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Once Upon A Christmas Miracle
  • Once Upon A Christmas Miracle (2018)
  • Drama, Romance, TV Movie,
  • Told she would have less than a few months to live without a liver transplant, Heather Krueger’s time was running out when a kind stranger, Chris Dempsey, heard of her plight and discovered he was a perfect match. The two met and before long a friendship developed into romance. The movie follows Heather and Chris’ journey over three Christmases as his selfless gesture leads to a Christmas miracle for everyone involved. Based on a true story.
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Once Upon A Christmas Miracle 2018
Oliver Twist
  • Oliver Twist (1997)
  • Drama, Family, TV Movie,
  • Charles Dickens' classical story about the young orphan boy in 1837 England is again re-filmed in grand fashion. Richard Dreyfuss portrays Fagin, the unscrupulous leader of the young pick-pockets Oliver (Alex Trench) initially falls in with after escaping from a sweat shop and going to London to find his relatives. Written by John Sacksteder
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Oliver Twist 1997
Outlaw Prophet: Warren Jeffs
  • Outlaw Prophet: Warren Jeffs (2014)
  • Drama, Crime, TV Movie,
  • Cult leader Warren Jeffs rises to power in the polygamist Mormon sect once headed by his late father, but some of his wives fight back to bring him to justice. Based on a true story.
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Outlaw Prophet: Warren Jeffs 2014
Once Upon a Winter's Date
  • Once Upon a Winter's Date (2017)
  • Romance, TV Movie,
  • Katherine endures the worst Valentine's Day date of her life. On her way home a gypsy casts a magical spell on her. The next morning she soon realizes she's reliving the day until she finds Mr. Right.
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Once Upon a Winter's Date 2017
Ozark Sharks
  • Ozark Sharks (2016)
  • Horror, Action, Thriller, Science Fiction, TV Movie,
  • A picturesque family vacation to the Ozarks goes sideways when a group of bull sharks show up just in time for the big fireworks festival that the town holds every year.
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Ozark Sharks 2016
Operation Christmas
  • Operation Christmas (2016)
  • Drama, Romance, TV Movie,
  • As her new romance blossoms, a single mother, Olivia (Helfer), is dismayed when her boyfriend, Scott (Marc Blucas), a military sergeant, is deployed right before Christmas. Determined to not let it ruin the holidays for her and her children they decide to give back to the struggling military families on his base and, as their efforts go viral, they are rewarded in ways they never imagined.
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Operation Christmas 2016
Odd Squad: World Turned Odd
  • Odd Squad: World Turned Odd (2018)
  • Comedy, TV Movie,
  • To celebrate Ms. O's 100th anniversary, the agents go back in time to witness her last case as an agent. However, something goes wrong and they change the future for the worse.
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Odd Squad: World Turned Odd 2018
Once Upon A Holiday
  • Once Upon A Holiday (2015)
  • Romance, Family, TV Movie,
  • When an actual, honest-to-goodness royal princess runs off from her official obligations and duties for a couple of days to see how the other half lives, she winds up falling for a good Samaritan who is unaware of her real identity during the holiday season. Will her true love still feel the same way once he learns the truth?
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Once Upon A Holiday 2015
Our Girl
  • Our Girl (2013)
  • Drama, War, TV Movie,
  • Our Girl is the story of Molly Dawes, born and raised in the London Borough of Newham. Molly is the eldest of five kids with little future, a difficult father and a mother who always wanted more for her. Leaving school with no qualifications, Molly has a part-time job in a local nail bar. Drunk and despondent on the evening of her 18th birthday, she throws up in the doorway of an Army Recruitment Office. She doesn't know it then, but it's an action that will change her life forever...
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Our Girl 2013
On the Twelfth Day of Christmas
  • On the Twelfth Day of Christmas (2015)
  • Family, TV Movie,
  • Maggie Chalke is torn between her journalistic integrity and helping her long time crush Mitch O'Grady when her boss orders her to write a story for the paper about the Secret Santa gifts she's been sending Mitch to help him relearn his love for Christmas.
