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Mapp & Lucia
  • Mapp & Lucia (2014)
  • Drama, Comedy,
  • 1930s comedy drama based on EF Benson's novels, about the rivalry between two women in a quaint village.
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Mapp & Lucia 2014
Miss Marple: At Bertram's Hotel
  • Miss Marple: At Bertram's Hotel (1987)
  • Drama, Crime, Mystery,
  • Miss Jane Marple is staying at an elegant hotel from her childhood compliments of her nephew Raymond. Also there is international adventurer Bess Sedgwick and Lady Selena Hazy (Joan Greenwood in her next to last performance). A doorman working at the hotel turns out to be from Bess' past, and when he is killed, she is the prime suspect. But what does his murder have to do with the disappearance of an elderly vicar staying at the hotel, and a string of robberies over the last few months? Miss Marple must find out before the murderer strikes again!!!
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Miss Marple: At Bertram's Hotel 1987
Miss Marple: A Murder Is Announced
  • Miss Marple: A Murder Is Announced (1985)
  • Drama, Crime, Mystery,
  • An unusual announcement in the newspaper leads the curious villagers to Miss Blacklock's home, where they become witnesses to a murder.
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Miss Marple: A Murder Is Announced 1985
Miss Bulalacao
  • Miss Bulalacao (2015)
  • Fantasy, Drama,
  • A young drag queen, Dodong, who joins a barangay gay pageant to gain acceptance in his father’s community. He is instead met with hostility from his father, who chases him into a jungle, where he sobs to a lone bright star. What follows is the strangest night in his entire life, and an even stranger nine months when he realises he is pregnant. Dodong deals with ridicule from a barangay who does not believe him.
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Miss Bulalacao 2015
Murder on the Yellow Brick Road
  • Murder on the Yellow Brick Road (2005)
  • Drama, Mystery,
  • A pretty young songbird found murdered on Hollywood Boulevard. The crusty old Private Eye who was in love with her. A smooth-talking seductress who hires him to solve the crime. A bulldog detective with a nose for the truth and a leash held by city hall. A long list of suspects with a long list of alibis. A sprinkling of dirty secrets. A zest of clever lies. These are the ingredients of an homage to the PI films of Hollywood's Golden Age.
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Murder on the Yellow Brick Road 2005
  • Mod (2011)
  • Drama, Thriller, Romance,
  • A woman falls for a male she believes is her class-mate until she finds out that he is an unknown and unstable inmate from a mental institute.
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Mod 2011
Muling Ibalik Ang Tamis Ng Pag-ibig
  • Muling Ibalik Ang Tamis Ng Pag-ibig (1998)
  • Drama, Romance,
  • Millet hired Jay, who pretended to be a gay, as as her pseudo-husband in order to avoid a fixed marriage which she totally opposes to. Together, Millet and Jay presented themselves as a newly-wed couple in Millet’s family in Paete, Laguna. In the long run, Jay and Millet started to really fall for each other. However, Millet learns about Jay’s faked sexual orientation and his initial intention why he took the offer which is to earn money to finance his dreams of flying away from the Philippines all the way to Japan. This is a tale of true love between two ambitious persons, which started out from chains of lies and deception. In the end the main characters will be given the chance to express their ulterior motives.
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Muling Ibalik Ang Tamis Ng Pag-ibig 1998
Moods of Love
  • Moods of Love (1977)
  • Drama, Romance,
  • Two stories are included in this erotic/romantic anthology. In the first, a Sung-Dynasty (10th-13th century) Buddhist monk is tricked into sexual relations with an unscrupulous female adventurer. He dies soon after with his misdeed on his conscience. In the second, the daughter of a woman who died in a brothel discovers that her mother died an unnatural death and seeks revenge.
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Moods of Love 1977
  • Metukudi (1996)
  • Drama, Comedy, Romance,
  • The story starts in the 17th century. The King Raja Cholan presents his valuable sword to his soldier for playing a vital role in winning a war. It was preserved by his family descendants. This information was known by an archeologist who plans to steal it due to its monetary value. Presently Gemini Ganesan is charged with the care of the sword.
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Metukudi 1996
  • Mazhavilkavadi (1989)
  • Drama, Romance,
  • Velayudham and his cousin Valli are in love since their childhood. Her father Shankarankutty hates Velayudham and looks for a groom for his daughter. One day, Velayudham and Valli try to elope but Shankarankutty finally capture them. Vexed by this misadventure, Velayudham leaves his village to Palani in order to find a job with the help of his friend Kunju Khader (Charle). Kunju Khader turns out to be a pickpocket.
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Mazhavilkavadi 1989
Mosadi 2019
  • Manasinata (2019)
  • Drama, Thriller,
  • Harshith is a youngster with ambitions of becoming a detective when he grows up. He's sharp and intelligent, but he has a big task at hand when he decides to take on the Blue Whale Challenge and find out what made his best friend give up his life because of it.
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Manasinata 2019
Mano po 5: Gua ai di
  • Mano po 5: Gua ai di (2006)
  • Drama, Comedy, Romance,
  • A culinary romance set in Binondo, where Chinese traditions are still very much observed, Mano Po 5: Gua Ay Di is a touching story of how a young Chinese woman fights for the man she loves. She is doomed by strict family traditions to only wed someone of pure Chinese descent. But Charity finds love where she was not supposed to find it... at least according to her cold-hearted mother. Despite being met with resistance by her traditional Chinese family, most especially her mother, Charity continues her relationship with Nathan. Nathan, on the other hand, proves himself and his love to her by making an effort to learn about her background, culture and language resulting into various mishaps, sometimes comical and other times just plain disastrous. Charity finds solace in the kitchen, her cooking interwoven with the story of her ill-fated romance. Will true love prevail in the end? And will she be able to come up with the perfect recipe for love?
