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  • Annakodi (2013)
  • Drama,
  • Annakodi (Karthika) falls in love with Kodiveeran (Lakshman Narayan), a lower caste man in a rural village. Meanwhile the evil local moneylender a womaniser has a son Sadaiyan (Manoj K Bharathi) who is impotent but wants to marry Annakodi and take revenge on her for spitting on his face. Things take a turn, the lovers are separated and Sadaiyan marries Annakodi, and his lecherous father lusts after her.
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Annakodi 2013
Able Edwards
  • Able Edwards (2004)
  • Drama, Comedy, Science Fiction,
  • The story of the clone of a famous entertainment mogul created to revive the glory days of his deceased predecessor's corporation. In the process of restoring reality entertainment to a synthetic, virtual world, the clone relizes he has yet to live as his own man.
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Able Edwards 2004
Anyay Abhichar
  • Anyay Abhichar (1985)
  • Drama, Comedy,
  • Ghanshyam (Mithun Chakraborty) lives in a small coastal town of Raipur, where he makes a living as a fisherman. He sells his sells his catch to a man named Mahesh Manna who gives him half the price which he has to bear as there is no other buyer in the village. Mahesh is greedy, lecherous, and crooked and has been swindling money from Ghanshyam. In the midst of sorrows, a sweet romance blossoms between Ghanshyam and the village beauty, Kadam(Rozina). But Mahesh cannot stand their love as he wants to make Kadam his own. He tries his best to impress Kadam but Kadam pays no heed as she is lost in the love of Ghanshyam. A jealous Mahesh takes a vow to finish Ghanshyam and plots a lethal plan to do so. Can Ghanshyam escape the odds stacked against him?
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Anyay Abhichar 1985
A Dancer
  • A Dancer (1991)
  • Drama, TV Movie,
  • Part of the By Herself series of individual dramas created for Channel 4, A dancer explores the emotional moment when two former lovers, separated by their profession, meet again.
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A Dancer 1991
All honest
  • All honest (2007)
  • Drama, Comedy,
  • Alex – a simple guy from the outskirts of Moscow, served two years in the army and returned to the "citizen". He always wanted to conquer the capital and become famous. His future, he was connected with the sport fanatically engaged with the school. In sweet dreams he saw a wide and direct road to the glory of the world champion, the red carpet and the Shine of Olympic gold medals. And now the time has come...
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All honest 2007
A Dangerous Age
  • A Dangerous Age (1981)
  • Drama, Comedy, Romance,
  • A relations between man and woman become complicate after 20 years of marriage.
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A Dangerous Age 1981
Angels Die Hard
  • Angels Die Hard (1970)
  • Drama, Action,
  • Gang of bikers try to save people in a mining disaster.
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Angels Die Hard 1970
  • Angaar (1992)
  • Drama, Action,
  • Unemployed and branded a trouble-maker, Jaikishan lives a poor lifestyle in a slum-area called Asha Colony, very near Andher's Lokhandwala Complex along with his sister, Seema; mom and dad. He comes to the rescue of a homeless orphan, Mili, who suffers from a deep inferiority complex, and permits her to live with his family. Brutally outspoken, he believes that India should be awarded unlimited gold medals for corruption at all levels, fully aware that these beliefs portray him as a 'revolutionary', and prevent him from securing any gainful employment. His life will be turned upside down when he refuses to go along with the plans of the Khan family - consisting of builder, Majid; his goon brother, Farid, and their seemingly benevolent father, Jahangir. His family will also be traumatized after the Police arrest him for the alleged broad-daylight murder of Farid.
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Angaar 1992
Amber Wings
  • Amber Wings (2003)
  • Drama, Romance,
  • A story about love between two people who accidentally met in old Tallinn.
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Amber Wings 2003
All's Fair in Love & War
  • All's Fair in Love & War (1997)
  • Drama, Thriller,
  • Julian, a young and ambitious mob boss, demands control of the rulership that the rival gangster leader Vinnie Mastrantonio possesses. Unwillingly, Mastantonio accepts Julians claims and they enter into a temporary agreement. Shortly after, Julian is visited by Haggerty and Murtaugh, two unscrupulous businessmen who offer him a huge amount of money to "take care of" their biggest competitor Conrad. But far too late, Julian discovers it's all a game to clear him out of the way and suddenly he's in the middle of a reckless gang war without any rules ...
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All's Fair in Love & War 1997
A Cabeça de Gumercindo Saraiva
  • A Cabeça de Gumercindo Saraiva (2018)
  • Drama, History,
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A Cabeça de Gumercindo Saraiva 2018
A Little Death
  • A Little Death (2010)
  • Drama, Horror, Thriller, Romance, Family,
  • A look at a young woman’s ritualistic experience spending a solitary three-months in winter, while caretaking a summerhouse in Nantucket. Comprised of just 28 shots.
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A Little Death 2010
Azhagana Naatkal
  • Azhagana Naatkal (2002)
  • Drama, Comedy, Family,
  • Azhagana Naatkal directed bu Sundar C. Chandru(Karthik) agrees to wed Rekha(Mumtaj) after his dad(Manivannan) and elder brother(Rajeev) convince him that it will be best for their business. But after the wedding has been finalised, Indu(Rambha) appears out of the blue with a child in tow and charges Chandru with being the father of the child. Turns out that Chandru and Indu were lovers before but had been separated by force of circumstances. Chandru desperately tries to prove his innocence while Indu begins to be accepted by his family members.Sundar C makes it apparent in...