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On the Twelfth Day of Christmas 2015
Oliver Twist
  • Oliver Twist (1982)
  • Drama, Crime, TV Movie,
  • The classic Dickens tale of an orphan boy who escapes the horrors of the orphanage only to be taken in by a band of thieves and pickpockets.
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Oliver Twist 1982
Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All
  • Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All (1994)
  • Drama, War, TV Movie,
  • Lucy married at the turn of the last century, when she was fifteen and her husband was fifty. If Colonel William Marsden was a veteran of the "War for Southern Independence", Lucy became a "veteran of the veteran" with a unique perspective on Southern history and Southern manhood. Her story encompasses everything from the tragic death of a Confederate boy soldier to the feisty narrator's daily battles in the Home--complete with visits from a mohawk-coiffed candy-striper.
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Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All 1994
Ordinary Miracles
  • Ordinary Miracles (2005)
  • Drama, Family, TV Movie,
  • A tough judge takes in a foster child with nowhere to go. Attempts to reunite child with long lost father end badly with the rebellious child running away.
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Ordinary Miracles 2005
October Kiss
  • October Kiss (2015)
  • TV Movie,
  • Poppy Summerall is hired near Halloween as a temporary nanny by Ryan Lawson, a widowed, work-obsessed executive. Through a series of adventures, the eternally optimistic Poppy sets out to teach Ryan and his two young children what is important in life - unconditional love, family and the joy of everyday occurrences. Poppy and Ryan soon find they are drawn to each other. Could it become more than temporary?
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October Kiss 2015
Overdrawn at the Memory Bank
  • Overdrawn at the Memory Bank (1985)
  • Science Fiction, TV Movie,
  • Raul Julia plays Aram Fingal, a very intelligent computer programmer and a very bored man in the employ of Novicorp, a mega-corporation that exists somewhere in the future. When caught watching "Casablanca" at his desk, Fingal is required to undergo rehabilitation therapy called "doppling." However, Fingal's body is misplaced and he is transferred into a computer while the body is located
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Overdrawn at the Memory Bank 1985
Orpheus Descending
  • Orpheus Descending (1990)
  • Drama, Romance, TV Movie,
  • Val Xavier is a drifter in 1940's Mississippi who brings new life to an Italian immigrant woman trapped in a loveless marriage.
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Orpheus Descending 1990
Once in a Lifetime
  • Once in a Lifetime (1994)
  • Drama, Romance, TV Movie,
  • After losing her husband and baby daughter to a fire, Daphne Fields raises her deaf son while beginning a writing career. Hollywood loves her scripts, but her heart remains with her son Andrew, under the care of Headmaster Matthew Dane at an eastern boarding school. Daphne finally seems to have rediscovered love in her leading man. But an accident leaves her hospitalized, contemplating her life, fate and her best chance for love.
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Once in a Lifetime 1994
Operation Delta Force
  • Operation Delta Force (1997)
  • Action, Thriller, TV Movie,
  • A team of military experts and scientists go after a terrorist group that has seized a deadly virus and is threatening to release it.
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Operation Delta Force 1997
One Winter Weekend
  • One Winter Weekend (2018)
  • Romance, TV Movie,
  • Cara, a women’s magazine writer, who gets burned by her boyfriend on New Years’ Eve, decides to go on a dating detox. Challenged by her employer to write about it, she hopes a spontaneous ski getaway with her best friend will spark inspiration. Complicating matters, they discover they’ve double booked their chalet with two eligible men, including Ben, an entrepreneur. When the share-mates get snowed in, Cara and Ben are thrown together.
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One Winter Weekend 2018
One in a Million: The Ron LeFlore Story
  • One in a Million: The Ron LeFlore Story (1978)
  • Drama, TV Movie,
  • One in a Million: The Ron LeFlore Story was a 1978 made for TV movie telling the story of Ron LeFlore, a troubled Detroit youth who rose from Michigan prisons to star in Major League Baseball with the Detroit Tigers. The movie was based on LeFlore's autobiography, Breakout: From Prison to the Big Leagues. It follows LeFlore from his heroin addiction, to his time in Michigan's Jackson State Penitentiary, and tells of his discovery in prison by Billy Martin, who was then the manager of the Detroit Tigers. The role of Ron LeFlore was played by LeVar Burton. Larry B. Scott portrayed Ron LeFlore's younger brother. Former Detroit manager Billy Martin played himself, and former Tiger players Norm Cash, Bill Freehan, Al Kaline, and Jim Northrup also appeared as themselves. The movie first aired on CBS Television on September 26, 1978.
