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EP1 Bob Newhart Jan 18, 2021

EP2 Aubrey Plaza Jan 19, 2021

EP3 Max Greenfield Jan 20, 2021

EP4 Rachel Brosnahan Jan 21, 2021

EP5 Nicole Byer Jan 25, 2021

EP6 Jason Segel Jan 26, 2021

EP7 George Wallace Jan 27, 2021

EP8 Phoebe Dynevor Jan 28, 2021

EP9 Jay Baruchel Feb 01, 2021

EP10 Mike Birbiglia Feb 02, 2021

EP11 Kyra Sedgwick Feb 03, 2021

EP12 Bryan Cranston Feb 04, 2021

EP13 Wanda Sykes Feb 22, 2021

EP14 Colin Quinn Feb 23, 2021

EP15 Ted Danson Feb 24, 2021

EP16 Kevin James Feb 25, 2021

EP17 Chris Gethard Mar 01, 2021

EP18 Randall Park Mar 02, 2021

EP19 Lauren Cohan Mar 03, 2021

EP20 Paul Bettany Mar 04, 2021

EP21 Fortune Feimster Mar 08, 2021

EP22 Ron Funches Mar 09, 2021

EP23 Chris “Ludacris” Bridges Mar 10, 2021

EP24 Anthony Anderson Mar 11, 2021

EP25 Kenan Thompson Mar 15, 2021

EP26 Louie Anderson Mar 16, 2021

EP27 Joel McHale Mar 17, 2021

EP28 Will Forte Apr 05, 2021

EP29 Nikki Glaser Apr 06, 2021

EP30 Lil Rel Howery Apr 07, 2021

EP31 Baratunde Thurston Apr 08, 2021

EP32 Steven Yeun Apr 12, 2021

EP33 Jeffrey Dean Morgan Apr 13, 2021

EP34 Howie Mandel Apr 14, 2021

EP35 Russell Brand Apr 15, 2021

EP36 Nasim Pedrad May 03, 2021

EP37 Gal Gadot May 04, 2021

EP38 Flula Borg May 05, 2021

EP39 W. Kamau Bell May 06, 2021

EP40 Sean Hayes May 10, 2021

EP41 Michelee Buteau May 11, 2021

EP42 Lisa Kudrow May 12, 2021

EP43 Andy Cohen May 13, 2021

EP44 Timothy Olyphant May 17, 2021

EP45 Deon Cole May 18, 2021

EP46 Charles Barkley May 19, 2021

EP47 Bill Burr May 20, 2021

EP48 Don Cheadle Jun 07, 2021

EP49 Sarah Silverman Jun 08, 2021

EP50 Kevin Nealon Jun 09, 2021

EP51 Tig Notaro Jun 10, 2021

EP52 Patton Oswalt Jun 14, 2021

EP53 Martin Short Jun 15, 2021

EP54 JB Smoove Jun 16, 2021

EP55 Mila Kunis Jun 17, 2021

EP56 Bill Hader Jun 21, 2021

EP58 Dana Carvey Jun 23, 2021

EP59 Jack Black Jun 24, 2021

8.1| 0h30m| en

A late night television talk show hosted by Conan O'Brien.


