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Babylon 5 is a five-mile long space station located in neutral space. Built by the Earth Alliance in the 2250s, it's goal is to maintain peace among the various alien races by providing a sanctuary where grievances and negotiations can be worked out among duly appointed ambassadors. A council made up of representatives from the five major space-faring civilizations - the Earth Alliance, Minbari Federation, Centauri Republic, Narn Regime, and Vorlon Empire - work with the League of Non-Aligned Worlds to keep interstellar relations under control. Aside from its diplomatic function, Babylon 5 also serves as a military post for Earth and a port of call for travelers, traders, businessmen, criminals, and Rangers.


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Karry Best movie of this year hands down!
Artivels Undescribable Perfection
GamerTab That was an excellent one.
Deanna There are moments in this movie where the great movie it could've been peek out... They're fleeting, here, but they're worth savoring, and they happen often enough to make it worth your while.
jwflight Just into the first season, and I'm already surprised by the politics that didn't make an impression on me when the series first came out. Earth being made the center of the universe again...anti-alien sentiment. Really hits home in 2018.
wave_one I don't know what to say.... as another fellow reviewer stated.... "Babylon 5 is the greatest science fiction show in the history of television." there is simply nothing more to say... even now in the fall of 2017... The story is a timeless masterpiece which is still unparalleled and the character arches are one of a kind.
fightsummer As the title suggests. Even if you are not a sci-fi fan, but are a bit interested in anything to do with humanity, you must watch it. But watch the whole series (and preferably the movies as well). Please be patient, give it time, it does have an acquired taste. It was made in the 90s and, as my father very well put it "Good sci-fi TV has to have bad acting in it, it is part of the genre". I think this series and any movie or TV depends on the writing. And the writing is fabulous. I hope they reboot the series or the Babylon 5 Universe with a movie, but only with JMS as writer. Thank you, JMS, you gave me so many answers in life. And so many further questions too. :) I can only recommend.
HaroldNaples It is very easy to get discouraged after trying to pick this show up off the shelf and dust it off, as the first season is rather terrible, boring and has easily one of the worst examples of dialog writing in sci-fi. Dialogs are a weak spot of the series in general but it gets much better as it goes. There is a lot of awkward, corny, lowbrow, fail sort of humor throughout which some might find appealing if only ironically. The acting talent is rather sketchy, with the main cast being mostly bad and the support cast, especially aliens mostly good or even great. Story development, once it gets going, is the strength of this series. Drama with a capital D. Some awkward choices are made though as in the process of retooling of any show. As it starts to improve markedly in the middle of second season, they replace the telepath with a half baked plot and a worse actress, do the inquisition to highlight the mediocre talent of one of the main cast and then drop the Marcus-bomb, who can be described as the JJBinks of B5, cringe worthy in every scene. After the great climax of the earth and centauri subplots the resolution of the main one comes off as rather pathetic, an afterthought. Despite being very uneven on all levels, this show is well worth a viewing or even two, but I do recommend skipping or fast forwarding through most of the first season as well as some of the choice episodes and scenes of the rest, so keep that remote handy.