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Azhagana Naatkal 2002
  • Anandabhairavi (2007)
  • Drama, Music, Family,
  • Anandabhairavi depicts the life of Vasudeva Panikker, a Kathakali artist and his son.
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Anandabhairavi 2007
  • Awaydays (2016)
  • Drama, Thriller,
  • A father teaches his two young sons the ways of survival before a predicted societal collapse. Awaydays serves as a prequel to the feature film The Survivalist.
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Awaydays 2016
Always Remember
  • Always Remember (2014)
  • Drama, Family,
  • The harsh divorce and suicidal tendencies of a father are all seen through a 5-year-old daughter's eyes.
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Always Remember 2014
A Cottage on Dartmoor
  • A Cottage on Dartmoor (1929)
  • Drama,
  • Flashback story of an escape from the lonely, high-security Dartmoor Prison. A jealous barber's assistant is enraged by the attentions that his manicurist girlfriend pays to a customer. He threatens the customer with an open razor and lands in jail.
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A Cottage on Dartmoor 1929
Adventure in Telezonia
  • Adventure in Telezonia (1950)
  • Fantasy, Animation, Drama, Comedy, Documentary, Family,
  • A boy's dog has run off and, with the help of unfortunately named marionette Handy, the kid learns to use a telephone to find him. “Adventure in Telezonia” was part of an educational package distributed in grade schools for kids to learn proper telephone usage. More information, and the full film, at http://techchannel.att.com/play-video.cfm/2012/6/8/AT&T-Archives-Adventure-in-Telezonia.
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Adventure in Telezonia 1950
Aui Ai Dao Tok Ang
  • Aui Ai Dao Tok Ang (2006)
  • Drama, Romance,
  • Girl who was once famous falls from grace. Thai movie.
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Aui Ai Dao Tok Ang 2006
  • Aaha (1997)
  • Drama, Romance,
  • Aahaa is a 1997 Tamil film directed by Suresh Krishna starring Rajiv Krishna and Sulekha in the lead roles. The film was a commercial success.
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Aaha 1997
A Christmas Carol
  • A Christmas Carol (1)
  • Animation, Drama,
  • The radical new take on Dickens’ classic seeks both to exhume the original story’s gritty commentary on social inequality and the corrupting influence of greed, and to breathe new life into the lyricism of the original text by setting its scenes to extraordinary tableaux of modern dance.
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A Christmas Carol 1
Ang Sugarol
  • Ang Sugarol (2016)
  • Drama,
  • Set in the world of high-stakes cockfighting, gamblers place their money and lives on the line.
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Ang Sugarol 2016
A Girl from the Lighthouse
  • A Girl from the Lighthouse (1957)
  • Drama, Romance,
  • On a small island is a lighthouse. The lighthouse keeper, the old boatswain Yemelyan Leleka, lives here with his wife and daughter. The boat that delivers supplies is the only guest from the big world. Over time, the girl feels romantic feelings for the boat captain - Igor.
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A Girl from the Lighthouse 1957
  • Angkara (1972)
  • Drama, Action,
  • Angkara is a Malay film published in Malaysia in 1972. The Film Fiend published in the form of black and white film without color. Angkara directed by Omar Rojik.
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Angkara 1972
Amman Koyil Kizhakkaley
  • Amman Koyil Kizhakkaley (1986)
  • Drama, Action,
  • Overview Coming Soon...
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Amman Koyil Kizhakkaley 1986
Annai En Dheivam
Annai En Dheivam 1986
Aavi Kumar
  • Aavi Kumar (2015)
  • Drama, Horror, Comedy, Romance,
  • Aavi Kumar, a medium, gets into a tangle after he tells a sceptical cop he has charged the wrong man for a murder.
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Aavi Kumar 2015
Alab ng Lahi
  • Alab ng Lahi (2003)
  • Drama, Action, War,
  • The story is set in 1946 after the Japanese Imperial Army surrenders to American forces. Gregorio Magtanggol, a Hukbalahap member, who continues the fight against abusive civilian guards after World War II.
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Alab ng Lahi 2003
Alaska - Foxes
  • Alaska - Foxes (1964)
  • Drama, Action,
  • No overview found.
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Alaska - Foxes 1964
A Morning Light
  • A Morning Light (2015)
  • Drama, Horror,
  • Off duty from his job with the U.S. Forest Service, 30yo. Zach takes up a house sitting gig for his aunt and uncle. Spending time in a remote landscape, he reconnects with his ex-girlfriend Ellyn, working playfully to rekindle their old bond. Gradually, the two begin to experience a series of strange events and unexplainable phenomena. Countering depictions of menacing beings and fear-based scenarios, A MORNING LIGHT will infer that extraterrestrial visitation stems from an ecological standpoint—nurturing the likelihood of benevolent curiosity. Verité, atmosphere and experimental form combine in a quiet, psychologically tense exploration that assumes humanity is in its intellectual and spiritual infancy.
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A Morning Light 2015
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