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One in a Million: The Ron LeFlore Story 1978
Ohio Impromptu
  • Ohio Impromptu (2000)
  • TV Movie,
  • A reader tells a sad story to a listener, who only knocks in response.
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Ohio Impromptu 2000
Out of the Woods
  • Out of the Woods (2005)
  • Drama, Romance, Family, TV Movie,
  • Matt, a self-absorbed young attorney, goes to visit his grandfather - an eccentric recluse who lives in the backwoods without gas, electricity, or phone - to convince him not to give away his estate as he plans to do. But in the end, it is Matt who is convinced to make some life changes. Jason London and Ed Asner star. When a woman needs someone to look after her aging father (Ed Asner), her irresponsible son isn't her first choice. Matt (Jason London) can't get his career, love life, or wallet in order, so how can he be expected to check in on his grandfather? But desperation leads Matt to visit his grandfather at his home in the middle of nowhere. For Matt, this barebones life takes some adjustment, but then he meets a single mother who helps him learn about the simple life.
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Out of the Woods 2005
O Pioneers!
  • O Pioneers! (1992)
  • Drama, Action, Romance, TV Movie,
  • A young woman inherits her father's farm after he dies. Over the years, she overcomes challenges and turns it into a success, all the while yearning for her childhood love to return.
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O Pioneers! 1992
One Man’s War
  • One Man’s War (1991)
  • Drama, TV Movie,
  • Anthony Hopkins plays an English medical doctor living with his family in Paraguay and treating the poor people from the surroundings, who has his life turned upside down when his son was mysteriously murdered in what could have been an attack to him since he's opposed to the military dictatorship of the country. The doctor and his family will take lots of risk while trying to prove that the government was involved in the murder.
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One Man’s War 1991
OP Center
  • OP Center (1995)
  • Action, Thriller, TV Movie,
  • Paul Hood is the newly appointed director of the OP Center, a special agency gathering a wide variety of experts monitoring international crisis. On his first day on the job, nuclear missiles are stolen from the former Soviet Union by terrorists. The team must find out who did it, why, and most importantly, where they are heading so they can retrieve them
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OP Center 1995
Out of Control
  • Out of Control (2009)
  • Thriller, Crime, Mystery, TV Movie,
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Out of Control 2009
One Starry Christmas
  • One Starry Christmas (2014)
  • Romance, TV Movie,
  • An aspiring astronomy professor finds unexpected Christmas romance when she meets a charming cowboy during her holiday travel. As she decides between this new cowboy and her practical boyfriend, she must decide whether it's better to play it safe in love, or let an adventurous cowboy steal her heart.
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One Starry Christmas 2014
Our Fathers
  • Our Fathers (2005)
  • Drama, TV Movie,
  • In the '80s, priests and especially the Father Geoghan arrested for sexual abuse of minors. Cardinal Law, also indicted, and the diocese was aware of the actions of these men of the church and was kept secret for years, until the victims decide to seek redress.
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Our Fathers 2005
Once Upon a Brothers Grimm
  • Once Upon a Brothers Grimm (1977)
  • Fantasy, Family, TV Movie,
  • The Brothers Grimm collected German folk and fairy tales in Germany during the early 19th century; eight of their best known stories are presented in this anthology.
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Once Upon a Brothers Grimm 1977
Oliver's Ghost
  • Oliver's Ghost (2011)
  • Family, TV Movie,
  • Eleven-year-old Oliver has a unique ability to see "full-bodied apparitions," otherwise known as ghosts. When his family moves from the bustling city to an older home in the suburbs, only Oliver is able to see the spirit of Clive Rutledge (Martin Mull), the previous owner. Clive causes every manner of destruction to force Oliver and his family to leave. But perhaps Oliver's special talent, along with the help of a kind neighbor (Rhea Perlman), will show Clive how to release his earthly regrets so he can leave the house and the family in peace.
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Oliver's Ghost 2011
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