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EP5 Klaus and Rogu in Thank God for Loose Rocks: An American Dad! Adventure May 17, 2021

EP13 Stan & Francine & Stan & Francine & Radika Jul 12, 2021

7.3| 0h30m| TV-14| en

The series focuses on an eccentric motley crew that is the Smith family and their three housemates: Father, husband, and breadwinner Stan Smith; his better half housewife, Francine Smith; their college-aged daughter, Hayley Smith; and their high-school-aged son, Steve Smith. Outside of the Smith family, there are three additional main characters, including Hayley's boyfriend turned husband, Jeff Fischer; the family's man-in-a-goldfish-body pet, Klaus; and most notably the family's zany alien, Roger, who is "full of masquerades, brazenness, and shocking antics."


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Marketic It's no definitive masterpiece but it's damn close.
Listonixio Fresh and Exciting
CommentsXp Best movie ever!
Kien Navarro Exactly the movie you think it is, but not the movie you want it to be.
ssakella This show Hilarious I always crack up and roger is the funniest his jokes and puns are good and his burns make me go ooohhhh
bondblackberry I am a South Park guy, but my friend introduced to Family Guy and recommended American Dad. I finished all the episodes in Family Guy, so tried American Dad. I was skeptical with alien and fish talking. I thought it is more for kids or teens, but I was wrong. First few episodes were okay. But wow you will love the show when you get used to what the characters are and what they think. You will love it. If you are a fan of Family guy or South Park, this show is for you. It is a shame that even Hulu doesn't have all the seasons. My favorite characters are Francine and Klaus (the fish). Francine is the normal housewife and Stan a typical CIA guy, who happens to be a conservative. Their daughter is a typical leftist liberal. To spice it up, they have a selfish alien. These characters really spice up with contradictions. You got to admit Klaus really makes you laugh with his usual lot of fun. I would highly recommend this show you will not regret it. It is just Family Guy plus.
checkiec Like Family Guy this show found it's own identity when it first started. My favorite characters are Roger because of his multiple personalities and over the top craziness, Francine with her history of being raised by a Chinese family and also harboring a secret life of stealing valuable items for 20 years, and Steve's awesome singing voice and energetic attitude of bringing new stuff to the table when his family are bored. Stan, Hayley, and Klaus are interesting characters as well. Who doesn't want a gungho CIA agent, a hardcore liberal activist and a German guy trapped in a fish body? I do because I love this show to death after family Guy. I love both shows for different reasons but I love them for their common interests to make me laugh out loud and enjoy these awesome shows.
AsifZamir American Dad is an adult animated television series that tells the story of Stan Smith, his wife Francine and daughter Hayley, their son Steve and three roommates. These three roommates are very interesting unique characters including the family goldfish Klaus who is a man in a fish body and family Alien, Roger. Hayley's boyfriend Jeff is one of the roommates. There is an uncertainty if Hayley is really Stan's daughter but has been raised as his own in light of that fact. Stan's character is very masculine and can come across as being insensitive and inconsiderate. Francine often raves about wrongdoings in her family insisting on upholding family values. The show is mainly slapstick cartoon comedy and has no real life lessons, it's purely for entertainment but that's okay. - Asif Zamir