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Mano po 5: Gua ai di 2006
Mere Sanam
  • Mere Sanam (1965)
  • Drama, Romance, Foreign,
  • Neena, in the company of her mom, and several female friends, travels to a remote holiday spot, and stay overnight at a lodge. A young man named Kumar also attends at this lodge, claiming to be the owner, and asking the caretaker, Shyam, to get rid of the intruders. Shyam assures Kumar that he will do so immediately. Instead of asking them to leave, he tells the visitors that Kumar is mentally unstable, and believes that he owns this lodge. After several misunderstandings, Kumar and Neena fall in love, and want to get married. And it is then Neena and her mother are come across photographs of Kumar and a young woman named Kamo alias Kamini, in very intimate positions.
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Mere Sanam 1965
Mayday 3DNA
  • Mayday 3DNA (2011)
  • Drama, Documentary, Music, Romance,
  • Billed as a "concept film" MAYDAY 3DNA combines play from the group's DNA concert tour in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and China 2010 and interweaves that with three fictional stories. The fictional sequences include a vignette about a Guangzhou father and daughter; another about a Taiwan taxi driver and passenger; and a third about a Shanghai delivery boy. All are affected by the lure of a Mayday gathering and the three separate stories intersect at one particular Mayday concert in Shanghai. Established in Taiwan in the late 1990s, Mayday has remained popular for over a decade by tuning into a Taiwan youth beat and pushing rock music in Greater China. Most songs are performed in Mandarin with some Taiwanese Hokkien tracks by band.
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Mayday 3DNA 2011
Mission Kashmir
  • Mission Kashmir (2000)
  • Drama, Action, Foreign,
  • A police officer adopts the son and sole survivor of a family he has massacred while pursuing a terrorist. After some time the foster son finds out what the stepfather did.
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Mission Kashmir 2000
  • Maanikyan (2005)
  • Drama,
  • Maanikyan is a 2014 Malayalam film directed by K K Haridas. The film stars Kalabhavan Mani, Kausalya, Jagathy Sreekumar and Undapakru in lead roles.
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Maanikyan 2005
  • Morya (1)
  • Drama, Action, Foreign,
  • There is a history of enmity between the youngsters of Ganesh Chawl, led by Manya (Santosh Juvekar) and Khatav Chawl, led by Sameer (Chinmay Mandlekar). Their rivalry intensifies during festivals like Gokulashtami and Ganeshotsav when both camps try to out-do each other
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Morya 1
Messina High
  • Messina High (2015)
  • Drama, Comedy, Romance,
  • A high school romantic dramedy, based on Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing."
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Messina High 2015
Melekler sahidimdir
  • Melekler sahidimdir (1961)
  • Drama, Romance,
  • The film, based on a Jean Stelli sroty, tells the adventures of a lieutenant of marines and the mystery of the ship explosion caused by a spy network.
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Melekler sahidimdir 1961
Manhunt 2008
  • Madison (1900)
  • Adventure, Drama, Action,
  • No overview found.
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Madison 1900
Marco Polo
  • Marco Polo (1982)
  • Adventure, Drama, History, War, TV Movie,
  • The life and experiences of the 13th-century explorer, who sought to connect the civilizations of China and Europe through trade.
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Marco Polo 1982
McBride: Anybody Here Murder Marty?
  • McBride: Anybody Here Murder Marty? (2005)
  • Drama, Crime,
  • When Tracy, an aspiring singer breaks up with her longtime boyfriend Joe on the set of a popular talk show, everyone assumes it's nothing more than tv tabloid hijinks. But when the talk show host turns up dead, all evidence points to Joe. McBride must take center stage and clear his client of murder.
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McBride: Anybody Here Murder Marty? 2005
Mini-Skirt Love
  • Mini-Skirt Love (1967)
  • Drama,
  • After his horny mom kills his dad, a horny young man shacks up with his horny aunt. Horniness (and incest) ensues.
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Mini-Skirt Love 1967
  • Manifestation (2016)
  • Drama,
  • Manifestation is an intense deeply visceral exploration of the disintegration of a marriage following the death of the couple's only child. The couple's guilt, grief and anguish are so powerful they manifest themselves into a terrifying and vengeful physical entity. The couple must confront this manifestation to achieve a form of closure.
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Manifestation 2016
Macbeth on the Estate
  • Macbeth on the Estate (1997)
  • Drama,
  • A modern version of Shakespeare's 'Macbeth'.
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Macbeth on the Estate 1997
My Refuge
  • My Refuge (2013)
  • Drama,
  • This gripping end-times drama follows the people in a small Arizona city in the aftermath of a national disaster. When a nuclear bomb is detonated in New York City, survivors across the country are forced to confront their hopes, fears, and faith. Not knowing what could happen next, they deal with the mounting tensions in various ways. Their intimate, intertwining stories intensify the drama of frantic phone calls, chaotic traffic jams, relentless news coverage, and tragic actions until they realize how precious life is and that God is the only hope for mankind.
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My Refuge 2013
Mula Noon Hanggang Ngayon
  • Mula Noon Hanggang Ngayon (1996)
  • Drama, Romance,
  • A Filipino romance drama film directed by Khryss Adalia.
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Mula Noon Hanggang Ngayon 1996
Midnight Passion
  • Midnight Passion (1983)
  • Drama, Thriller, Romance,
  • About a woman who changes personality to please the man she's with, and about the man who brings her sexuality to full bloom.
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Midnight Passion 1983
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