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The coming of age events and everyday life-lessons of Cory Matthews, a Philadelphian who grows up from a young boy to a married man.


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Solemplex To me, this movie is perfection.
Stometer Save your money for something good and enjoyable
SunnyHello Nice effects though.
Kaydan Christian A terrific literary drama and character piece that shows how the process of creating art can be seen differently by those doing it and those looking at it from the outside.
NewOCFan Way more than a sitcom. Cory making goofy faces and movements doesn't make it funny. If anything, Eric, Shawn, Feeny and probably even Alan, they're the ones who bring anything amusing into this. There are just not enough words on this site for me to express how I really feel about this show. Like I said, it would've been better as a drama comedy. A single cam show. In the teen drama genre this show would've fit in a lot more. Teen dramas focused on the issues addressed in Boy Meets World AND MORE. Full House and Family Matters (especially the later seasons I think) could be too silly and comical, which is how they can be considered a sitcom. Sitcoms are what people have gone home too from work or school to give you a bunch of laughs like I Love Lucy and Three's Company and even All In the Family. Boy Meets World was just so serious every episode, almost from beginning to end. In the genre where the show actually belonged it would've been the best! Putting that aside, yes the show is good for what it was. It'd get its message across but sometimes the show made the characters looked bad, which contradicts the idea that this show teaches you morals and such. Like Jack Hunter having a moment where he seems to realize greed got the best of him - then goes back to wanting to win the lottery. Amy allowing Morgan to dress sexy for a first date, Morgan being a brat, Topanga showing Cory her butt before they're married, Topanga disobeying her parents to be with Cory, Cory's obsession with Topanga (and there's more I can say about the two from season 4 and up), Shawn's pessimism that never seemed to disappear, some of Eric's choices like poisoning Morgan for his day's birthday, etc. Aside from that, the show didn't even cover everything. Like bullying, suicide, respecting opinions, school shootings, even terrorism which there are two events that are remembered to this day. Besides all of this, it says a lot about the education system and people's parenting skills if people are saying we desperately need this show. Television is not something you allow to raise your kids for you. And from watching classmates around me, I learned no matter what show that teaches kids right and wrong, even if you put a specific episode in front of them, most teens aren't going to listen or realize the message until they've experienced it themselves and realize the teacher or the show are right. People have told me in response to seeing how bad alcoholics can get that it's never going to happen to them which shows no matter how good you write an episode, not everyone is going to go along with the message you're trying to put out until they learn it for themselves. There's things people overlook or ignore that are flaws for this show just because they love it so much. Overall, I can give Boy Meets World at least 3 out of 10 for what it is, if not 5.
ng_to_the_extreme This show is by far my favourite show of all time. Yes, I adore Friends and Lizzie McGuire and 8 Simple Rules and Full House and the Cosby Show but this show has honestly made me who I am today. From Mr Feeny's wise words (which I still remember and cherish to this day) to the experiences the characters had to go through... it's like I learnt so much from the show while laughing hysterically the entire time! You really fall in love with the characters- i mean, I watched the very first episode for the first time in years the other day and I just fell in love with them all over again. They become your family, your friends, and everything else. Topanga and Cory getting married, Shawn's father dying, Cory and Shawn peeing on a car, Mr Mathews telling Cory to try and "stay 11 as long has he possibly could", every single episode just molded me and so many other people growing up with this show into the people they are today.No, it was not the funniest show on television No, it was not the most popular show on televisionBut I give it a 10 and I would give it leagues higher, because you can't beat a show you remember every moment of, 10 and a half years later =)
Krys78 I still can't believe it's been ten years since Boy Meets World retired! It's even harder on me because I literally grew up with these kids (Adults now!) It's especially memorable since I had the privilege of seeing the series finale in person. Yes! I got tickets to see the episode film. I was in the audience with the other 299 lucky ticket holders! I remember as if it happened last night! That is how vivid the memories are to me! I remember the director Jeff McCracken telling the cast, crew and audience that they were only going to get one shot at the final scene as he could see it was taking a toll on the cast and crew. Even though it was a hard one they got it exactly perfectly right! You saw the tears (it was real!) when it aired but what you didn't see was the tears and breakdowns after the camera stopped rolling and they wrapped the show. Every child, guy, girl, Mother, and Father was in tears, me included! At the curtain call we saw Danielle lose it completely and fall to her knees. Rider, Ben, Will, Danielle, Matthew Betsy, William (Russ/Daniels), the entire cast, crew and audience will never forget it! All the raw emotions bitter or sweet were poured out onto that stage on March 9th 2000! It will forever be a memory engraved into my mind and heart. You rarely can talk about a TV show like this these days. (No offense to Disney and the actors but the talent pool is nowhere near its strength as it was back in the 90s.) I can guarantee you that if you took a poll asking a 100 people what their all time favorite TV show was that 90% would choose shows from the 90s. I'm not going to say this show was 100%, I'd be lying and full of it if I did. This show had it inconsistencies and blatant ones but the lessons and messages this show carried I will forever be grateful for and no doubts pass on down to my own kids someday. You won't find a show that has this great of an ensemble class, ever. The chemistry was unbelievable! This was a lightening in a bottle and forever will be one of my all time favorites. Boy Meets World…well for me, it was Girl Meets World. :)
PhaistosDisk This was an amazing show, though it was really more like three shows, I say this because the show changed so much over its run. Luckily the show was great in all of its incarnations but if you watch an episode from the first season and then one from the seventh it can be a little hard to believe that it's actually the same TV show. For example, when the show began Cory and Topanga had clearly not been in love with each forever and Cory dated many other girls, but somehow during the show's run their life story was rewritten so that they had always loved each other. And Shawn went from being a trouble-maker to a ladies' man to a poetic lost soul. Eric went from being a typical older brother to a guy at a crosswords in life and unsure of what to do with himself to an insane person. Topanga started out as a weird new-ager and then became normal. Morgan mysteriously disappeared for a while. And the show had a lot of character changes. From the earliest incarnation with Minkus to the second with Mr. Turner, Harley, Frankie, and Joey to the third with Rachel, Angela, and Jack. And the show also became more grown-up and mature as it went along. But in the end the show was so great that one doesn't mind all the continuity problems and character changes and tone changes in the show. The show was always good in every one of its incarnations.