext. Maybe this had to do with the show being broadcast on CBS, which targets an older viewer demographic. Still, it suffices for killing a spare half hour.