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Alan Shore and Denny Crane lead a brigade of high-priced civil litigators in an upscale Boston law firm in a series focusing on the professional and personal lives of brilliant but often emotionally challenged attorneys. A spin-off of long-running series The Practice.


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Stometer Save your money for something good and enjoyable
Claysaba Excellent, Without a doubt!!
BoardChiri Bad Acting and worse Bad Screenplay
Tobias Burrows It's easily one of the freshest, sharpest and most enjoyable films of this year.
rickcleansoul I have lost the count on how many times I've watched Boston Legal, each time I like it better. It is FUN and I want thank everyone involved in it's creation and realization for the great hours well spent watching it. The only thing bad about it, is that it has ended. Thank you so very much.
ltoth8812 I have been watching this show for sometime, hoping that I could make some sense out of it all. I will attempt to put down the pluses and minuses,so here it goes...The two main characters attempt to stay within the plots, ie.They are a pair of undersized lawyers, alas Denny is fully colourblind,check the clothes, with it he has SEX on his mind,and gropes any and all females that gets in his reach, very much in LOVE with his 60years old co partner in the firm, she, apart from some wrinkles,ie. Shirley puts up with him with a smile, knowing that Denny is getting senile more and more as age begins to strike him, his co partner puts up with all his wonderings with a smile. I am not too fond of the underlying living together bits???? When in court Alan proceeds to deliver a SERMON ON THE MOUNT as his answers to the Judge in court,his eyes are forever looking up, nose in the air as if there is an offending smell around,it always end up on the balcony,smoking a foot long cigar, it never rains in Boston,Denny get political,slating all and sundry, presidents et. al. But hey I will watch it all....
paudie I watched the 5 series box set of "Boston Legal" over the last 8 months and the quality of the series was consistently high over nearly one hundred episodes.Created and often written by TV legal drama stalwart David E. Kelley as a spin off from "The Practice" it shows us the world of the very unconventional practice of Crane, Poole and Schmidt. We also see the equally unconventional private lives of the main characters.The opening scene of Series 1 features one of the named partners – Poole – arriving to the office in his underwear. In this show judges, clients and lawyers are all capable of doing something a bit mad.Each episode features one or more cases the firm is fighting, usually a highly controversial or a simply ridiculous one. Some cases continue over more than one episode, usually ending with a cliffhanger as we wait for the jury to give its verdict.The excellent cast is instrumental in making this series so good. James Spader plays the brilliant orator and full time lech Alan Shore, though I found his acting style became more mannered and slightly annoying from Series three on. Candice Bergen is the matriarchal partner Shirley Schmidt and there are countless other brilliant recurring and once off characters.However the acting highlight for me was the performances of William Shatner as Denny Crane. He plays the right wing, "Mad Cow disease" suffering, gun toting sex addict with relish but also at times with surprising subtlety as his character contemplates the loss of his faculties. Shatner has certainly come a long way from his over acting days on Star Trek. The last five minutes of almost every episode feature Crane and Shore on the balcony of the office, sipping whiskey and debating their conflicting political and moral views, often finishing with a declaration of their undying friendship. It's unlikely that the importance to men of their close platonic friendships with other men has been portrayed on screen as it is in these scenes.The show is far from perfect. Kelley's repeated use of Alan Shore's closing legal arguments to set out his own liberal views gets a bit tiresome after a while. Statistic after statistic is quoted to support his arguments until the viewer feels as if they are being beaten over the head. The switch in the middle of episodes from broad comedy to a serious subject isn't always achieved successfully. And the theme tune is undoubtedly the most annoying of any TV show I've ever watched!After five series it was a good time to call it a day for one of the most entertaining comedy drama series to come out of the US in the last ten years.
roroh83 Well, What can I say about Boston Legal. Maybe I am addicted to this great series: Boston legal. Actually, to be a lawyer is the best and most interesting job to do, and to watch Boston legal, is the funniest activity to make and the greatest time to spend. Really, I can assume that it is the best series ever, really, hope they will be a new born season :) And I guess Alan shore is the best actor and star in the series, and even one of the greatest actors whom have been playing the lawyer role. As for the different seasons, I think the first season was great, of course am missing some actors like Monica potter , Rhona Mithra and Julie Bowen, and even Rene Auberjonois, but the new actors and actresses are not bad, I just like the new associates: Tara summers and Saffron Burrows. Anyway, It is a " chef d'oeuvre". Please try to reinvent a legal series like this one. thank you.