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SoTrumpBelieve Must See Movie...
Humaira Grant It’s not bad or unwatchable but despite the amplitude of the spectacle, the end result is underwhelming.
Candida It is neither dumb nor smart enough to be fun, and spends way too much time with its boring human characters.
Fleur Actress is magnificent and exudes a hypnotic screen presence in this affecting drama.
O2D Considering that Late Night with Conan O'Brien was the greatest talk show ever, it's very disappointing that this may be the worst talk show ever.Late Night always had a funny monologue and great skits featuring Jon Glaser and Amy Poehler.On top of that, the interviews and bands were always great.On this show the monologue is extremely unfunny.Ninety percent of the jokes are about Donald Trump and contain zero comedy, just a lame political opinion.To make things worse, the interviews have become entirely scripted bull crap.He stole Jay Leno's interview style of only asking leading questions that have not only already been approved by the guest, but Conan already knows the answer.It's intelligence insulting and just not entertaining.If that's not bad enough, every show ends with some crappy band that you have never heard of(only if he can't find an unfunny comedian you never heard of).If you like to be bored and a bit irritated, this show is for you.If you have a brain, never watch this.
briangcb I have been a huge Conan fan going on ten years now. Ever since I was in high school and I started watching Late Night. He pretty much had me in stitches every night. The only time I'd check out the competition was if Conan was a repeat, yet I never felt the others really matched up to him.When Leno announced that he would be giving the Tonight Show to Conan to avoid any confusion as to who was going to succeed Leno, I had a lot of respect for him doing that. (and I could never stand Leno) So then Conan gets the Tonight show and Leno precedes him with a poorly thought out prime time show. We all know what happened next so I won't bore you with the details. I like most people, completely sided with Conan and felt awful that my favourite TV personality was getting a raw deal.But now Conan is back and it has been close to a year since his new show started airing. I have to admit the first two weeks seemed a bit shaky. Almost like all that was going through Conan's mind was "I don't feel like I should be back on the air. What's going to happen this time?" and I'd say a good chunk of the monologue jokes for the first two weeks were taking jabs at NBC and so on. It was expected of course but it got very tedious and sounded much more like bitterness and complaining and by the end of the first week I was getting sick of hearing it. I kept watching however, remaining hopeful and sure enough, once they got over the initial jitters things started improving greatly, Conan seemed comfortable in his new digs and was back to his old self, almost with a new found confidence that he doesn't have to worry about pleasing anybody but without the arrogance that would lead to laziness. Andy is also much funnier too. I have to admit that I didn't really like him on The Tonight Show (I started watching Conan after Andy had been gone for a while) so my only impressions of him were from Tonight Show and he wasn't really allowed to do much except pipe in with a stupid joke from his podium. Just seemed forced and annoying. Yet now that he's back to his co-hosting duties, I can see why Conan and him are best friends. They have great chemistry and Andy is just as funny as Conan.While it sucks that Conan had to get screwed over, and that the two-faced, giant-jawed Leno is still allowed to keep the Tonight Show; I must say I like Conan's new show much better than the Tonight Show. While Conan vowed he would not change his style of gags and skits on Tonight show, it was clear he was forced to tone it down and now on TBS Conan seems to have free reign to do the show how he wants and I will continue to watch!
kubrickfan93 "Conan" has been on the air now for almost nine months and 100+ shows, so I think a relatively accurate picture can be painted of the future of Conan O'Brien's new venture. As a fan, that picture is regrettably not the masterpiece I was hoping for.When it was announced that he would be moving to TBS, I had hopes that Conan would do something radically different; re-invent the genre as it were. I was, therefore, sadly disappointed when the first few episodes felt not just like retreads of his "Tonight Show" (which I felt had been lackluster), but lacked the freshness and spontaneity one might expect from being freed of the shackles of broadcast TV. I watched fairly religiously as time progressed, in large part because any Conan is better than no Conan at all. But after a while my viewing tapered off and now I watch it irregularly.The fundamental problem is that the once wholly original beast of Conan has become the well-oiled machine of Conan. While creativity is still apparent, the surreal nature of his early years where guests would perform in regular skits and odd, strange things happened throughout the entire show have been replaced by "sanctioned" times of zaniness. The show follows such a rigid structure that it feels like a conveyor belt of hilarity where pieces are assembled according to order and design.And that design is what, in my opinion, inhibits this show from reaching the heights of genius that the old "Late Night" program had. There is a lack of energy and commitment to the sketches that are detrimental to the fun. Add to that that the sketches and characters have become half-baked retreads of old gems (Minty the Candy-cane and Ted Turner excluded) and a seeming desire NOT to break new ground and what you have is a third-generation copy of a once great show.The technical elements are decent but obviously cheaper. The new theme is catchy but unremarkable. Honestly, the two best ideas have been to make Andy more active and put the desk in the center of the stage. Aside from that, this Conan fan is disappointed. It's not a train wreck of network mandated mainstream mush like his "Tonight Show" was, but it simply cannot reach the heights of it's original predecessor.The sad reality is that after almost 20 years of this, I doubt Conan would want to change his well-oiled (but less original) machine. And given that he's now on TBS and capable of doing basically whatever he wants, the desire not to embrace change is the most disappointing fact of his new show.
sanarg What is a guy from Argentina doing, reviewing this red haired freak talk show? Good question. I got to know Conan in 1996, thanks to an overseas life I was living, somewhere in Europe. I didn't speak that land's language but I did understand somehow a little English. So, I had no option. Gotta watch cable. MTV, NBC... Then one night I saw this weird guy (it came right after the funny looking guy with the big chin). I think his hair hypnotized me. I spent one year living there, and, seriously, I didn't have the best of times, I was only 17, far away from my family and culture, without the ability to speak or understand well, but every night Conan got me laughing. And every night it worked. Conan was actually important for me and when I came back to Argentina I missed the show. Internet wasn't such a useful tool those days (almost 15 years ago). Years later, a cable channel here started to show some Late Night with Conan O Brien and I was the happiest man on earth but then, like just one or two months after it started, BAM, Late Night was over because Conan was going to replace Leno. What the! I was so angry. Late Night was perfect and I didn't think Conan needed to do that. He is different to the other "important" talk show hosts and that is what we all like about him. I lost track of his new show and a couple of weeks ago I saw this funny image of Conan and an Owl and the TBS logo... Now, thanks to the internet, I'm watching his new show. I'm aware of what happened and I think it's sad that NBC did what it did and I have to say Leno I don't like your chin anymore and I'm so glad Conan's hair is still red and moves like a salsa dancer. I also watched his goodbye speech on youtube and I think Conan was a gentleman and I loved that. I've seen all the shows, with the moving moon and Tom Hanks getting wet and stuff and it all makes me feel so good, like when I was 17 (I'm 31 now) and I needed company and a good laugh. Thanks Conan. I'm also amazed with the quality of guests he's having. TBS, take care of him (and off course of his sidekick Andy... and the band... and I do miss Max Weinberg). Please excuse my poor English... no wonder, I learned it with TV and CoCo.EDIT: I just want to add that's been 2 years since I did this review. I watch now the show every day on my Ipod, while doing a 1 hour bus ride to work... And I get there smiling. Thanks again Conan!