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7.6| 0h30m| TV-14| en

A Las Vegas team of forensic investigators are trained to solve criminal cases by scouring the crime scene, collecting irrefutable evidence and finding the missing pieces that solve the mystery.


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Moustroll Good movie but grossly overrated
Stevecorp Don't listen to the negative reviews
Hayden Kane There is, somehow, an interesting story here, as well as some good acting. There are also some good scenes
Casey Duggan It’s sentimental, ridiculously long and only occasionally funny
Mark Turner Holy smokes! It's one thing to have the complete series of a lesser known title or a show that only ran a few years on TV. But to think that the complete series of the first and original CSI is now available is mind boggling. For 15 seasons we were privy to the forensic stylings of the series that took place in Las Vegas. At times it's hard to believe it's off the air now, even more so since it still airs in reruns.For those who somehow missed it during its 15 year run the series was about the crime scene investigation unit of the Las Vegas police department. This skilled team was led by Gil Grissom (William Peterson) who took a special interest in entomology. Grissom led a team that was the best of the best, tracking down killers and criminals by applying science and technology towards the goal of building enough evidence against them and to find them as well.In talking to forensic scientists once the show was released you could learn (as I did) that a number of things they did on the show were done for that reason alone, because it was a show and not reality. But that didn't take away the thrill of learning some new way they used of discovering clues or doing things like reconstituting fingerprints that had been wiped away. There was a basis for the methods they used even if some of them haven't been applied. Yet. That potential always laid out there.The show was so popular that it stayed in the top ten for years and spawned three side series as well, CSI Miami, CSI NEW YORK and CSI CYBER. None of those lasted near as long as the original but all did well on their own (with the exception of the last which was cut short). Each had their own specific look too. Watching these episodes the original seemed to use a lot of green and red color palettes. Miami always had oranges and yellows. NEW YORK a blue tinge. Only CYBER lacked its own color scheme.What made the show work was that it covered more than just a weekly murder. Other crimes were committed as well. The CSI team always went in and scanned the crime scene looking for clues. Those clues would help when it came to booking the guilty party one most shows but they also helped in catching the crooks first.Another thing that made the show stand out was that it was one of the first shows to truly start a TV family. These characters related to one another, cared about one another, helped one another and worked side by side without having to create a new romance of the week in it. That being said one romance did develop but it wasn't the highlight of the show.This series also proved that you could carry on if you lost one of the main actors involved. Peterson left during the ninth season of the show and other actors were brought in to take over the department, including Lawrence Fishburne and Ted Danson. The same held true for various actors who chose to leave the show, replacing them with new ones capable of picking up where they left off. At the same time some of those characters were allowed to return to assist in future episodes which felt right as well.I would love to say I watched each and every episode of this new packaging of the series but let's be serious. With 93 discs and 244 hours worth of material here the odds of that happening from the time it arrived here to my writing about it wasn't likely. I did pick a few to sample and the quality of the discs is fantastic. Shows that were interrupted by bad weather are now there for me to rediscover. And to use the term binge watching to relate to sitting through this entire series is an understatement.Not only do you have the entire series on hand to enjoy there is a ton of extras as well. Plus the entire 2 hours series finale is included here, something I missed but can now enjoy just like you can. Having picked up the series each year as they were released I can tell you that this version and packaging takes up far less room on the shelf so collectors will be glad to take advantage of that. It's still a sizeable collection but not near as big as the space those 15 boxes take up.The end results is that for a decent price and in a package that fits your shelf you can now own the entire series with little effort. Lost seasons won't need replaced as they're all here. As a fan of the show I can say without a doubt that this one is worth adding to your collection.
dothancore I don't get it, how can a stupid show like this got so popular? When I say stupid, I mean the plot simply doesn't make sense, it is insult on human intelligence. For example, one of the first episodes in S1, a robbery suspect returned to the crime scene for no reason (not for money, not for drug, simply show up when the cops are around), and shot dead a young female detective when he was there (who is the only young decent looking girl on the show). Then the same robbery (now murder) suspect then made no attempt to hide, on the contrary, he happily answered the phone when another detective paged him (correct, in those days there were still pagers around), and bluntly told the detective his hotel address over the phone, of course the next thing cops swamped the hotel and the guy got arrested. I mean, WTF. In the same episode, when the detectives were having a discussion about the case in the morgue, you can see that the dead body laying on the table was clearly breathing ... don't the show runners watch & make sure stupid stuff like this go away? I simply don't get it.
mjonlobrovich While this show had been good to me for many years, and would make a good show to marathon on Netflix, this show is simply trash police propaganda, as with all other shows such as this. I will never watch this show, or any show like this, again. While at one time it was good to me and good for me, it's plainly propaganda for the police and other hands of government that I want no part of. That negates anything else this show has to offer. This belongs in the trash and in the past, as do the rest of the shows like this. Disgusting, horrific and problematic as all of Hell. And that damn sound that plays at every commercial brake is a sin it its own right.
wkozak221 I watched the finale. They shouldn't have made it. Paul Guilfoyle basically just stands around. Marg keep trying to look younger and younger. DB does an OK job. However, the animosity between Grissom and Sara is very thick and annoying. He goes from being an entomologist to an icthiologist. Also, he has a doctorate. All through out the show he is called "mr." not "dr.". Very disrespectful. They did not have to do the finale. The premise of willow's casino blowing up was a bit contrived. The case could have been more intricate to bring the team back together. I wish it was a better case. It would have been a fitting end to a series I used to enjoy watching every week.