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  • Madison (1900)
  • Adventure, Drama, Action,
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Madison 1900
Manhunt 2008
Marion de Lorme
  • Marion de Lorme (1918)
  • Drama, History,
  • The romantic drama based on the play of the same name, depicting the life of a 17th-century French courtesan.
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Marion de Lorme 1918
MisLead: America's Secret Epidemic
  • MisLead: America's Secret Epidemic (1)
  • Drama, History, Documentary,
  • 1 in 3 children is impacted by this environmental illness- 22,000,000 U.S. children today, but chances are they've never even tested your child. It conservatively costs the U.S. $100 billion annually, however a carefully crafted political campaign has made you think it's not your problem. Think again.
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MisLead: America's Secret Epidemic 1
Monte Carlo
  • Monte Carlo (1986)
  • Drama, History, Romance, War, TV Movie,
  • An American writer on the Riviera courts a Russian singer who is spying on Nazis for revenge.
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Monte Carlo 1986
My Friend Ganesha 3
  • My Friend Ganesha 3 (2010)
  • Animation, Drama, Comedy,
  • Abused by his relatives, a young boy seeks the help of a truck-driver's wife, and Bhagwan Shri Ganeshji.
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My Friend Ganesha 3 2010
Miss Marple: A Murder Is Announced
  • Miss Marple: A Murder Is Announced (1985)
  • Drama, Crime, Mystery,
  • An unusual announcement in the newspaper leads the curious villagers to Miss Blacklock's home, where they become witnesses to a murder.
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Miss Marple: A Murder Is Announced 1985
Mission Kashmir
  • Mission Kashmir (2000)
  • Drama, Action, Foreign,
  • A police officer adopts the son and sole survivor of a family he has massacred while pursuing a terrorist. After some time the foster son finds out what the stepfather did.
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Mission Kashmir 2000
Miss Marple: At Bertram's Hotel
  • Miss Marple: At Bertram's Hotel (1987)
  • Drama, Crime, Mystery,
  • Miss Jane Marple is staying at an elegant hotel from her childhood compliments of her nephew Raymond. Also there is international adventurer Bess Sedgwick and Lady Selena Hazy (Joan Greenwood in her next to last performance). A doorman working at the hotel turns out to be from Bess' past, and when he is killed, she is the prime suspect. But what does his murder have to do with the disappearance of an elderly vicar staying at the hotel, and a string of robberies over the last few months? Miss Marple must find out before the murderer strikes again!!!
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Miss Marple: At Bertram's Hotel 1987
  • Maanikyan (2005)
  • Drama,
  • Maanikyan is a 2014 Malayalam film directed by K K Haridas. The film stars Kalabhavan Mani, Kausalya, Jagathy Sreekumar and Undapakru in lead roles.
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Maanikyan 2005
Mayday 3DNA
  • Mayday 3DNA (2011)
  • Drama, Documentary, Music, Romance,
  • Billed as a "concept film" MAYDAY 3DNA combines play from the group's DNA concert tour in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and China 2010 and interweaves that with three fictional stories. The fictional sequences include a vignette about a Guangzhou father and daughter; another about a Taiwan taxi driver and passenger; and a third about a Shanghai delivery boy. All are affected by the lure of a Mayday gathering and the three separate stories intersect at one particular Mayday concert in Shanghai. Established in Taiwan in the late 1990s, Mayday has remained popular for over a decade by tuning into a Taiwan youth beat and pushing rock music in Greater China. Most songs are performed in Mandarin with some Taiwanese Hokkien tracks by band.
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Mayday 3DNA 2011
  • MoniKa (2012)
  • Drama, Romance, Foreign,
  • The film is a violent, edgy ride focusing on down and out Reagan Tyler, a man who is troubled by visions and premonitions that ultimately lead him to old school Las Vegas. It's there that Reagan meets the beautiful and mysterious Monika, a young woman who turns out to have been killed the night before he even met her. Reagan is then forced to put the puzzle together of what happened, how she is still present, and help Monika with her revenge on the killers of her younger sister.
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MoniKa 2012
Mary Shelley's Monster
  • Mary Shelley's Monster (2015)
  • Drama,
  • The film tracks the young author Mary Shelley as she writes her seminal novel and is drawn into a Faustian bargain with her own "monster" of an alter ego, who offers literary fame at a desperate, personal cost.
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Mary Shelley's Monster 2015
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